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Source code changes of the file "py2-constraints.txt" between
storlets-6.0.0.tar.gz and storlets-7.0.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Swift Storlets extend Swift with the capability to run computation near the data in a secure and isolated manner.
The "Wallaby" series (latest release).

py2-constraints.txt  (storlets-6.0.0):py2-constraints.txt  (storlets-7.0.0)
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dulwich===0.19.15 dulwich===0.19.15
GitPython===2.1.11 GitPython===2.1.11
wrapt===1.12.1 wrapt===1.12.1
rfc3986===1.4.0 rfc3986===1.4.0
future===0.18.2 future===0.18.2
boto===2.49.0 boto===2.49.0
monotonic===1.5 monotonic===1.5
netifaces===0.10.9 netifaces===0.10.9
keystoneauth1===4.0.0 keystoneauth1===4.0.0
cffi===1.14.0 cffi===1.14.0
greenlet===0.4.15 greenlet===0.4.15
oslo.utils===3.42.1 oslo.utils===3.42.1
gitdb===0.6.4 gitdb===0.6.4
gitdb2===2.0.6 gitdb2===2.0.6
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