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Source code changes of the file "src/CMakeLists.txt" between
ssr-0.3.10.tar.gz and ssr-0.3.11.tar.gz

About: SimpleScreenRecorder is a screen (video-audio) recorder for Linux.

CMakeLists.txt  (ssr-0.3.10):CMakeLists.txt  (ssr-0.3.11)
skipping to change at line 20 skipping to change at line 20
find_package(ALSA REQUIRED) find_package(ALSA REQUIRED)
endif() endif()
find_package(PulseAudio REQUIRED) find_package(PulseAudio REQUIRED)
endif() endif()
find_package(Jack REQUIRED) find_package(Jack REQUIRED)
endif() endif()
if(WITH_QT5) if(WITH_QT5)
find_package(Qt5 COMPONENTS Core Gui Widgets X11Extras REQUIRED) find_package(Qt5 5.7 COMPONENTS Core Gui Widgets X11Extras REQUIRED)
else() else()
find_package(Qt4 COMPONENTS QtGui REQUIRED) find_package(Qt4 4.8 COMPONENTS QtGui REQUIRED)
endif() endif()
set(sources set(sources
AV/Input/ALSAInput.cpp AV/Input/ALSAInput.cpp
AV/Input/ALSAInput.h AV/Input/ALSAInput.h
AV/Input/GLInjectInput.cpp AV/Input/GLInjectInput.cpp
AV/Input/GLInjectInput.h AV/Input/GLInjectInput.h
AV/Input/JACKInput.cpp AV/Input/JACKInput.cpp
AV/Input/JACKInput.h AV/Input/JACKInput.h
AV/Input/PulseAudioInput.cpp AV/Input/PulseAudioInput.cpp
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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