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About: Traefik is a cloud native edge router, a reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP and TCP-based applications.

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* Emile Vauge [@emilevauge](https://github.com/emilevauge) * Emile Vauge [@emilevauge](https://github.com/emilevauge)
* Vincent Demeester [@vdemeester](https://github.com/vdemeester) * Vincent Demeester [@vdemeester](https://github.com/vdemeester)
* Ed Robinson [@errm](https://github.com/errm) * Ed Robinson [@errm](https://github.com/errm)
* Daniel Tomcej [@dtomcej](https://github.com/dtomcej) * Daniel Tomcej [@dtomcej](https://github.com/dtomcej)
* Manuel Zapf [@SantoDE](https://github.com/SantoDE) * Manuel Zapf [@SantoDE](https://github.com/SantoDE)
* Timo Reimann [@timoreimann](https://github.com/timoreimann) * Timo Reimann [@timoreimann](https://github.com/timoreimann)
* Ludovic Fernandez [@ldez](https://github.com/ldez) * Ludovic Fernandez [@ldez](https://github.com/ldez)
* Julien Salleyron [@juliens](https://github.com/juliens) * Julien Salleyron [@juliens](https://github.com/juliens)
* Nicolas Mengin [@nmengin](https://github.com/nmengin) * Nicolas Mengin [@nmengin](https://github.com/nmengin)
* Marco Jantke [@marco-jantke](https://github.com/marco-jantke) * Marco Jantke [@mjantke](https://github.com/mjeri)
* Michaël Matur [@mmatur](https://github.com/mmatur) * Michaël Matur [@mmatur](https://github.com/mmatur)
* Gérald Croës [@geraldcroes](https://github.com/geraldcroes) * Gérald Croës [@geraldcroes](https://github.com/geraldcroes)
* Jean-Baptiste Doumenjou [@jbdoumenjou](https://github.com/jbdoumenjou) * Jean-Baptiste Doumenjou [@jbdoumenjou](https://github.com/jbdoumenjou)
* Mathieu Lonjaret [@mpl](https://github.com/mpl) * Mathieu Lonjaret [@mpl](https://github.com/mpl)
* Romain Tribotté [@rtribotte](https://github.com/rtribotte) * Romain Tribotté [@rtribotte](https://github.com/rtribotte)
## Contributions Daily Meeting ## Issue Triage
* 3 Maintainers should attend to a Contributions Daily Meeting where we sort and Issues and PRs are triaged daily and the process for triaging may be found under
label new issues ([is:issue label:status/0-needs-triage](https://github.com/tra [triaging issues](https://github.com/traefik/contributors-guide/blob/master/iss
efik/traefik/issues?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aissue+label%3Astatus%2F0-needs-triage+ ue_triage.md) in our [contributors guide repository](https://github.com/traefik/
)), and review every Pull Requests contributors-guide).
* Every pull request should be checked during the Contributions Daily Meeting
* Even if it’s already assigned
* Even PR labelled with `contributor/waiting-for-corrections` or `contributo
* Issues labeled with `priority/P0` and `priority/P1` should be assigned.
* Modifying an issue or a pull request (labels, assignees, milestone) is only po
* During the Contributions Daily Meeting
* By an assigned maintainer
* In case of emergency, if a change proposal is approved by 2 other maintain
ers (on Slack, Discord, Discourse, etc)
## PR review process: ## PR review process:
* The status `needs-design-review` is only used in complex/heavy/tricky PRs. The process for reviewing PRs may be found under [review guidelines](https://git
* From `1` to `2`: 1 comment that says “design LGTM” (by a senior maintainer). hub.com/traefik/contributors-guide/blob/master/review_guidelines.md) in our cont
* From `2` to `3`: 3 LGTM approvals by any maintainer. ributors guide repository.
* If needed, a specific maintainer familiar with a particular domain can be requ
ested for the review.
* If a PR has been implemented in pair programming, one peer's LGTM goes into th
e review for free
* Amending someone else's pull request is authorized only in emergency, if a reb
ase is needed, or if the initial contributor is silent
We use [PRM](https://github.com/ldez/prm) to manage locally pull requests.
## Bots
### [Myrmica Lobicornis](https://github.com/traefik/lobicornis/)
Update and Merge Pull Request.
The maintainer giving the final LGTM must add the `status/3-needs-merge` label t
o trigger the merge bot.
By default, a squash-rebase merge will be carried out.
To preserve commits, add `bot/merge-method-rebase` before `status/3-needs-merge`
The status `status/4-merge-in-progress` is only used by the bot.
If the bot is not able to perform the merge, the label `bot/need-human-merge` is
In such a situation, solve the conflicts/CI/... and then remove the label `bot/n
To prevent the bot from automatically merging a PR, add the label `bot/no-merge`
The label `bot/light-review` decreases the number of required LGTM from 3 to 1.
This label is used when:
* Updating the vendors from previously reviewed PRs
* Merging branches into the master
* Preparing the release
### [Myrmica Bibikoffi](https://github.com/traefik/bibikoffi/)
* closes stale issues [cron]
* use some criterion as number of days between creation, last update, labels
, ...
### [Myrmica Aloba](https://github.com/traefik/aloba)
Manage GitHub labels.
* Add labels on new PR [GitHub WebHook]
* Add milestone to a new PR based on a branch version (1.4, 1.3, ...) [GitHub We
* Add and remove `contributor/waiting-for-corrections` label when a review reque
st changes [GitHub WebHook]
* Weekly report of PR status on Slack (CaptainPR) [cron]
## Labels ## Labels
A maintainer that looks at an issue/PR must define its `kind/*`, `area/*`, and ` status/*`. A maintainer that looks at an issue/PR must define its `kind/*`, `area/*`, and ` status/*`.
### Status - Workflow ### Status - Workflow
The `status/*` labels represent the desired state in the workflow. The `status/*` labels represent the desired state in the workflow.
* `status/0-needs-triage`: all the new issues and PRs have this status. _[bot on ly]_ * `status/0-needs-triage`: all the new issues and PRs have this status. _[bot on ly]_
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