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Source code changes of the file "src/responder/pam/pamsrv.h" between
sssd-2.4.1.tar.gz and sssd-2.4.2.tar.gz

About: SSSD is a system daemon to manage identity, authentication and authorization for centrally-managed systems. It provides several interfaces, including NSS and PAM modules or a D-Bus interface.

pamsrv.h  (sssd-2.4.1):pamsrv.h  (sssd-2.4.2)
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struct sss_certmap_ctx *sss_certmap_ctx; struct sss_certmap_ctx *sss_certmap_ctx;
char **smartcard_services; char **smartcard_services;
char **prompting_config_sections; char **prompting_config_sections;
int num_prompting_config_sections; int num_prompting_config_sections;
enum pam_initgroups_scheme initgroups_scheme; enum pam_initgroups_scheme initgroups_scheme;
/* List of PAM services that are allowed to authenticate with GSSAPI. */ /* List of PAM services that are allowed to authenticate with GSSAPI. */
char **gssapi_services; char **gssapi_services;
/* List of authentication indicators associated with a PAM service */
char **gssapi_indicators_map;
bool gssapi_check_upn; bool gssapi_check_upn;
}; };
struct pam_auth_req { struct pam_auth_req {
struct cli_ctx *cctx; struct cli_ctx *cctx;
struct sss_domain_info *domain; struct sss_domain_info *domain;
enum cache_req_dom_type req_dom_type; enum cache_req_dom_type req_dom_type;
struct pam_data *pd; struct pam_data *pd;
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