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Source code changes of the file "window-buffer.c" between
tmux-3.2.tar.gz and tmux-3.2a.tar.gz

About: tmux is a terminal multiplexer that lets you switch easily between several programs in one terminal.

window-buffer.c  (tmux-3.2):window-buffer.c  (tmux-3.2a)
skipping to change at line 297 skipping to change at line 297
return; return;
window_buffer_key(wme, c, NULL, NULL, key, NULL); window_buffer_key(wme, c, NULL, NULL, key, NULL);
} }
static key_code static key_code
window_buffer_get_key(void *modedata, void *itemdata, u_int line) window_buffer_get_key(void *modedata, void *itemdata, u_int line)
{ {
struct window_buffer_modedata *data = modedata; struct window_buffer_modedata *data = modedata;
struct window_buffer_itemdata *item = itemdata; struct window_buffer_itemdata *item = itemdata;
struct format_tree *ft; struct format_tree *ft;
struct session *s; struct session *s = NULL;
struct winlink *wl; struct winlink *wl = NULL;
struct window_pane *wp; struct window_pane *wp = NULL;
struct paste_buffer *pb; struct paste_buffer *pb;
char *expanded; char *expanded;
key_code key; key_code key;
if (cmd_find_valid_state(&data->fs)) { if (cmd_find_valid_state(&data->fs)) {
s = data->fs.s; s = data->fs.s;
wl = data->fs.wl; wl = data->fs.wl;
wp = data->fs.wp; wp = data->fs.wp;
} }
pb = paste_get_name(item->name); pb = paste_get_name(item->name);
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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