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Source code changes of the file "src/test/test_parsecommon.c" between
tor- and tor-

About: Tor is an anonymous Internet communication system - a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Release candidate.

test_parsecommon.c  (tor-  (tor-
skipping to change at line 329 skipping to change at line 329
"iQsUbHwMJuGONvzWpRGPBP2f8xBd28ZtxwJARY+LZshtpfNniz/ixYJESaHG28je\n" "iQsUbHwMJuGONvzWpRGPBP2f8xBd28ZtxwJARY+LZshtpfNniz/ixYJESaHG28je\n"
"3BBvBQ39TuPQ1zWX4tb7zjMlY83HTFP3Sriq71tP/1QWoL2SUl56B2lp8E6vB/C3\n" "3BBvBQ39TuPQ1zWX4tb7zjMlY83HTFP3Sriq71tP/1QWoL2SUl56B2lp8E6vB/C3\n"
"wsMK4SCNprHRYAd7VZ0CQDKn6Zhd11P94PLs0msybFEh1VXr6CEW/BrxBgbL4ls6\n" "wsMK4SCNprHRYAd7VZ0CQDKn6Zhd11P94PLs0msybFEh1VXr6CEW/BrxBgbL4ls6\n"
"dbX5XO0z4Ra8gYXgObgimhyMDYO98Idt5+Z3HIdyrSc=\n" "dbX5XO0z4Ra8gYXgObgimhyMDYO98Idt5+Z3HIdyrSc=\n"
"-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----\n"; "-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----\n";
const char *end2 = str2 + strlen(str2); const char *end2 = str2 + strlen(str2);
const char **s2 = (const char **)&str2; const char **s2 = (const char **)&str2;
token_rule_t rule2 = T01("client-key", C_CLIENT_KEY, NO_ARGS, token_rule_t rule2 = T01("client-key", C_CLIENT_KEY, NO_ARGS, OBJ_OK);
token2 = get_next_token(area, s2, end2, &rule2); token2 = get_next_token(area, s2, end2, &rule2);
tt_assert(token2); tt_assert(token2);
tt_int_op(token2->tp, OP_EQ, C_CLIENT_KEY); tt_int_op(token2->tp, OP_EQ, C_CLIENT_KEY);
tt_int_op(token2->n_args, OP_EQ, 0); tt_int_op(token2->n_args, OP_EQ, 0);
tt_str_op(token2->object_type, OP_EQ, "RSA PRIVATE KEY"); tt_str_op(token2->object_type, OP_EQ, "RSA PRIVATE KEY");
tt_int_op(token2->object_size, OP_EQ, 608); tt_int_op(token2->object_size, OP_EQ, 608);
tt_assert(token2->object_body); tt_assert(token2->object_body);
tt_assert(token2->key); tt_assert(token2->key == NULL);
tt_assert(!token->error); tt_assert(!token->error);
done: done:
if (token) token_clear(token); if (token) token_clear(token);
if (token2) token_clear(token2); if (token2) token_clear(token2);
memarea_drop_all(area); memarea_drop_all(area);
} }
static void static void
test_parsecommon_get_next_token_object(void *arg) test_parsecommon_get_next_token_object(void *arg)
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
5 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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