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Source code changes of the file "stdlib/public/stubs/Unicode/Common/ScriptData.h" between
swift-swift-5.8-RELEASE.tar.gz and swift-swift-5.8.1-RELEASE.tar.gz

About: Swift is a general-purpose programming language built using a modern approach to safety, performance, and software design patterns (developed by Apple).

ScriptData.h  (swift-swift-5.8-RELEASE):ScriptData.h  (swift-swift-5.8.1-RELEASE)
//===----------------------------------------------------------------------===// //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
// //
// This source file is part of the Swift.org open source project // This source file is part of the Swift.org open source project
// //
// Copyright (c) 2022 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors // Copyright (c) 2022 - 2023 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
// Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception // Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
// //
// See https://swift.org/LICENSE.txt for license information // See https://swift.org/LICENSE.txt for license information
// See https://swift.org/CONTRIBUTORS.txt for the list of Swift project authors // See https://swift.org/CONTRIBUTORS.txt for the list of Swift project authors
// //
//===----------------------------------------------------------------------===// //===----------------------------------------------------------------------===//
// This was auto-generated by utils/gen-unicode-data/GenScripts, // This was auto-generated by utils/gen-unicode-data/GenScripts,
// please do not edit this file yourself! // please do not edit this file yourself!
#include "swift/shims/SwiftStdint.h" #include "swift/shims/SwiftStdint.h"
#define SCRIPTS_COUNT 1639 #define SCRIPTS_COUNT 1658
static const __swift_uint32_t _swift_stdlib_scripts[1639] = { static const __swift_uint32_t _swift_stdlib_scripts[1658] = {
0x3000000, 0x8C00041, 0x300005B, 0x8C00061, 0x300007B, 0x8C000AA, 0x30000AB, 0 0x3000000, 0x8E00041, 0x300005B, 0x8E00061, 0x300007B, 0x8E000AA, 0x30000AB, 0
x8C000BA, 0x30000BB, x8E000BA, 0x30000BB,
0x8C000C0, 0x30000D7, 0x8C000D8, 0x30000F7, 0x8C000F8, 0x30002B9, 0x8C002E0, 0 0x8E000C0, 0x30000D7, 0x8E000D8, 0x30000F7, 0x8E000F8, 0x30002B9, 0x8E002E0, 0
x30002E5, 0x18002EA, x30002E5, 0x18002EA,
0x30002EC, 0x6E00300, 0x5600370, 0x3000374, 0x5600375, 0x13600378, 0x560037A, 0x30002EC, 0x6E00300, 0x5600370, 0x3000374, 0x5600375, 0x13A00378, 0x560037A,
0x300037E, 0x300037E,
0x560037F, 0x13600380, 0x5600384, 0x3000385, 0x5600386, 0x3000387, 0x5600388, 0x560037F, 0x13A00380, 0x5600384, 0x3000385, 0x5600386, 0x3000387, 0x5600388,
0x1360038B, 0x13A0038B,
0x560038C, 0x1360038D, 0x560038E, 0x136003A2, 0x56003A3, 0x32003E2, 0x56003F0, 0x560038C, 0x13A0038D, 0x560038E, 0x13A003A2, 0x56003A3, 0x32003E2, 0x56003F0,
0x3800400, 0x3800400,
0x6E00485, 0x3800487, 0x13600530, 0x800531, 0x13600557, 0x800559, 0x1360058B, 0x6E00485, 0x3800487, 0x13A00530, 0x800531, 0x13A00557, 0x800559, 0x13A0058B,
0x80058D, 0x80058D,
0x13600590, 0x6800591, 0x136005C8, 0x68005D0, 0x136005EB, 0x68005EF, 0x136005F 0x13A00590, 0x6800591, 0x13A005C8, 0x68005D0, 0x13A005EB, 0x68005EF, 0x13A005F
5, 0x600600, 5, 0x600600,
0x3000605, 0x600606, 0x300060C, 0x60060D, 0x300061B, 0x60061C, 0x300061F, 0x60 0620, 0x3000640, 0x3000605, 0x600606, 0x300060C, 0x60060D, 0x300061B, 0x60061C, 0x300061F, 0x60 0620, 0x3000640,
0x600641, 0x6E0064B, 0x600656, 0x6E00670, 0x600671, 0x30006DD, 0x6006DE, 0x112 0x600641, 0x6E0064B, 0x600656, 0x6E00670, 0x600671, 0x30006DD, 0x6006DE, 0x116
00700, 0x1360070E, 00700, 0x13A0070E,
0x1120070F, 0x1360074B, 0x1120074D, 0x600750, 0x12800780, 0x136007B2, 0xC8007C 0x1160070F, 0x13A0074B, 0x1160074D, 0x600750, 0x12C00780, 0x13A007B2, 0xCC007C
0, 0x136007FB, 0, 0x13A007FB,
0xC8007FD, 0xFA00800, 0x1360082E, 0xFA00830, 0x1360083F, 0xA200840, 0x1360085C 0xCC007FD, 0xFE00800, 0x13A0082E, 0xFE00830, 0x13A0083F, 0xA400840, 0x13A0085C
, 0xA20085E, , 0xA40085E,
0x1360085F, 0x11200860, 0x1360086B, 0x600870, 0x1360088F, 0x600890, 0x13600892 0x13A0085F, 0x11600860, 0x13A0086B, 0x600870, 0x13A0088F, 0x600890, 0x13A00892
, 0x600898, , 0x600898,
0x30008E2, 0x6008E3, 0x3E00900, 0x6E00951, 0x3E00955, 0x3000964, 0x3E00966, 0x 0x30008E2, 0x6008E3, 0x3E00900, 0x6E00951, 0x3E00955, 0x3000964, 0x3E00966, 0x
1400980, 0x13600984, 1400980, 0x13A00984,
0x1400985, 0x1360098D, 0x140098F, 0x13600991, 0x1400993, 0x136009A9, 0x14009AA 0x1400985, 0x13A0098D, 0x140098F, 0x13A00991, 0x1400993, 0x13A009A9, 0x14009AA
, 0x136009B1, , 0x13A009B1,
0x14009B2, 0x136009B3, 0x14009B6, 0x136009BA, 0x14009BC, 0x136009C5, 0x14009C7 0x14009B2, 0x13A009B3, 0x14009B6, 0x13A009BA, 0x14009BC, 0x13A009C5, 0x14009C7
, 0x136009C9, , 0x13A009C9,
0x14009CB, 0x136009CF, 0x14009D7, 0x136009D8, 0x14009DC, 0x136009DE, 0x14009DF 0x14009CB, 0x13A009CF, 0x14009D7, 0x13A009D8, 0x14009DC, 0x13A009DE, 0x14009DF
, 0x136009E4, , 0x13A009E4,
0x14009E6, 0x136009FF, 0x5C00A01, 0x13600A04, 0x5C00A05, 0x13600A0B, 0x5C00A0F 0x14009E6, 0x13A009FF, 0x5C00A01, 0x13A00A04, 0x5C00A05, 0x13A00A0B, 0x5C00A0F
, 0x13600A11, , 0x13A00A11,
0x5C00A13, 0x13600A29, 0x5C00A2A, 0x13600A31, 0x5C00A32, 0x13600A34, 0x5C00A35 0x5C00A13, 0x13A00A29, 0x5C00A2A, 0x13A00A31, 0x5C00A32, 0x13A00A34, 0x5C00A35
, 0x13600A37, , 0x13A00A37,
0x5C00A38, 0x13600A3A, 0x5C00A3C, 0x13600A3D, 0x5C00A3E, 0x13600A43, 0x5C00A47 0x5C00A38, 0x13A00A3A, 0x5C00A3C, 0x13A00A3D, 0x5C00A3E, 0x13A00A43, 0x5C00A47
, 0x13600A49, , 0x13A00A49,
0x5C00A4B, 0x13600A4E, 0x5C00A51, 0x13600A52, 0x5C00A59, 0x13600A5D, 0x5C00A5E 0x5C00A4B, 0x13A00A4E, 0x5C00A51, 0x13A00A52, 0x5C00A59, 0x13A00A5D, 0x5C00A5E
, 0x13600A5F, , 0x13A00A5F,
0x5C00A66, 0x13600A77, 0x5800A81, 0x13600A84, 0x5800A85, 0x13600A8E, 0x5800A8F 0x5C00A66, 0x13A00A77, 0x5800A81, 0x13A00A84, 0x5800A85, 0x13A00A8E, 0x5800A8F
, 0x13600A92, , 0x13A00A92,
0x5800A93, 0x13600AA9, 0x5800AAA, 0x13600AB1, 0x5800AB2, 0x13600AB4, 0x5800AB5 0x5800A93, 0x13A00AA9, 0x5800AAA, 0x13A00AB1, 0x5800AB2, 0x13A00AB4, 0x5800AB5
, 0x13600ABA, , 0x13A00ABA,
0x5800ABC, 0x13600AC6, 0x5800AC7, 0x13600ACA, 0x5800ACB, 0x13600ACE, 0x5800AD0 0x5800ABC, 0x13A00AC6, 0x5800AC7, 0x13A00ACA, 0x5800ACB, 0x13A00ACE, 0x5800AD0
, 0x13600AD1, , 0x13A00AD1,
0x5800AE0, 0x13600AE4, 0x5800AE6, 0x13600AF2, 0x5800AF9, 0x13600B00, 0xE400B01 0x5800AE0, 0x13A00AE4, 0x5800AE6, 0x13A00AF2, 0x5800AF9, 0x13A00B00, 0xE800B01
, 0x13600B04, , 0x13A00B04,
0xE400B05, 0x13600B0D, 0xE400B0F, 0x13600B11, 0xE400B13, 0x13600B29, 0xE400B2A 0xE800B05, 0x13A00B0D, 0xE800B0F, 0x13A00B11, 0xE800B13, 0x13A00B29, 0xE800B2A
, 0x13600B31, , 0x13A00B31,
0xE400B32, 0x13600B34, 0xE400B35, 0x13600B3A, 0xE400B3C, 0x13600B45, 0xE400B47 0xE800B32, 0x13A00B34, 0xE800B35, 0x13A00B3A, 0xE800B3C, 0x13A00B45, 0xE800B47
, 0x13600B49, , 0x13A00B49,
0xE400B4B, 0x13600B4E, 0xE400B55, 0x13600B58, 0xE400B5C, 0x13600B5E, 0xE400B5F 0xE800B4B, 0x13A00B4E, 0xE800B55, 0x13A00B58, 0xE800B5C, 0x13A00B5E, 0xE800B5F
, 0x13600B64, , 0x13A00B64,
0xE400B66, 0x13600B78, 0x12000B82, 0x13600B84, 0x12000B85, 0x13600B8B, 0x12000 0xE800B66, 0x13A00B78, 0x12400B82, 0x13A00B84, 0x12400B85, 0x13A00B8B, 0x12400
B8E, 0x13600B91, B8E, 0x13A00B91,
0x12000B92, 0x13600B96, 0x12000B99, 0x13600B9B, 0x12000B9C, 0x13600B9D, 0x1200 0x12400B92, 0x13A00B96, 0x12400B99, 0x13A00B9B, 0x12400B9C, 0x13A00B9D, 0x1240
0B9E, 0x13600BA0, 0B9E, 0x13A00BA0,
0x12000BA3, 0x13600BA5, 0x12000BA8, 0x13600BAB, 0x12000BAE, 0x13600BBA, 0x1200 0x12400BA3, 0x13A00BA5, 0x12400BA8, 0x13A00BAB, 0x12400BAE, 0x13A00BBA, 0x1240
0BBE, 0x13600BC3, 0BBE, 0x13A00BC3,
0x12000BC6, 0x13600BC9, 0x12000BCA, 0x13600BCE, 0x12000BD0, 0x13600BD1, 0x1200 0x12400BC6, 0x13A00BC9, 0x12400BCA, 0x13A00BCE, 0x12400BD0, 0x13A00BD1, 0x1240
0BD7, 0x13600BD8, 0BD7, 0x13A00BD8,
0x12000BE6, 0x13600BFB, 0x12600C00, 0x13600C0D, 0x12600C0E, 0x13600C11, 0x1260 0x12400BE6, 0x13A00BFB, 0x12A00C00, 0x13A00C0D, 0x12A00C0E, 0x13A00C11, 0x12A0
0C12, 0x13600C29, 0C12, 0x13A00C29,
0x12600C2A, 0x13600C3A, 0x12600C3C, 0x13600C45, 0x12600C46, 0x13600C49, 0x1260 0x12A00C2A, 0x13A00C3A, 0x12A00C3C, 0x13A00C45, 0x12A00C46, 0x13A00C49, 0x12A0
0C4A, 0x13600C4E, 0C4A, 0x13A00C4E,
0x12600C55, 0x13600C57, 0x12600C58, 0x13600C5B, 0x12600C5D, 0x13600C5E, 0x1260 0x12A00C55, 0x13A00C57, 0x12A00C58, 0x13A00C5B, 0x12A00C5D, 0x13A00C5E, 0x12A0
0C60, 0x13600C64, 0C60, 0x13A00C64,
0x12600C66, 0x13600C70, 0x12600C77, 0x7800C80, 0x13600C8D, 0x7800C8E, 0x13600C 0x12A00C66, 0x13A00C70, 0x12A00C77, 0x7800C80, 0x13A00C8D, 0x7800C8E, 0x13A00C
91, 0x7800C92, 91, 0x7800C92,
0x13600CA9, 0x7800CAA, 0x13600CB4, 0x7800CB5, 0x13600CBA, 0x7800CBC, 0x13600CC 0x13A00CA9, 0x7800CAA, 0x13A00CB4, 0x7800CB5, 0x13A00CBA, 0x7800CBC, 0x13A00CC
5, 0x7800CC6, 5, 0x7800CC6,
0x13600CC9, 0x7800CCA, 0x13600CCE, 0x7800CD5, 0x13600CD7, 0x7800CDD, 0x13600CD 0x13A00CC9, 0x7800CCA, 0x13A00CCE, 0x7800CD5, 0x13A00CD7, 0x7800CDD, 0x13A00CD
F, 0x7800CE0, F, 0x7800CE0,
0x13600CE4, 0x7800CE6, 0x13600CF0, 0x7800CF1, 0x13600CF3, 0xA000D00, 0x13600D0 0x13A00CE4, 0x7800CE6, 0x13A00CF0, 0x7800CF1, 0x13A00CF4, 0xA200D00, 0x13A00D0
D, 0xA000D0E, D, 0xA200D0E,
0x13600D11, 0xA000D12, 0x13600D45, 0xA000D46, 0x13600D49, 0xA000D4A, 0x13600D5 0x13A00D11, 0xA200D12, 0x13A00D45, 0xA200D46, 0x13A00D49, 0xA200D4A, 0x13A00D5
0, 0xA000D54, 0, 0xA200D54,
0x13600D64, 0xA000D66, 0x13600D80, 0x10600D81, 0x13600D84, 0x10600D85, 0x13600 0x13A00D64, 0xA200D66, 0x13A00D80, 0x10A00D81, 0x13A00D84, 0x10A00D85, 0x13A00
D97, 0x10600D9A, D97, 0x10A00D9A,
0x13600DB2, 0x10600DB3, 0x13600DBC, 0x10600DBD, 0x13600DBE, 0x10600DC0, 0x1360 0x13A00DB2, 0x10A00DB3, 0x13A00DBC, 0x10A00DBD, 0x13A00DBE, 0x10A00DC0, 0x13A0
0DC7, 0x10600DCA, 0DC7, 0x10A00DCA,
0x13600DCB, 0x10600DCF, 0x13600DD5, 0x10600DD6, 0x13600DD7, 0x10600DD8, 0x1360 0x13A00DCB, 0x10A00DCF, 0x13A00DD5, 0x10A00DD6, 0x13A00DD7, 0x10A00DD8, 0x13A0
0DE0, 0x10600DE6, 0DE0, 0x10A00DE6,
0x13600DF0, 0x10600DF2, 0x13600DF5, 0x12A00E01, 0x13600E3B, 0x3000E3F, 0x12A00 0x13A00DF0, 0x10A00DF2, 0x13A00DF5, 0x12E00E01, 0x13A00E3B, 0x3000E3F, 0x12E00
E40, 0x13600E5C, E40, 0x13A00E5C,
0x8A00E81, 0x13600E83, 0x8A00E84, 0x13600E85, 0x8A00E86, 0x13600E8B, 0x8A00E8C 0x8C00E81, 0x13A00E83, 0x8C00E84, 0x13A00E85, 0x8C00E86, 0x13A00E8B, 0x8C00E8C
, 0x13600EA4, , 0x13A00EA4,
0x8A00EA5, 0x13600EA6, 0x8A00EA7, 0x13600EBE, 0x8A00EC0, 0x13600EC5, 0x8A00EC6 0x8C00EA5, 0x13A00EA6, 0x8C00EA7, 0x13A00EBE, 0x8C00EC0, 0x13A00EC5, 0x8C00EC6
, 0x13600EC7, , 0x13A00EC7,
0x8A00EC8, 0x13600ECE, 0x8A00ED0, 0x13600EDA, 0x8A00EDC, 0x13600EE0, 0x12C00F0 0x8C00EC8, 0x13A00ECF, 0x8C00ED0, 0x13A00EDA, 0x8C00EDC, 0x13A00EE0, 0x13000F0
0, 0x13600F48, 0, 0x13A00F48,
0x12C00F49, 0x13600F6D, 0x12C00F71, 0x13600F98, 0x12C00F99, 0x13600FBD, 0x12C0 0x13000F49, 0x13A00F6D, 0x13000F71, 0x13A00F98, 0x13000F99, 0x13A00FBD, 0x1300
0FBE, 0x13600FCD, 0FBE, 0x13A00FCD,
0x12C00FCE, 0x3000FD5, 0x12C00FD9, 0x13600FDB, 0xBE01000, 0x4E010A0, 0x136010C 0x13000FCE, 0x3000FD5, 0x13000FD9, 0x13A00FDB, 0xC001000, 0x4E010A0, 0x13A010C
6, 0x4E010C7, 6, 0x4E010C7,
0x136010C8, 0x4E010CD, 0x136010CE, 0x4E010D0, 0x30010FB, 0x4E010FC, 0x6001100, 0x13A010C8, 0x4E010CD, 0x13A010CE, 0x4E010D0, 0x30010FB, 0x4E010FC, 0x6001100,
0x4C01200, 0x4C01200,
0x13601249, 0x4C0124A, 0x1360124E, 0x4C01250, 0x13601257, 0x4C01258, 0x1360125 0x13A01249, 0x4C0124A, 0x13A0124E, 0x4C01250, 0x13A01257, 0x4C01258, 0x13A0125
9, 0x4C0125A, 9, 0x4C0125A,
0x1360125E, 0x4C01260, 0x13601289, 0x4C0128A, 0x1360128E, 0x4C01290, 0x136012B 0x13A0125E, 0x4C01260, 0x13A01289, 0x4C0128A, 0x13A0128E, 0x4C01290, 0x13A012B
1, 0x4C012B2, 1, 0x4C012B2,
0x136012B6, 0x4C012B8, 0x136012BF, 0x4C012C0, 0x136012C1, 0x4C012C2, 0x136012C 0x13A012B6, 0x4C012B8, 0x13A012BF, 0x4C012C0, 0x13A012C1, 0x4C012C2, 0x13A012C
6, 0x4C012C8, 6, 0x4C012C8,
0x136012D7, 0x4C012D8, 0x13601311, 0x4C01312, 0x13601316, 0x4C01318, 0x1360135 0x13A012D7, 0x4C012D8, 0x13A01311, 0x4C01312, 0x13A01316, 0x4C01318, 0x13A0135
B, 0x4C0135D, B, 0x4C0135D,
0x1360137D, 0x4C01380, 0x1360139A, 0x2C013A0, 0x136013F6, 0x2C013F8, 0x136013F 0x13A0137D, 0x4C01380, 0x13A0139A, 0x2C013A0, 0x13A013F6, 0x2C013F8, 0x13A013F
E, 0x2201400, E, 0x2201400,
0xCE01680, 0x1360169D, 0xF8016A0, 0x30016EB, 0xF8016EE, 0x136016F9, 0x11401700 0xD201680, 0x13A0169D, 0xFC016A0, 0x30016EB, 0xFC016EE, 0x13A016F9, 0x11801700
, 0x13601716, , 0x13A01716,
0x1140171F, 0x6401720, 0x3001735, 0x13601737, 0x2001740, 0x13601754, 0x1160176 0x1180171F, 0x6401720, 0x3001735, 0x13A01737, 0x2001740, 0x13A01754, 0x11A0176
0, 0x1360176D, 0, 0x13A0176D,
0x1160176E, 0x13601771, 0x11601772, 0x13601774, 0x8401780, 0x136017DE, 0x84017 0x11A0176E, 0x13A01771, 0x11A01772, 0x13A01774, 0x8601780, 0x13A017DE, 0x86017
E0, 0x136017EA, E0, 0x13A017EA,
0x84017F0, 0x136017FA, 0xB801800, 0x3001802, 0xB801804, 0x3001805, 0xB801806, 0x86017F0, 0x13A017FA, 0xBA01800, 0x3001802, 0xBA01804, 0x3001805, 0xBA01806,
0x1360181A, 0x13A0181A,
0xB801820, 0x13601879, 0xB801880, 0x136018AB, 0x22018B0, 0x136018F6, 0x9001900 0xBA01820, 0x13A01879, 0xBA01880, 0x13A018AB, 0x22018B0, 0x13A018F6, 0x9201900
, 0x1360191F, , 0x13A0191F,
0x9001920, 0x1360192C, 0x9001930, 0x1360193C, 0x9001940, 0x13601941, 0x9001944 0x9201920, 0x13A0192C, 0x9201930, 0x13A0193C, 0x9201940, 0x13A01941, 0x9201944
, 0x11801950, , 0x11C01950,
0x1360196E, 0x11801970, 0x13601975, 0xC601980, 0x136019AC, 0xC6019B0, 0x136019 0x13A0196E, 0x11C01970, 0x13A01975, 0xCA01980, 0x13A019AC, 0xCA019B0, 0x13A019
CA, 0xC6019D0, CA, 0xCA019D0,
0x136019DB, 0xC6019DE, 0x84019E0, 0x1E01A00, 0x13601A1C, 0x1E01A1E, 0x11A01A20 0x13A019DB, 0xCA019DE, 0x86019E0, 0x1E01A00, 0x13A01A1C, 0x1E01A1E, 0x11E01A20
, 0x13601A5F, , 0x13A01A5F,
0x11A01A60, 0x13601A7D, 0x11A01A7F, 0x13601A8A, 0x11A01A90, 0x13601A9A, 0x11A0 0x11E01A60, 0x13A01A7D, 0x11E01A7F, 0x13A01A8A, 0x11E01A90, 0x13A01A9A, 0x11E0
1AA0, 0x13601AAE, 1AA0, 0x13A01AAE,
0x6E01AB0, 0x13601ACF, 0xC01B00, 0x13601B4D, 0xC01B50, 0x13601B7F, 0x10E01B80, 0x6E01AB0, 0x13A01ACF, 0xC01B00, 0x13A01B4D, 0xC01B50, 0x13A01B7F, 0x11201B80,
0x1201BC0, 0x1201BC0,
0x13601BF4, 0x1201BFC, 0x8E01C00, 0x13601C38, 0x8E01C3B, 0x13601C4A, 0x8E01C4D 0x13A01BF4, 0x1201BFC, 0x9001C00, 0x13A01C38, 0x9001C3B, 0x13A01C4A, 0x9001C4D
, 0xD001C50, , 0xD401C50,
0x3801C80, 0x13601C89, 0x4E01C90, 0x13601CBB, 0x4E01CBD, 0x10E01CC0, 0x13601CC 0x3801C80, 0x13A01C89, 0x4E01C90, 0x13A01CBB, 0x4E01CBD, 0x11201CC0, 0x13A01CC
8, 0x6E01CD0, 8, 0x6E01CD0,
0x3001CD3, 0x6E01CD4, 0x3001CE1, 0x6E01CE2, 0x3001CE9, 0x6E01CED, 0x3001CEE, 0 x6E01CF4, 0x3001CF5, 0x3001CD3, 0x6E01CD4, 0x3001CE1, 0x6E01CE2, 0x3001CE9, 0x6E01CED, 0x3001CEE, 0 x6E01CF4, 0x3001CF5,
0x6E01CF8, 0x3001CFA, 0x13601CFB, 0x8C01D00, 0x5601D26, 0x3801D2B, 0x8C01D2C, 0x6E01CF8, 0x3001CFA, 0x13A01CFB, 0x8E01D00, 0x5601D26, 0x3801D2B, 0x8E01D2C,
0x5601D5D, 0x5601D5D,
0x8C01D62, 0x5601D66, 0x8C01D6B, 0x3801D78, 0x8C01D79, 0x5601DBF, 0x6E01DC0, 0 0x8E01D62, 0x5601D66, 0x8E01D6B, 0x3801D78, 0x8E01D79, 0x5601DBF, 0x6E01DC0, 0
x8C01E00, 0x5601F00, x8E01E00, 0x5601F00,
0x13601F16, 0x5601F18, 0x13601F1E, 0x5601F20, 0x13601F46, 0x5601F48, 0x13601F4 0x13A01F16, 0x5601F18, 0x13A01F1E, 0x5601F20, 0x13A01F46, 0x5601F48, 0x13A01F4
E, 0x5601F50, E, 0x5601F50,
0x13601F58, 0x5601F59, 0x13601F5A, 0x5601F5B, 0x13601F5C, 0x5601F5D, 0x13601F5 0x13A01F58, 0x5601F59, 0x13A01F5A, 0x5601F5B, 0x13A01F5C, 0x5601F5D, 0x13A01F5
E, 0x5601F5F, E, 0x5601F5F,
0x13601F7E, 0x5601F80, 0x13601FB5, 0x5601FB6, 0x13601FC5, 0x5601FC6, 0x13601FD 0x13A01F7E, 0x5601F80, 0x13A01FB5, 0x5601FB6, 0x13A01FC5, 0x5601FC6, 0x13A01FD
4, 0x5601FD6, 4, 0x5601FD6,
0x13601FDC, 0x5601FDD, 0x13601FF0, 0x5601FF2, 0x13601FF5, 0x5601FF6, 0x13601FF 0x13A01FDC, 0x5601FDD, 0x13A01FF0, 0x5601FF2, 0x13A01FF5, 0x5601FF6, 0x13A01FF
F, 0x3002000, F, 0x3002000,
0x6E0200C, 0x300200E, 0x13602065, 0x3002066, 0x8C02071, 0x13602072, 0x3002074, 0x6E0200C, 0x300200E, 0x13A02065, 0x3002066, 0x8E02071, 0x13A02072, 0x3002074,
0x8C0207F, 0x8E0207F,
0x3002080, 0x1360208F, 0x8C02090, 0x1360209D, 0x30020A0, 0x136020C1, 0x6E020D0 0x3002080, 0x13A0208F, 0x8E02090, 0x13A0209D, 0x30020A0, 0x13A020C1, 0x6E020D0
, 0x136020F1, , 0x13A020F1,
0x3002100, 0x5602126, 0x3002127, 0x8C0212A, 0x300212C, 0x8C02132, 0x3002133, 0 0x3002100, 0x5602126, 0x3002127, 0x8E0212A, 0x300212C, 0x8E02132, 0x3002133, 0
x8C0214E, 0x300214F, x8E0214E, 0x300214F,
0x8C02160, 0x3002189, 0x1360218C, 0x3002190, 0x13602427, 0x3002440, 0x1360244B 0x8E02160, 0x3002189, 0x13A0218C, 0x3002190, 0x13A02427, 0x3002440, 0x13A0244B
, 0x3002460, , 0x3002460,
0x1C02800, 0x3002900, 0x13602B74, 0x3002B76, 0x13602B96, 0x3002B97, 0x5002C00, 0x1C02800, 0x3002900, 0x13A02B74, 0x3002B76, 0x13A02B96, 0x3002B97, 0x5002C00,
0x8C02C60, 0x8E02C60,
0x3202C80, 0x13602CF4, 0x3202CF9, 0x4E02D00, 0x13602D26, 0x4E02D27, 0x13602D28 0x3202C80, 0x13A02CF4, 0x3202CF9, 0x4E02D00, 0x13A02D26, 0x4E02D27, 0x13A02D28
, 0x4E02D2D, , 0x4E02D2D,
0x13602D2E, 0x12E02D30, 0x13602D68, 0x12E02D6F, 0x13602D71, 0x12E02D7F, 0x4C02 0x13A02D2E, 0x13202D30, 0x13A02D68, 0x13202D6F, 0x13A02D71, 0x13202D7F, 0x4C02
D80, 0x13602D97, D80, 0x13A02D97,
0x4C02DA0, 0x13602DA7, 0x4C02DA8, 0x13602DAF, 0x4C02DB0, 0x13602DB7, 0x4C02DB8 0x4C02DA0, 0x13A02DA7, 0x4C02DA8, 0x13A02DAF, 0x4C02DB0, 0x13A02DB7, 0x4C02DB8
, 0x13602DBF, , 0x13A02DBF,
0x4C02DC0, 0x13602DC7, 0x4C02DC8, 0x13602DCF, 0x4C02DD0, 0x13602DD7, 0x4C02DD8 0x4C02DC0, 0x13A02DC7, 0x4C02DC8, 0x13A02DCF, 0x4C02DD0, 0x13A02DD7, 0x4C02DD8
, 0x13602DDF, , 0x13A02DDF,
0x3802DE0, 0x3002E00, 0x13602E5E, 0x5E02E80, 0x13602E9A, 0x5E02E9B, 0x13602EF4 0x3802DE0, 0x3002E00, 0x13A02E5E, 0x5E02E80, 0x13A02E9A, 0x5E02E9B, 0x13A02EF4
, 0x5E02F00, , 0x5E02F00,
0x13602FD6, 0x3002FF0, 0x13602FFC, 0x3003000, 0x5E03005, 0x3003006, 0x5E03007, 0x13A02FD6, 0x3002FF0, 0x13A02FFC, 0x3003000, 0x5E03005, 0x3003006, 0x5E03007,
0x3003008, 0x3003008,
0x5E03021, 0x6E0302A, 0x600302E, 0x3003030, 0x5E03038, 0x300303C, 0x13603040, 0x5E03021, 0x6E0302A, 0x600302E, 0x3003030, 0x5E03038, 0x300303C, 0x13A03040,
0x6A03041, 0x6A03041,
0x13603097, 0x6E03099, 0x300309B, 0x6A0309D, 0x30030A0, 0x7A030A1, 0x30030FB, 0x13A03097, 0x6E03099, 0x300309B, 0x6A0309D, 0x30030A0, 0x7A030A1, 0x30030FB,
0x7A030FD, 0x7A030FD,
0x13603100, 0x1803105, 0x13603130, 0x6003131, 0x1360318F, 0x3003190, 0x18031A0 0x13A03100, 0x1803105, 0x13A03130, 0x6003131, 0x13A0318F, 0x3003190, 0x18031A0
, 0x30031C0, , 0x30031C0,
0x136031E4, 0x7A031F0, 0x6003200, 0x1360321F, 0x3003220, 0x6003260, 0x300327F, 0x13A031E4, 0x7A031F0, 0x6003200, 0x13A0321F, 0x3003220, 0x6003260, 0x300327F,
0x7A032D0, 0x7A032D0,
0x30032FF, 0x7A03300, 0x3003358, 0x5E03400, 0x3004DC0, 0x5E04E00, 0x1420A000, 0x30032FF, 0x7A03300, 0x3003358, 0x5E03400, 0x3004DC0, 0x5E04E00, 0x1460A000,
0x1360A48D, 0x13A0A48D,
0x1420A490, 0x1360A4C7, 0x960A4D0, 0x1380A500, 0x1360A62C, 0x380A640, 0xE0A6A0 0x1460A490, 0x13A0A4C7, 0x980A4D0, 0x13C0A500, 0x13A0A62C, 0x380A640, 0xE0A6A0
, 0x1360A6F8, , 0x13A0A6F8,
0x300A700, 0x8C0A722, 0x300A788, 0x8C0A78B, 0x1360A7CB, 0x8C0A7D0, 0x1360A7D2, 0x300A700, 0x8E0A722, 0x300A788, 0x8E0A78B, 0x13A0A7CB, 0x8E0A7D0, 0x13A0A7D2,
0x8C0A7D3, 0x8E0A7D3,
0x1360A7D4, 0x8C0A7D5, 0x1360A7DA, 0x8C0A7F2, 0x1100A800, 0x1360A82D, 0x300A83 0x13A0A7D4, 0x8E0A7D5, 0x13A0A7DA, 0x8E0A7F2, 0x1140A800, 0x13A0A82D, 0x300A83
0, 0x1360A83A, 0, 0x13A0A83A,
0xF00A840, 0x1360A878, 0xFC0A880, 0x1360A8C6, 0xFC0A8CE, 0x1360A8DA, 0x3E0A8E0 0xF40A840, 0x13A0A878, 0x1000A880, 0x13A0A8C6, 0x1000A8CE, 0x13A0A8DA, 0x3E0A8
, 0x7E0A900, E0, 0x800A900,
0x300A92E, 0x7E0A92F, 0xF60A930, 0x1360A954, 0xF60A95F, 0x600A960, 0x1360A97D, 0x300A92E, 0x800A92F, 0xFA0A930, 0x13A0A954, 0xFA0A95F, 0x600A960, 0x13A0A97D,
0x740A980, 0x740A980,
0x1360A9CE, 0x300A9CF, 0x740A9D0, 0x1360A9DA, 0x740A9DE, 0xBE0A9E0, 0x1360A9FF 0x13A0A9CE, 0x300A9CF, 0x740A9D0, 0x13A0A9DA, 0x740A9DE, 0xC00A9E0, 0x13A0A9FF
, 0x2A0AA00, , 0x2A0AA00,
0x1360AA37, 0x2A0AA40, 0x1360AA4E, 0x2A0AA50, 0x1360AA5A, 0x2A0AA5C, 0xBE0AA60 0x13A0AA37, 0x2A0AA40, 0x13A0AA4E, 0x2A0AA50, 0x13A0AA5A, 0x2A0AA5C, 0xC00AA60
, 0x11C0AA80, , 0x1200AA80,
0x1360AAC3, 0x11C0AADB, 0xAC0AAE0, 0x1360AAF7, 0x4C0AB01, 0x1360AB07, 0x4C0AB0 0x13A0AAC3, 0x1200AADB, 0xAE0AAE0, 0x13A0AAF7, 0x4C0AB01, 0x13A0AB07, 0x4C0AB0
9, 0x1360AB0F, 9, 0x13A0AB0F,
0x4C0AB11, 0x1360AB17, 0x4C0AB20, 0x1360AB27, 0x4C0AB28, 0x1360AB2F, 0x8C0AB30 0x4C0AB11, 0x13A0AB17, 0x4C0AB20, 0x13A0AB27, 0x4C0AB28, 0x13A0AB2F, 0x8E0AB30
, 0x300AB5B, , 0x300AB5B,
0x8C0AB5C, 0x560AB65, 0x8C0AB66, 0x300AB6A, 0x1360AB6C, 0x2C0AB70, 0xAC0ABC0, 0x8E0AB5C, 0x560AB65, 0x8E0AB66, 0x300AB6A, 0x13A0AB6C, 0x2C0AB70, 0xAE0ABC0,
0x1360ABEE, 0x13A0ABEE,
0xAC0ABF0, 0x1360ABFA, 0x600AC00, 0x1360D7A4, 0x600D7B0, 0x1360D7C7, 0x600D7CB 0xAE0ABF0, 0x13A0ABFA, 0x600AC00, 0x13A0D7A4, 0x600D7B0, 0x13A0D7C7, 0x600D7CB
, 0x1360D7FC, , 0x13A0D7FC,
0x1360E000, 0x5E0F900, 0x1360FA6E, 0x5E0FA70, 0x1360FADA, 0x8C0FB00, 0x1360FB0 0x13A0E000, 0x5E0F900, 0x13A0FA6E, 0x5E0FA70, 0x13A0FADA, 0x8E0FB00, 0x13A0FB0
7, 0x80FB13, 7, 0x80FB13,
0x1360FB18, 0x680FB1D, 0x1360FB37, 0x680FB38, 0x1360FB3D, 0x680FB3E, 0x1360FB3 0x13A0FB18, 0x680FB1D, 0x13A0FB37, 0x680FB38, 0x13A0FB3D, 0x680FB3E, 0x13A0FB3
F, 0x680FB40, F, 0x680FB40,
0x1360FB42, 0x680FB43, 0x1360FB45, 0x680FB46, 0x60FB50, 0x1360FBC3, 0x60FBD3, 0x13A0FB42, 0x680FB43, 0x13A0FB45, 0x680FB46, 0x60FB50, 0x13A0FBC3, 0x60FBD3,
0x300FD3E, 0x60FD40, 0x300FD3E, 0x60FD40,
0x1360FD90, 0x60FD92, 0x1360FDC8, 0x60FDCF, 0x1360FDD0, 0x60FDF0, 0x6E0FE00, 0 0x13A0FD90, 0x60FD92, 0x13A0FDC8, 0x60FDCF, 0x13A0FDD0, 0x60FDF0, 0x6E0FE00, 0
x300FE10, x300FE10,
0x1360FE1A, 0x6E0FE20, 0x380FE2E, 0x300FE30, 0x1360FE53, 0x300FE54, 0x1360FE67 0x13A0FE1A, 0x6E0FE20, 0x380FE2E, 0x300FE30, 0x13A0FE53, 0x300FE54, 0x13A0FE67
, 0x300FE68, , 0x300FE68,
0x1360FE6C, 0x60FE70, 0x1360FE75, 0x60FE76, 0x1360FEFD, 0x300FEFF, 0x1360FF00, 0x13A0FE6C, 0x60FE70, 0x13A0FE75, 0x60FE76, 0x13A0FEFD, 0x300FEFF, 0x13A0FF00,
0x300FF01, 0x300FF01,
0x8C0FF21, 0x300FF3B, 0x8C0FF41, 0x300FF5B, 0x7A0FF66, 0x300FF70, 0x7A0FF71, 0 0x8E0FF21, 0x300FF3B, 0x8E0FF41, 0x300FF5B, 0x7A0FF66, 0x300FF70, 0x7A0FF71, 0
x300FF9E, 0x600FFA0, x300FF9E, 0x600FFA0,
0x1360FFBF, 0x600FFC2, 0x1360FFC8, 0x600FFCA, 0x1360FFD0, 0x600FFD2, 0x1360FFD 0x13A0FFBF, 0x600FFC2, 0x13A0FFC8, 0x600FFCA, 0x13A0FFD0, 0x600FFD2, 0x13A0FFD
8, 0x600FFDA, 8, 0x600FFDA,
0x1360FFDD, 0x300FFE0, 0x1360FFE7, 0x300FFE8, 0x1360FFEF, 0x300FFF9, 0x1360FFF 0x13A0FFDD, 0x300FFE0, 0x13A0FFE7, 0x300FFE8, 0x13A0FFEF, 0x300FFF9, 0x13A0FFF
E, 0x9410000, E, 0x9610000,
0x1361000C, 0x941000D, 0x13610027, 0x9410028, 0x1361003B, 0x941003C, 0x1361003 0x13A1000C, 0x961000D, 0x13A10027, 0x9610028, 0x13A1003B, 0x961003C, 0x13A1003
E, 0x941003F, E, 0x961003F,
0x1361004E, 0x9410050, 0x1361005E, 0x9410080, 0x136100FB, 0x3010100, 0x1361010 0x13A1004E, 0x9610050, 0x13A1005E, 0x9610080, 0x13A100FB, 0x3010100, 0x13A1010
3, 0x3010107, 3, 0x3010107,
0x13610134, 0x3010137, 0x5610140, 0x1361018F, 0x3010190, 0x1361019D, 0x56101A0 0x13A10134, 0x3010137, 0x5610140, 0x13A1018F, 0x3010190, 0x13A1019D, 0x56101A0
, 0x136101A1, , 0x13A101A1,
0x30101D0, 0x6E101FD, 0x136101FE, 0x9810280, 0x1361029D, 0x24102A0, 0x136102D1 0x30101D0, 0x6E101FD, 0x13A101FE, 0x9A10280, 0x13A1029D, 0x24102A0, 0x13A102D1
, 0x6E102E0, , 0x6E102E0,
0x30102E1, 0x136102FC, 0xD410300, 0x13610324, 0xD41032D, 0x5210330, 0x1361034B 0x30102E1, 0x13A102FC, 0xD810300, 0x13A10324, 0xD81032D, 0x5210330, 0x13A1034B
, 0xD810350, , 0xDC10350,
0x1361037B, 0x13410380, 0x1361039E, 0x1341039F, 0xDA103A0, 0x136103C4, 0xDA103 0x13A1037B, 0x13810380, 0x13A1039E, 0x1381039F, 0xDE103A0, 0x13A103C4, 0xDE103
C8, 0x136103D6, C8, 0x13A103D6,
0x3C10400, 0x10010450, 0xE810480, 0x1361049E, 0xE8104A0, 0x136104AA, 0xE6104B0 0x3C10400, 0x10410450, 0xEC10480, 0x13A1049E, 0xEC104A0, 0x13A104AA, 0xEA104B0
, 0x136104D4, , 0x13A104D4,
0xE6104D8, 0x136104FC, 0x4810500, 0x13610528, 0x2610530, 0x13610564, 0x261056F 0xEA104D8, 0x13A104FC, 0x4810500, 0x13A10528, 0x2610530, 0x13A10564, 0x261056F
, 0x13A10570, , 0x13E10570,
0x1361057B, 0x13A1057C, 0x1361058B, 0x13A1058C, 0x13610593, 0x13A10594, 0x1361 0x13A1057B, 0x13E1057C, 0x13A1058B, 0x13E1058C, 0x13A10593, 0x13E10594, 0x13A1
0596, 0x13A10597, 0596, 0x13E10597,
0x136105A2, 0x13A105A3, 0x136105B2, 0x13A105B3, 0x136105BA, 0x13A105BB, 0x1361 0x13A105A2, 0x13E105A3, 0x13A105B2, 0x13E105B3, 0x13A105BA, 0x13E105BB, 0x13A1
05BD, 0x9210600, 05BD, 0x9410600,
0x13610737, 0x9210740, 0x13610756, 0x9210760, 0x13610768, 0x8C10780, 0x1361078 0x13A10737, 0x9410740, 0x13A10756, 0x9410760, 0x13A10768, 0x8E10780, 0x13A1078
6, 0x8C10787, 6, 0x8E10787,
0x136107B1, 0x8C107B2, 0x136107BB, 0x3610800, 0x13610806, 0x3610808, 0x1361080 0x13A107B1, 0x8E107B2, 0x13A107BB, 0x3610800, 0x13A10806, 0x3610808, 0x13A1080
9, 0x361080A, 9, 0x361080A,
0x13610836, 0x3610837, 0x13610839, 0x361083C, 0x1361083D, 0x361083F, 0x6C10840 0x13A10836, 0x3610837, 0x13A10839, 0x361083C, 0x13A1083D, 0x361083F, 0x6C10840
, 0x13610856, , 0x13A10856,
0x6C10857, 0xEC10860, 0xC010880, 0x1361089F, 0xC0108A7, 0x136108B0, 0x66108E0, 0x6C10857, 0xF010860, 0xC210880, 0x13A1089F, 0xC2108A7, 0x13A108B0, 0x66108E0,
0x136108F3, 0x13A108F3,
0x66108F4, 0x136108F6, 0x66108FB, 0xF210900, 0x1361091C, 0xF21091F, 0x9A10920, 0x66108F4, 0x13A108F6, 0x66108FB, 0xF610900, 0x13A1091C, 0xF61091F, 0x9C10920,
0x1361093A, 0x13A1093A,
0x9A1093F, 0x13610940, 0xB210980, 0xB0109A0, 0x136109B8, 0xB0109BC, 0x136109D0 0x9C1093F, 0x13A10940, 0xB410980, 0xB2109A0, 0x13A109B8, 0xB2109BC, 0x13A109D0
, 0xB0109D2, , 0xB2109D2,
0x8010A00, 0x13610A04, 0x8010A05, 0x13610A07, 0x8010A0C, 0x13610A14, 0x8010A15 0x8210A00, 0x13A10A04, 0x8210A05, 0x13A10A07, 0x8210A0C, 0x13A10A14, 0x8210A15
, 0x13610A18, , 0x13A10A18,
0x8010A19, 0x13610A36, 0x8010A38, 0x13610A3B, 0x8010A3F, 0x13610A49, 0x8010A50 0x8210A19, 0x13A10A36, 0x8210A38, 0x13A10A3B, 0x8210A3F, 0x13A10A49, 0x8210A50
, 0x13610A59, , 0x13A10A59,
0xDE10A60, 0xD610A80, 0x13610AA0, 0xA410AC0, 0x13610AE7, 0xA410AEB, 0x13610AF7 0xE210A60, 0xDA10A80, 0x13A10AA0, 0xA610AC0, 0x13A10AE7, 0xA610AEB, 0x13A10AF7
, 0xA10B00, , 0xA10B00,
0x13610B36, 0xA10B39, 0x7210B40, 0x13610B56, 0x7210B58, 0x7010B60, 0x13610B73, 0x13A10B36, 0xA10B39, 0x7210B40, 0x13A10B56, 0x7210B58, 0x7010B60, 0x13A10B73,
0x7010B78, 0x7010B78,
0xF410B80, 0x13610B92, 0xF410B99, 0x13610B9D, 0xF410BA9, 0x13610BB0, 0xE010C00 0xF810B80, 0x13A10B92, 0xF810B99, 0x13A10B9D, 0xF810BA9, 0x13A10BB0, 0xE410C00
, 0x13610C49, , 0x13A10C49,
0xD210C80, 0x13610CB3, 0xD210CC0, 0x13610CF3, 0xD210CFA, 0x6210D00, 0x13610D28 0xD610C80, 0x13A10CB3, 0xD610CC0, 0x13A10CF3, 0xD610CFA, 0x6210D00, 0x13A10D28
, 0x6210D30, , 0x6210D30,
0x13610D3A, 0x610E60, 0x13610E7F, 0x14010E80, 0x13610EAA, 0x14010EAB, 0x13610E 0x13A10D3A, 0x610E60, 0x13A10E7F, 0x14410E80, 0x13A10EAA, 0x14410EAB, 0x13A10E
AE, 0x14010EB0, AE, 0x14410EB0,
0x13610EB2, 0xDC10F00, 0x13610F28, 0x10810F30, 0x13610F5A, 0xE210F70, 0x13610F 0x13A10EB2, 0x610EFD, 0xE010F00, 0x13A10F28, 0x10C10F30, 0x13A10F5A, 0xE610F70
8A, 0x2E10FB0, , 0x13A10F8A,
0x13610FCC, 0x4A10FE0, 0x13610FF7, 0x1A11000, 0x1361104E, 0x1A11052, 0x1361107 0x2E10FB0, 0x13A10FCC, 0x4A10FE0, 0x13A10FF7, 0x1A11000, 0x13A1104E, 0x1A11052
6, 0x1A1107F, , 0x13A11076,
0x7611080, 0x136110C3, 0x76110CD, 0x136110CE, 0x10A110D0, 0x136110E9, 0x10A110 0x1A1107F, 0x7611080, 0x13A110C3, 0x76110CD, 0x13A110CE, 0x10E110D0, 0x13A110E
F0, 0x136110FA, 9, 0x10E110F0,
0x2811100, 0x13611135, 0x2811136, 0x13611148, 0x9C11150, 0x13611177, 0xFE11180 0x13A110FA, 0x2811100, 0x13A11135, 0x2811136, 0x13A11148, 0x9E11150, 0x13A1117
, 0x136111E0, 7, 0x10211180,
0x106111E1, 0x136111F5, 0x8611200, 0x13611212, 0x8611213, 0x1361123F, 0xBC1128 0x13A111E0, 0x10A111E1, 0x13A111F5, 0x8811200, 0x13A11212, 0x8811213, 0x13A112
0, 0x13611287, 42, 0xBE11280,
0xBC11288, 0x13611289, 0xBC1128A, 0x1361128E, 0xBC1128F, 0x1361129E, 0xBC1129F 0x13A11287, 0xBE11288, 0x13A11289, 0xBE1128A, 0x13A1128E, 0xBE1128F, 0x13A1129
, 0x136112AA, E, 0xBE1129F,
0x88112B0, 0x136112EB, 0x88112F0, 0x136112FA, 0x5411300, 0x13611304, 0x5411305 0x13A112AA, 0x8A112B0, 0x13A112EB, 0x8A112F0, 0x13A112FA, 0x5411300, 0x13A1130
, 0x1361130D, 4, 0x5411305,
0x541130F, 0x13611311, 0x5411313, 0x13611329, 0x541132A, 0x13611331, 0x5411332 0x13A1130D, 0x541130F, 0x13A11311, 0x5411313, 0x13A11329, 0x541132A, 0x13A1133
, 0x13611334, 1, 0x5411332,
0x5411335, 0x1361133A, 0x6E1133B, 0x541133C, 0x13611345, 0x5411347, 0x13611349 0x13A11334, 0x5411335, 0x13A1133A, 0x6E1133B, 0x541133C, 0x13A11345, 0x5411347
, 0x541134B, , 0x13A11349,
0x1361134E, 0x5411350, 0x13611351, 0x5411357, 0x13611358, 0x541135D, 0x1361136 0x541134B, 0x13A1134E, 0x5411350, 0x13A11351, 0x5411357, 0x13A11358, 0x541135D
4, 0x5411366, , 0x13A11364,
0x1361136D, 0x5411370, 0x13611375, 0xC411400, 0x1361145C, 0xC41145D, 0x1361146 0x5411366, 0x13A1136D, 0x5411370, 0x13A11375, 0xC811400, 0x13A1145C, 0xC81145D
2, 0x13011480, , 0x13A11462,
0x136114C8, 0x130114D0, 0x136114DA, 0x10211580, 0x136115B6, 0x102115B8, 0x1361 0x13411480, 0x13A114C8, 0x134114D0, 0x13A114DA, 0x10611580, 0x13A115B6, 0x1061
15DE, 0xB611600, 15B8, 0x13A115DE,
0x13611645, 0xB611650, 0x1361165A, 0xB811660, 0x1361166D, 0x11E11680, 0x136116 0xB811600, 0x13A11645, 0xB811650, 0x13A1165A, 0xBA11660, 0x13A1166D, 0x1221168
BA, 0x11E116C0, 0, 0x13A116BA,
0x136116CA, 0x211700, 0x1361171B, 0x21171D, 0x1361172C, 0x211730, 0x13611747, 0x122116C0, 0x13A116CA, 0x211700, 0x13A1171B, 0x21171D, 0x13A1172C, 0x211730,
0x4211800, 0x13A11747,
0x1361183C, 0x13E118A0, 0x136118F3, 0x13E118FF, 0x4011900, 0x13611907, 0x40119 0x4211800, 0x13A1183C, 0x142118A0, 0x13A118F3, 0x142118FF, 0x4011900, 0x13A119
09, 0x1361190A, 07, 0x4011909,
0x401190C, 0x13611914, 0x4011915, 0x13611917, 0x4011918, 0x13611936, 0x4011937 0x13A1190A, 0x401190C, 0x13A11914, 0x4011915, 0x13A11917, 0x4011918, 0x13A1193
, 0x13611939, 6, 0x4011937,
0x401193B, 0x13611947, 0x4011950, 0x1361195A, 0xC2119A0, 0x136119A8, 0xC2119AA 0x13A11939, 0x401193B, 0x13A11947, 0x4011950, 0x13A1195A, 0xC6119A0, 0x13A119A
, 0x136119D8, 8, 0xC6119AA,
0xC2119DA, 0x136119E5, 0x14411A00, 0x13611A48, 0x10C11A50, 0x13611AA3, 0x2211A 0x13A119D8, 0xC6119DA, 0x13A119E5, 0x14811A00, 0x13A11A48, 0x11011A50, 0x13A11
B0, 0xEE11AC0, AA3, 0x2211AB0,
0x13611AF9, 0x1611C00, 0x13611C09, 0x1611C0A, 0x13611C37, 0x1611C38, 0x13611C4 0xF211AC0, 0x13A11AF9, 0x3E11B00, 0x13A11B0A, 0x1611C00, 0x13A11C09, 0x1611C0A
6, 0x1611C50, , 0x13A11C37,
0x13611C6D, 0xA611C70, 0x13611C90, 0xA611C92, 0x13611CA8, 0xA611CA9, 0x13611CB 0x1611C38, 0x13A11C46, 0x1611C50, 0x13A11C6D, 0xA811C70, 0x13A11C90, 0xA811C92
7, 0xA811D00, , 0x13A11CA8,
0x13611D07, 0xA811D08, 0x13611D0A, 0xA811D0B, 0x13611D37, 0xA811D3A, 0x13611D3 0xA811CA9, 0x13A11CB7, 0xAA11D00, 0x13A11D07, 0xAA11D08, 0x13A11D0A, 0xAA11D0B
B, 0xA811D3C, , 0x13A11D37,
0x13611D3E, 0xA811D3F, 0x13611D48, 0xA811D50, 0x13611D5A, 0x5A11D60, 0x13611D6 0xAA11D3A, 0x13A11D3B, 0xAA11D3C, 0x13A11D3E, 0xAA11D3F, 0x13A11D48, 0xAA11D50
6, 0x5A11D67, , 0x13A11D5A,
0x13611D69, 0x5A11D6A, 0x13611D8F, 0x5A11D90, 0x13611D92, 0x5A11D93, 0x13611D9 0x5A11D60, 0x13A11D66, 0x5A11D67, 0x13A11D69, 0x5A11D6A, 0x13A11D8F, 0x5A11D90
9, 0x5A11DA0, , 0x13A11D92,
0x13611DAA, 0x9E11EE0, 0x13611EF9, 0x9611FB0, 0x13611FB1, 0x12011FC0, 0x13611F 0x5A11D93, 0x13A11D99, 0x5A11DA0, 0x13A11DAA, 0xA011EE0, 0x13A11EF9, 0x7E11F00
F2, 0x12011FFF, , 0x13A11F11,
0x3412000, 0x1361239A, 0x3412400, 0x1361246F, 0x3412470, 0x13612475, 0x3412480 0x7E11F12, 0x13A11F3B, 0x7E11F3E, 0x13A11F5A, 0x9811FB0, 0x13A11FB1, 0x12411FC
, 0x13612544, 0, 0x13A11FF2,
0x3A12F90, 0x13612FF3, 0x4613000, 0x1361342F, 0x4613430, 0x13613439, 0x414400, 0x12411FFF, 0x3412000, 0x13A1239A, 0x3412400, 0x13A1246F, 0x3412470, 0x13A1247
0x13614647, 5, 0x3412480,
0xE16800, 0x13616A39, 0xBA16A40, 0x13616A5F, 0xBA16A60, 0x13616A6A, 0xBA16A6E, 0x13A12544, 0x3A12F90, 0x13A12FF3, 0x4613000, 0x13A13456, 0x414400, 0x13A14647
0x12216A70, , 0xE16800,
0x13616ABF, 0x12216AC0, 0x13616ACA, 0x1016AD0, 0x13616AEE, 0x1016AF0, 0x13616A 0x13A16A39, 0xBC16A40, 0x13A16A5F, 0xBC16A60, 0x13A16A6A, 0xBC16A6E, 0x12616A7
F6, 0xEA16B00, 0, 0x13A16ABF,
0x13616B46, 0xEA16B50, 0x13616B5A, 0xEA16B5B, 0x13616B62, 0xEA16B63, 0x13616B7 0x12616AC0, 0x13A16ACA, 0x1016AD0, 0x13A16AEE, 0x1016AF0, 0x13A16AF6, 0xEE16B0
8, 0xEA16B7D, 0, 0x13A16B46,
0x13616B90, 0xAA16E40, 0x13616E9B, 0xB416F00, 0x13616F4B, 0xB416F4F, 0x13616F8 0xEE16B50, 0x13A16B5A, 0xEE16B5B, 0x13A16B62, 0xEE16B63, 0x13A16B78, 0xEE16B7D
8, 0xB416F8F, , 0x13A16B90,
0x13616FA0, 0x12416FE0, 0xCA16FE1, 0x5E16FE2, 0x8216FE4, 0x13616FE5, 0x5E16FF0 0xAC16E40, 0x13A16E9B, 0xB616F00, 0x13A16F4B, 0xB616F4F, 0x13A16F88, 0xB616F8F
, 0x13616FF2, , 0x13A16FA0,
0x12417000, 0x136187F8, 0x12418800, 0x8218B00, 0x13618CD6, 0x12418D00, 0x13618 0x12816FE0, 0xCE16FE1, 0x5E16FE2, 0x8416FE4, 0x13A16FE5, 0x5E16FF0, 0x13A16FF2
D09, 0x7A1AFF0, , 0x12817000,
0x1361AFF4, 0x7A1AFF5, 0x1361AFFC, 0x7A1AFFD, 0x1361AFFF, 0x7A1B000, 0x6A1B001 0x13A187F8, 0x12818800, 0x8418B00, 0x13A18CD6, 0x12818D00, 0x13A18D09, 0x7A1AF
, 0x7A1B120, F0, 0x13A1AFF4,
0x1361B123, 0x6A1B150, 0x1361B153, 0x7A1B164, 0x1361B168, 0xCA1B170, 0x1361B2F 0x7A1AFF5, 0x13A1AFFC, 0x7A1AFFD, 0x13A1AFFF, 0x7A1B000, 0x6A1B001, 0x7A1B120,
C, 0x441BC00, 0x13A1B123,
0x1361BC6B, 0x441BC70, 0x1361BC7D, 0x441BC80, 0x1361BC89, 0x441BC90, 0x1361BC9 0x6A1B132, 0x13A1B133, 0x6A1B150, 0x13A1B153, 0x7A1B155, 0x13A1B156, 0x7A1B164
A, 0x441BC9C, , 0x13A1B168,
0x301BCA0, 0x1361BCA4, 0x6E1CF00, 0x1361CF2E, 0x6E1CF30, 0x1361CF47, 0x301CF50 0xCE1B170, 0x13A1B2FC, 0x441BC00, 0x13A1BC6B, 0x441BC70, 0x13A1BC7D, 0x441BC80
, 0x1361CFC4, , 0x13A1BC89,
0x301D000, 0x1361D0F6, 0x301D100, 0x1361D127, 0x301D129, 0x6E1D167, 0x301D16A, 0x441BC90, 0x13A1BC9A, 0x441BC9C, 0x301BCA0, 0x13A1BCA4, 0x6E1CF00, 0x13A1CF2E
0x6E1D17B, , 0x6E1CF30,
0x301D183, 0x6E1D185, 0x301D18C, 0x6E1D1AA, 0x301D1AE, 0x1361D1EB, 0x561D200, 0x13A1CF47, 0x301CF50, 0x13A1CFC4, 0x301D000, 0x13A1D0F6, 0x301D100, 0x13A1D12
0x1361D246, 7, 0x301D129,
0x301D2E0, 0x1361D2F4, 0x301D300, 0x1361D357, 0x301D360, 0x1361D379, 0x301D400 0x6E1D167, 0x301D16A, 0x6E1D17B, 0x301D183, 0x6E1D185, 0x301D18C, 0x6E1D1AA, 0
, 0x1361D455, x301D1AE,
0x301D456, 0x1361D49D, 0x301D49E, 0x1361D4A0, 0x301D4A2, 0x1361D4A3, 0x301D4A5 0x13A1D1EB, 0x561D200, 0x13A1D246, 0x301D2C0, 0x13A1D2D4, 0x301D2E0, 0x13A1D2F
, 0x1361D4A7, 4, 0x301D300,
0x301D4A9, 0x1361D4AD, 0x301D4AE, 0x1361D4BA, 0x301D4BB, 0x1361D4BC, 0x301D4BD 0x13A1D357, 0x301D360, 0x13A1D379, 0x301D400, 0x13A1D455, 0x301D456, 0x13A1D49
, 0x1361D4C4, D, 0x301D49E,
0x301D4C5, 0x1361D506, 0x301D507, 0x1361D50B, 0x301D50D, 0x1361D515, 0x301D516 0x13A1D4A0, 0x301D4A2, 0x13A1D4A3, 0x301D4A5, 0x13A1D4A7, 0x301D4A9, 0x13A1D4A
, 0x1361D51D, D, 0x301D4AE,
0x301D51E, 0x1361D53A, 0x301D53B, 0x1361D53F, 0x301D540, 0x1361D545, 0x301D546 0x13A1D4BA, 0x301D4BB, 0x13A1D4BC, 0x301D4BD, 0x13A1D4C4, 0x301D4C5, 0x13A1D50
, 0x1361D547, 6, 0x301D507,
0x301D54A, 0x1361D551, 0x301D552, 0x1361D6A6, 0x301D6A8, 0x1361D7CC, 0x301D7CE 0x13A1D50B, 0x301D50D, 0x13A1D515, 0x301D516, 0x13A1D51D, 0x301D51E, 0x13A1D53
, 0x1041D800, A, 0x301D53B,
0x1361DA8C, 0x1041DA9B, 0x1361DAA0, 0x1041DAA1, 0x1361DAB0, 0x8C1DF00, 0x1361D 0x13A1D53F, 0x301D540, 0x13A1D545, 0x301D546, 0x13A1D547, 0x301D54A, 0x13A1D55
F1F, 0x501E000, 1, 0x301D552,
0x1361E007, 0x501E008, 0x1361E019, 0x501E01B, 0x1361E022, 0x501E023, 0x1361E02 0x13A1D6A6, 0x301D6A8, 0x13A1D7CC, 0x301D7CE, 0x1081D800, 0x13A1DA8C, 0x1081DA
5, 0x501E026, 9B, 0x13A1DAA0,
0x1361E02B, 0xCC1E100, 0x1361E12D, 0xCC1E130, 0x1361E13E, 0xCC1E140, 0x1361E14 0x1081DAA1, 0x13A1DAB0, 0x8E1DF00, 0x13A1DF1F, 0x8E1DF25, 0x13A1DF2B, 0x501E00
A, 0xCC1E14E, 0, 0x13A1E007,
0x1361E150, 0x1321E290, 0x1361E2AF, 0x13C1E2C0, 0x1361E2FA, 0x13C1E2FF, 0x1361 0x501E008, 0x13A1E019, 0x501E01B, 0x13A1E022, 0x501E023, 0x13A1E025, 0x501E026
E300, 0x4C1E7E0, , 0x13A1E02B,
0x1361E7E7, 0x4C1E7E8, 0x1361E7EC, 0x4C1E7ED, 0x1361E7EF, 0x4C1E7F0, 0x1361E7F 0x381E030, 0x13A1E06E, 0x381E08F, 0x13A1E090, 0xD01E100, 0x13A1E12D, 0xD01E130
F, 0xAE1E800, , 0x13A1E13E,
0x1361E8C5, 0xAE1E8C7, 0x1361E8D7, 0x1E900, 0x1361E94C, 0x1E950, 0x1361E95A, 0 0xD01E140, 0x13A1E14A, 0xD01E14E, 0x13A1E150, 0x1361E290, 0x13A1E2AF, 0x1401E2
x1E95E, 0x1361E960, C0, 0x13A1E2FA,
0x301EC71, 0x1361ECB5, 0x301ED01, 0x1361ED3E, 0x61EE00, 0x1361EE04, 0x61EE05, 0x1401E2FF, 0x13A1E300, 0xC41E4D0, 0x13A1E4FA, 0x4C1E7E0, 0x13A1E7E7, 0x4C1E7E
0x1361EE20, 8, 0x13A1E7EC,
0x61EE21, 0x1361EE23, 0x61EE24, 0x1361EE25, 0x61EE27, 0x1361EE28, 0x61EE29, 0x 0x4C1E7ED, 0x13A1E7EF, 0x4C1E7F0, 0x13A1E7FF, 0xB01E800, 0x13A1E8C5, 0xB01E8C7
1361EE33, 0x61EE34, , 0x13A1E8D7,
0x1361EE38, 0x61EE39, 0x1361EE3A, 0x61EE3B, 0x1361EE3C, 0x61EE42, 0x1361EE43, 0x1E900, 0x13A1E94C, 0x1E950, 0x13A1E95A, 0x1E95E, 0x13A1E960, 0x301EC71, 0x13
0x61EE47, A1ECB5, 0x301ED01,
0x1361EE48, 0x61EE49, 0x1361EE4A, 0x61EE4B, 0x1361EE4C, 0x61EE4D, 0x1361EE50, 0x13A1ED3E, 0x61EE00, 0x13A1EE04, 0x61EE05, 0x13A1EE20, 0x61EE21, 0x13A1EE23,
0x61EE51, 0x61EE24,
0x1361EE53, 0x61EE54, 0x1361EE55, 0x61EE57, 0x1361EE58, 0x61EE59, 0x1361EE5A, 0x13A1EE25, 0x61EE27, 0x13A1EE28, 0x61EE29, 0x13A1EE33, 0x61EE34, 0x13A1EE38,
0x61EE5B, 0x61EE39,
0x1361EE5C, 0x61EE5D, 0x1361EE5E, 0x61EE5F, 0x1361EE60, 0x61EE61, 0x1361EE63, 0x13A1EE3A, 0x61EE3B, 0x13A1EE3C, 0x61EE42, 0x13A1EE43, 0x61EE47, 0x13A1EE48,
0x61EE64, 0x61EE49,
0x1361EE65, 0x61EE67, 0x1361EE6B, 0x61EE6C, 0x1361EE73, 0x61EE74, 0x1361EE78, 0x13A1EE4A, 0x61EE4B, 0x13A1EE4C, 0x61EE4D, 0x13A1EE50, 0x61EE51, 0x13A1EE53,
0x61EE79, 0x61EE54,
0x1361EE7D, 0x61EE7E, 0x1361EE7F, 0x61EE80, 0x1361EE8A, 0x61EE8B, 0x1361EE9C, 0x13A1EE55, 0x61EE57, 0x13A1EE58, 0x61EE59, 0x13A1EE5A, 0x61EE5B, 0x13A1EE5C,
0x61EEA1, 0x61EE5D,
0x1361EEA4, 0x61EEA5, 0x1361EEAA, 0x61EEAB, 0x1361EEBC, 0x61EEF0, 0x1361EEF2, 0x13A1EE5E, 0x61EE5F, 0x13A1EE60, 0x61EE61, 0x13A1EE63, 0x61EE64, 0x13A1EE65,
0x301F000, 0x61EE67,
0x1361F02C, 0x301F030, 0x1361F094, 0x301F0A0, 0x1361F0AF, 0x301F0B1, 0x1361F0C 0x13A1EE6B, 0x61EE6C, 0x13A1EE73, 0x61EE74, 0x13A1EE78, 0x61EE79, 0x13A1EE7D,
0, 0x301F0C1, 0x61EE7E,
0x1361F0D0, 0x301F0D1, 0x1361F0F6, 0x301F100, 0x1361F1AE, 0x301F1E6, 0x6A1F200 0x13A1EE7F, 0x61EE80, 0x13A1EE8A, 0x61EE8B, 0x13A1EE9C, 0x61EEA1, 0x13A1EEA4,
, 0x301F201, 0x61EEA5,
0x1361F203, 0x301F210, 0x1361F23C, 0x301F240, 0x1361F249, 0x301F250, 0x1361F25 0x13A1EEAA, 0x61EEAB, 0x13A1EEBC, 0x61EEF0, 0x13A1EEF2, 0x301F000, 0x13A1F02C,
2, 0x301F260, 0x301F030,
0x1361F266, 0x301F300, 0x1361F6D8, 0x301F6DD, 0x1361F6ED, 0x301F6F0, 0x1361F6F 0x13A1F094, 0x301F0A0, 0x13A1F0AF, 0x301F0B1, 0x13A1F0C0, 0x301F0C1, 0x13A1F0D
D, 0x301F700, 0, 0x301F0D1,
0x1361F774, 0x301F780, 0x1361F7D9, 0x301F7E0, 0x1361F7EC, 0x301F7F0, 0x1361F7F 0x13A1F0F6, 0x301F100, 0x13A1F1AE, 0x301F1E6, 0x6A1F200, 0x301F201, 0x13A1F203
1, 0x301F800, , 0x301F210,
0x1361F80C, 0x301F810, 0x1361F848, 0x301F850, 0x1361F85A, 0x301F860, 0x1361F88 0x13A1F23C, 0x301F240, 0x13A1F249, 0x301F250, 0x13A1F252, 0x301F260, 0x13A1F26
8, 0x301F890, 6, 0x301F300,
0x1361F8AE, 0x301F8B0, 0x1361F8B2, 0x301F900, 0x1361FA54, 0x301FA60, 0x1361FA6 0x13A1F6D8, 0x301F6DC, 0x13A1F6ED, 0x301F6F0, 0x13A1F6FD, 0x301F700, 0x13A1F77
E, 0x301FA70, 7, 0x301F77B,
0x1361FA75, 0x301FA78, 0x1361FA7D, 0x301FA80, 0x1361FA87, 0x301FA90, 0x1361FAA 0x13A1F7DA, 0x301F7E0, 0x13A1F7EC, 0x301F7F0, 0x13A1F7F1, 0x301F800, 0x13A1F80
D, 0x301FAB0, C, 0x301F810,
0x1361FABB, 0x301FAC0, 0x1361FAC6, 0x301FAD0, 0x1361FADA, 0x301FAE0, 0x1361FAE 0x13A1F848, 0x301F850, 0x13A1F85A, 0x301F860, 0x13A1F888, 0x301F890, 0x13A1F8A
8, 0x301FAF0, E, 0x301F8B0,
0x1361FAF7, 0x301FB00, 0x1361FB93, 0x301FB94, 0x1361FBCB, 0x301FBF0, 0x1361FBF 0x13A1F8B2, 0x301F900, 0x13A1FA54, 0x301FA60, 0x13A1FA6E, 0x301FA70, 0x13A1FA7
A, 0x5E20000, D, 0x301FA80,
0x1362A6E0, 0x5E2A700, 0x1362B739, 0x5E2B740, 0x1362B81E, 0x5E2B820, 0x1362CEA 0x13A1FA89, 0x301FA90, 0x13A1FABE, 0x301FABF, 0x13A1FAC6, 0x301FACE, 0x13A1FAD
2, 0x5E2CEB0, C, 0x301FAE0,
0x1362EBE1, 0x5E2F800, 0x1362FA1E, 0x5E30000, 0x1363134B, 0x30E0001, 0x136E000 0x13A1FAE9, 0x301FAF0, 0x13A1FAF9, 0x301FB00, 0x13A1FB93, 0x301FB94, 0x13A1FBC
2, 0x30E0020, B, 0x301FBF0,
0x136E0080, 0x6EE0100, 0x136E01F0, 0x13A1FBFA, 0x5E20000, 0x13A2A6E0, 0x5E2A700, 0x13A2B73A, 0x5E2B740, 0x13A2B81
E, 0x5E2B820,
0x13A2CEA2, 0x5E2CEB0, 0x13A2EBE1, 0x5E2F800, 0x13A2FA1E, 0x5E30000, 0x13A3134
B, 0x5E31350,
0x13A323B0, 0x30E0001, 0x13AE0002, 0x30E0020, 0x13AE0080, 0x6EE0100, 0x13AE01F
}; };
static const __swift_uint8_t _swift_stdlib_script_extensions_data[255] = { static const __swift_uint8_t _swift_stdlib_script_extensions_data[255] = {
0x2B, 0x46, 0x1C, 0x6C, 0x1C, 0x28, 0x1C, 0x46, 0x3, 0x64, 0x31, 0x89, 0x94, 0 0x2B, 0x47, 0x1C, 0x6E, 0x1C, 0x28, 0x1C, 0x47, 0x3, 0x66, 0x31, 0x8B, 0x96, 0
xA0, 0x3, 0x89, xA2, 0x3, 0x8B,
0x94, 0x0, 0x3, 0x64, 0x31, 0x89, 0x94, 0xA0, 0x0, 0x3, 0x51, 0x52, 0x71, 0x7A 0x96, 0x0, 0x3, 0x66, 0x31, 0x8B, 0x96, 0xA2, 0x0, 0x3, 0x52, 0x53, 0x73, 0x7C
, 0x31, 0x84, 0x89, , 0x31, 0x86, 0x8B,
0x3, 0x89, 0x3, 0x94, 0xA0, 0x3, 0x31, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x46 0x3, 0x8B, 0x3, 0x96, 0xA2, 0x3, 0x31, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x47
, 0x50, 0x72, 0x7F, , 0x51, 0x74, 0x81,
0x90, 0x93, 0x98, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x46, 0x50, 0x72, 0x90, 0 0x92, 0x95, 0x9A, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x47, 0x51, 0x74, 0x92, 0
x93, 0x98, 0xA, x95, 0x9A, 0xA,
0x1F, 0x21, 0x2D, 0x54, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x4E, 0x50, 0x61, 0x72, 0x44, 0x1F, 0x21, 0x2D, 0x55, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x4F, 0x51, 0x63, 0x74, 0x45,
0x83, 0x88, 0x8F, 0x85, 0x8A, 0x91,
0x90, 0x93, 0x98, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x21, 0x2D, 0x54, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x48, 0 0x92, 0x95, 0x9A, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x21, 0x2D, 0x55, 0x2A, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x3C, 0x49, 0
x4E, 0x50, 0x61, x4F, 0x51, 0x63,
0x72, 0x44, 0x83, 0x88, 0x8F, 0x90, 0x93, 0x98, 0x1F, 0x21, 0x3B, 0x4E, 0xA, 0 0x74, 0x45, 0x85, 0x8A, 0x91, 0x92, 0x95, 0x9A, 0x1F, 0x21, 0x3B, 0x4F, 0xA, 0
x14, 0x88, 0x2E, x14, 0x8A, 0x2E,
0x5E, 0x2C, 0x43, 0x2A, 0x90, 0x3C, 0x61, 0x14, 0x5F, 0x8C, 0x27, 0x46, 0x10, 0x5F, 0x2C, 0x44, 0x2A, 0x92, 0x3C, 0x63, 0x14, 0x60, 0x8E, 0x27, 0x47, 0x10,
0x32, 0x8B, 0x8A, 0x32, 0x8D, 0x8C,
0x5C, 0x78, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x3C, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x7F, 0x 0x5D, 0x7A, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x3C, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x1F, 0x81, 0x
1F, 0x3C, 0x50, 1F, 0x3C, 0x51,
0x72, 0x90, 0x93, 0x1F, 0x61, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x3C, 0x61, 0x72, 0x93, 0x98, 0 0x74, 0x92, 0x95, 0x1F, 0x63, 0xA, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x3C, 0x63, 0x74, 0x95, 0x9A, 0
x1F, 0x2A, 0x3C, x1F, 0x2A, 0x3C,
0xA, 0x61, 0x1C, 0x89, 0x89, 0x46, 0x5C, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x46, 0xC, 0x30, 0x2F, 0x 0xA, 0x63, 0x1C, 0x8B, 0x8B, 0x47, 0x5D, 0x1F, 0x2A, 0x47, 0xC, 0x30, 0x2F, 0x
35, 0x3D, 0xA1, 0xC, 35, 0x3D, 0xA3, 0xC,
0x30, 0x2F, 0x35, 0x3D, 0x2F, 0xC, 0x2F, 0x35, 0x3D, 0x2F, 0x35, 0x3D, 0x2F, 0 0x30, 0x2F, 0x35, 0x3D, 0x2F, 0xC, 0x2F, 0x35, 0x3D, 0x2F, 0x35, 0x3D, 0x2F, 0
x46, 0x1F, 0x21, x47, 0x1F, 0x21,
0x2C, 0x2E, 0x43, 0x3C, 0x3B, 0x4E, 0x50, 0x5B, 0x61, 0x44, 0x8F, 0x98, 0x1F, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x44, 0x3C, 0x3B, 0x4F, 0x51, 0x5C, 0x63, 0x45, 0x91, 0x9A, 0x1F,
0x21, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x21, 0x2C, 0x2E,
0x43, 0x3C, 0x3B, 0x4E, 0x5B, 0x61, 0x44, 0x8F, 0x98, 0x1F, 0x21, 0x2C, 0x2E, 0x44, 0x3C, 0x3B, 0x4F, 0x5C, 0x63, 0x45, 0x91, 0x9A, 0x1F, 0x21, 0x2C, 0x2E,
0x43, 0x3B, 0x4E, 0x44, 0x3B, 0x4F,
0x5B, 0x44, 0x8F, 0x98, 0x1F, 0x90, 0x3F, 0x46, 0x5F, 0xF, 0x3A, 0x3, 0x64, 0x 0x5C, 0x45, 0x91, 0x9A, 0x1F, 0x92, 0x40, 0x47, 0x60, 0xF, 0x3A, 0x3, 0x66, 0x
3, 0x94, 0x1D, 0x1B, 3, 0x96, 0x1D, 0x1B,
0x4A, 0x1B, 0x4A, 0x1B, 0x49, 0x4A, 0x3, 0x19, 0x52, 0x71, 0x22, 0x4B, 0x1B, 0x4B, 0x1B, 0x4A, 0x4B, 0x3, 0x19, 0x53, 0x73, 0x22,
}; };
static const __swift_uint16_t _swift_stdlib_script_extensions_data_indices[600] = { static const __swift_uint16_t _swift_stdlib_script_extensions_data_indices[600] = {
0x800, 0x800, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0 x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x800, 0x800, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0x801, 0 x801, 0x801, 0x801,
0x801, 0x1002, 0x1004, 0x1006, 0x1006, 0x1004, 0x3008, 0x3008, 0x180E, 0x3811, 0x4818, 0x1021, 0x801, 0x1002, 0x1004, 0x1006, 0x1006, 0x1004, 0x3008, 0x3008, 0x180E, 0x3811, 0x4818, 0x1021,
0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021 , 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021, 0x1021 , 0x1823, 0x1823,
0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1021, 0x1026 , 0x6828, 0x6035, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1823, 0x1021, 0x1026 , 0x6828, 0x6035,
0xA041, 0xA855, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A , 0x206A, 0x206A, 0xA041, 0xA855, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A, 0x206A , 0x206A, 0x206A,
0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E , 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E, 0x186E , 0x1071, 0x1071,
0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1073, 0x1073 , 0x1073, 0x1073, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1071, 0x1073, 0x1073 , 0x1073, 0x1073,
 End of changes. 6 change blocks. 
437 lines changed or deleted 442 lines changed or added

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