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About: SSSD is a system daemon to manage identity, authentication and authorization for centrally-managed systems. It provides several interfaces, including NSS and PAM modules or a D-Bus interface.

pam_sss_gss.8.xml  (sssd-2.4.1):pam_sss_gss.8.xml  (sssd-2.4.2)
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<option>krb5_keytab</option> option. See <option>krb5_keytab</option> option. See
<citerefentry> <citerefentry>
<refentrytitle>sssd.conf</refentrytitle> <refentrytitle>sssd.conf</refentrytitle>
<manvolnum>5</manvolnum> <manvolnum>5</manvolnum>
</citerefentry> and </citerefentry> and
<citerefentry> <citerefentry>
<refentrytitle>sssd-krb5</refentrytitle> <refentrytitle>sssd-krb5</refentrytitle>
<manvolnum>5</manvolnum> <manvolnum>5</manvolnum>
</citerefentry> for more details on these options. </citerefentry> for more details on these options.
</para> </para>
Some Kerberos deployments allow to assocate authentication
indicators with a particular pre-authentication method used to
obtain the ticket granting ticket by the user.
<command>pam_sss_gss.so</command> allows to enforce presence of
authentication indicators in the service tickets before a particular
PAM service can be accessed.
If <option>pam_gssapi_indicators_map</option> is set in the [pam] or
domain section of sssd.conf, then SSSD will perform a check of the
presence of any configured indicators in the service ticket.
</refsect1> </refsect1>
<refsect1 id='options'> <refsect1 id='options'>
<title>OPTIONS</title> <title>OPTIONS</title>
<variablelist remap='IP'> <variablelist remap='IP'>
<varlistentry> <varlistentry>
<term> <term>
<option>debug</option> <option>debug</option>
</term> </term>
<listitem> <listitem>
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