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Source code changes of the file "src/gui/src/AppConfig.h" between
synergy-core- and synergy-core-

About: Synergy is software for sharing one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers on your desk allowing to seamlessly move the mouse cursor from one screen to another (works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X). Synergy 1.

AppConfig.h  (synergy-core-  (synergy-core-
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ElevateMode elevateMode(); ElevateMode elevateMode();
bool isCryptoAvailable() const; bool isCryptoAvailable() const;
void setCryptoEnabled(bool e); void setCryptoEnabled(bool e);
bool getCryptoEnabled() const; bool getCryptoEnabled() const;
void setAutoHide(bool b); void setAutoHide(bool b);
bool getAutoHide(); bool getAutoHide();
void setInvertScrollDirection(bool b); void setInvertScrollDirection(bool b);
bool getInvertScrollDirection() const; bool getInvertScrollDirection() const;
void setEliteBackersUrl(const QString&);
const QString& getEliteBackersUrl() const;
void setLanguageSync(bool b); void setLanguageSync(bool b);
bool getLanguageSync() const; bool getLanguageSync() const;
void setPreventSleep(bool b); void setPreventSleep(bool b);
bool getPreventSleep() const; bool getPreventSleep() const;
bool activationHasRun() const; bool activationHasRun() const;
AppConfig& activationHasRun(bool value); AppConfig& activationHasRun(bool value);
#endif #endif
/// @brief Sets the user preference to load from SystemScope. /// @brief Sets the user preference to load from SystemScope.
/// @param [in] value /// @param [in] value
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kGroupServerCheck, kGroupServerCheck,
kUseExternalConfig, kUseExternalConfig,
kConfigFile, kConfigFile,
kUseInternalConfig, kUseInternalConfig,
kGroupClientCheck, kGroupClientCheck,
kServerHostname, kServerHostname,
kTLSCertPath, kTLSCertPath,
kTLSKeyLength, kTLSKeyLength,
kPreventSleep, kPreventSleep,
kLanguageSync, kLanguageSync,
kInvertScrollDirection kInvertScrollDirection,
}; };
void setScreenName(const QString& s); void setScreenName(const QString& s);
void setPort(int i); void setPort(int i);
void setNetworkInterface(const QString& s); void setNetworkInterface(const QString& s);
void setLogLevel(int i); void setLogLevel(int i);
void setLogToFile(bool b); void setLogToFile(bool b);
void setLogFilename(const QString& s); void setLogFilename(const QString& s);
void setWizardHasRun(); void setWizardHasRun();
void setLanguage(const QString& language); void setLanguage(const QString& language);
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bool m_StartedBefore; bool m_StartedBefore;
bool m_AutoConfig; bool m_AutoConfig;
QString m_AutoConfigServer; QString m_AutoConfigServer;
ElevateMode m_ElevateMode; ElevateMode m_ElevateMode;
Edition m_Edition; Edition m_Edition;
QString m_ActivateEmail; QString m_ActivateEmail;
bool m_CryptoEnabled; bool m_CryptoEnabled;
bool m_AutoHide; bool m_AutoHide;
QString m_Serialkey; QString m_Serialkey;
QString m_lastVersion; QString m_lastVersion;
QString m_eliteBackersUrl;
int m_LastExpiringWarningTime; int m_LastExpiringWarningTime;
bool m_ActivationHasRun; bool m_ActivationHasRun;
bool m_MinimizeToTray; bool m_MinimizeToTray;
bool m_InvertScrollDirection = false; bool m_InvertScrollDirection = false;
bool m_LanguageSync = true; bool m_LanguageSync = true;
bool m_PreventSleep = false; bool m_PreventSleep = false;
bool m_ServerGroupChecked; bool m_ServerGroupChecked;
bool m_UseExternalConfig; bool m_UseExternalConfig;
QString m_ConfigFile; QString m_ConfigFile;
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