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About: Traefik is a cloud native edge router, a reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP and TCP-based applications.

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whoami: whoami:
loadBalancer: loadBalancer:
servers: servers:
- url: http://private/whoami-service - url: http://private/whoami-service
tcp: tcp:
routers: routers:
to-whoami-tcp: to-whoami-tcp:
service: whoami-tcp service: whoami-tcp
rule: HostSNI(`whoami-tcp.example.com`) rule: HostSNI(`whoami-tcp.example.com`)
tls: {}
services: services:
whoami-tcp: whoami-tcp:
loadBalancer: loadBalancer:
servers: servers:
- address: xx.xx.xx.xx:xx - address: xx.xx.xx.xx:xx
``` ```
## Transport configuration ## Transport configuration
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