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About: ssldump is an SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer.

ChangeLog  (ssldump-0.9b3):ChangeLog  (ssldump-1.3)
Wed Aug 21 10:48:45 2002 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> Changelog
* Installed Greg Stark's new Win32 patches. =========
* Added updated VLAN support (Jeffrey Hafey) v1.2 (2020-09-22)
Fri Aug 16 16:56:23 2002 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> Changes
* Cleaned up 56-bit ciphersuites in ciphersuites.c ~~~~~~~
- [cleanup] file cleanup (tab/ws mixed) [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Fixed memory errors in packet copying. - [doc] workflow badge added. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- [workflow] config updated. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Fixed bugs in processing of bogus SSLv2 messages. - [workflow] pcap. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- [workflow] add required packages. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Fixed bugs in TCP packet reassembly code. - [doc] clarification about ssldump repository + release v1.1.
[Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Tue Aug 13 13:03:41 2002 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - [doc] release v1.1 - ChangeLog updated. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Fixed EXPORT1024 DES cipher suites
Mon Aug 12 16:49:51 2002 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> ~~~~~
* Added support for VLAN networks (Jeffrey Hafey) - Merge pull request #34 from wllm-rbnt/build-sys. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Fixed printing of data with embedded tabs (Pavel Curtis) Build system updates
- Fix long line in README.md. [William Robinet]
* Added support for non-promiscuous mode (-P flag) - Update README.md with ./configure examples. [William Robinet]
(Bruce M Simpson) - Update README.md with ./configure options. [William Robinet]
- Clean debug functions, remove duplicates. [William Robinet]
* Fixed potential small overrun in RSA decryption. - Define DEBUG when using --enable-debug. [William Robinet]
- Add optional features to ./configure (ASAN, debug, optimization)
Fri Sep 28 15:54:47 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> [William Robinet]
* Fixed install so that we install in /usr/local/sbin - Reenable OpenSSL code compilation. [William Robinet]
with mode 755. Bug report ssldump/22. - Update .gitignore, rearrange CI workflows variable definition.
(Dave Jagoda) [William Robinet]
- Remove -g from default CFLAGS and check for Clang explicitly. [William
* Fixed compilation warning about create_null_analyzer Robinet]
Bug report ssldump/23. - Remove deprecated define. [William Robinet]
- Reorder checks in configure.ac. [William Robinet]
Wed Sep 26 14:49:06 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Prepare ASAN build. [William Robinet]
* Fixed SYN & SYN/ACK detection to that it works with ECN. - Force use of GCC in GCC CI. [William Robinet]
(Henrik Nordstrom) - Add Clang CI. [William Robinet]
- Merge pull request #35 from mattslot/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Added /usr/include/pcap to the PCAP search path
(Henrik Nordstrom) Add renegotiation_info extension
- Add renegotiation_info extension. [Matt Slot]
Sat Sep 15 13:41:10 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Merge pull request #33 from wllm-rbnt/oob-reads. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Fix to ssldecode.c to remove error with empty
struct when compiling with VC++ and no OpenSSL Fix multiple segfaults on out-of-bounds read access
(Greg Stark) - Fix multiple segfault by OOB read because of wrong format string
specifier. [William Robinet]
* Change to vcwin32.mak to print out that you're not - Fix segfault by OOB read on malformed packets (2) [William Robinet]
using OpenSSL (Greg Stark) - Fix segfault by OOB read on malformed packets. [William Robinet]
- Merge pull request #31 from wllm-rbnt/autoconf2020. [Alexandre
* Automatic version changing courtesy of version-change.pl Dulaunoy]
Fri Sep 14 15:22:29 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> Autoconf2020
* Fixed bug 4. Delete the MS after decrypting a PMS - Fix deprecation warning from libcap 1.9.1. [William Robinet]
to force new MS generation in the key generation phase. - Make FreeBSD (12.1) happy. [William Robinet]
This makes decryption of renegotiated connections work - Update CI workflow. [William Robinet]
correctly. This got broken when session resumption - Apply Replace-direct-struct-access-patterns-with-OpenSSL-1.1-ge.patch
was added. from Debian pkg. [William Robinet]
- Update readme. [William Robinet]
2001-09-14 Eric Rescorla <ekr@rtfm.com> - Fix readme. [William Robinet]
- Improve lib detection and .gitignore. [William Robinet]
* Imported Greg Stark's Win32 port - Remove generated file. [William Robinet]
- Add man page to Makefile.am. [William Robinet]
Sun Sep 2 15:53:06 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Fix warning about type of arguments of pcap_handler. [William Robinet]
* Fixed the reassembler so it doesn't crash when - Fix warning about signal() arguments type. [William Robinet]
FIN/RST segments have data. - Fix build warnings for missing prototypes. [William Robinet]
- Add build deps to readme. [William Robinet]
* closure/connection freeing now works, thus meaning less - Fix readme. [William Robinet]
memory leakage and less crashing. - Autoconf setup rewritten. [William Robinet]
- Set theme jekyll-theme-minimal. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* A bunch of trivial makefile/configure fixes. - Merge pull request #27 from microolap-technologies/resumed_sessions.
[Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fri Jul 20 16:40:51 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com>
* Removed loading of certificate file. This served add support to decrypt resumed sessions
no real purpose. Fix for bug 5. - Add support to decrypt resumed sessions. [Aleksey Ryabkov]
- First test workflow. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fri Jul 20 11:02:09 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Merge pull request #25 from microolap-technologies/sni_2_srv_name.
* Fixed initialization so that the key file is loaded [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
only once.
use sni in server_name
Removed default keyfile and password. You now must - Use sni in server_name. [Aleksey Ryabkov]
specify them. You also get an error if you specify
a bad password or keyfile. v1.1 (2019-12-28)
Fri Jul 20 10:17:36 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com>
* Added support for session resumption. Changes
Fri Jul 20 10:17:16 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - [doc] Changelog reflecting v1.0 release. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Fixed SEQ_LT problems on Linux and other compilation
problems. Other
Tue Mar 6 2001 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Merge pull request #24 from mattslot/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
* Removed statically allocated conn array. We can now
have an arbitrary number of Explicit parameter types for static prototypes
- Explicit parameter types for static prototypes. [Matt Slot]
Thu Nov 9 12:14:15 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Merge pull request #22 from EaseTheWorld/handshake. [Alexandre
* Cleanups to the man page and cleaned up some cases Dulaunoy]
where printing didn't work quite right.
Handle weird 3-way handshake(syn&ack -> syn -> ack)
Mon Nov 6 10:22:25 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Handle weird 3-way handshake(syn&ack -> syn -> ack) I have pcaps from
* Added the -X flag to force hex-only printing when Cisco2960 span port and found some tcp handshake has weird order 3-way
binary data is displayed as hex dumps. handshake. It seems first packet order between sessions is not
guaranted for cisco span. maybe. Current state transition is
Fri Nov 3 09:23:35 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> INIT -- syn --> SYN1 -- syn&ack --> SYN2 -- ack --> ESTABLISHED New
* cleaned up the case where multiple handshake messages state transition starts with SYN1 or SYN2 and adds(revive actually)
are in the same SSL record. STATE_ACK to handle both cases. case1 : INIT -- syn --> SYN1 --
syn&ack -->ACK -- ack --> ESTABLISHED (normal) case2 : INIT -- syn&ack
Fri Nov 3 09:14:39 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> --> SYN2 -- syn -->ACK -- ack --> ESTABLISHED (weird) [EaseTheWorld]
* Modified printing so that when we're printing hex dumps
of application data traffic we also print the printable v1.0 (2019-05-26)
sections of the data itself in a column on the side. -----------------
Thu Nov 2 14:14:21 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> Changes
* Modified cipher suite printing so that the names have ~~~~~~~
SSL_ if we're doing SSLv3 and TLS_ if we're doing TLS. - [build] v1.0 released. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Suggestion by Eric Murray. - [changelog] v1.0 released. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- [build] gitchangelogrc configuration added. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Thu Nov 2 13:07:09 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com>
* Fixed an ABW in ssldecode.c that caused crashes Other
on Solaris. Also, fixed a bunch of memory leaks ~~~~~
using Purify. - Merge pull request #21 from qha/repair-make-targets. [Alexandre
Thu Nov 2 08:45:42 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com>
* Various Portability fixes Repair make targets and ssl/ssldecode.c, bump version
CC=gcc -> CC=@CC@ in Makefile - Rerun autoconf. [Ulrik Haugen]
Removed FLAGS in Makefile (it was a noop) - Bump version. [Ulrik Haugen]
in base/tcpconn.c, changed {} to {0} to appease HPUX's compiler - Repair ssl_key_log_file handling. [Ulrik Haugen]
made create_null_analyzer.c static as it should be.
Removed the final (bogus) entry in null_vtbl. Set ssl_key_log_file to null in ssl_decode_ctx_create if no
made sslx__print_serial() static to match its prototype file name was supplied.
Rearranged library order for better linkage
Thanks to Lutze Jainecke for these fixes. Only seek ssl_key_log_file in ssl_read_key_log_file if it
is non null.
Thu Nov 2 08:41:10 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com>
* Added -r as a synonym for -f. -f will eventually Repair order of fseek parameters.
be removed and reused for some other option. - Take project name and version from configure define. [Ulrik Haugen]
This was done for option compatibility with tcpdump
and on the theory that someday I might add a -w. ... in print_version.
- Enable compiling without std c99 when OPENSSL is defined. [Ulrik
* Renamed -h to -H and added it to the documentation. Haugen]
-h now triggers usage info. - Repair spelling in comments. [Ulrik Haugen]
- Remove presumably extraneous files. [Ulrik Haugen]
Thu Nov 2 08:38:06 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> - Remove extraneous files. [Ulrik Haugen]
* Removed blank lines in the man page. This confuses some - Add .gitignore. [Ulrik Haugen]
man page formatters. (Thanks to Hugh Mandeville for pointing - Make install target install doc files. [Ulrik Haugen]
this one out) - Repair installdir variable names. [Ulrik Haugen]
- Repair dist target. [Ulrik Haugen]
Thu Nov 2 08:37:59 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com>
* Wired up -N (it was unwired) Mark phony targets as such.
Thu Nov 2 08:37:47 2000 EKR <ekr@rtfm.com> Cease use of unobtainable version-check.pl.
* Added -D_BSD_SOURCE=1 when you're compiling on Linux.
(Allowing it to compile) Take version from configure substituted variable.
Adjust dist archive location.
Prune more backup files.
- Whitespace. [Ulrik Haugen]
- Set package name in configure.in, move version there. [Ulrik Haugen]
- Merge pull request #19 from 1div0/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- GREASE. [Peter Kovář]
- Merge pull request #18 from mathewmarcus/dh_aes_gcm_support.
[Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Dh aes gcm support
- Use macro to check if cipher is AEAD. [mathewmarcus]
- Update man page with -l sslkeylogfile option. [mathewmarcus]
- Updated relevant ciphersuites with GCM enc. [mathewmarcus]
- Added fix for AES256 GCM decryption. [mathewmarcus]
- Added case insensitive string comparison macro. [mathewmarcus]
- Added support for AES GCM decryption. [mathewmarcus]
- Use sslkeylogfile to get MS if possible. [mathewmarcus]
- Added function to extract MS from sslkeylogfile. [mathewmarcus]
- Added GCM specific ciphersuite info. [mathewmarcus]
- Added sslkeylogfile pointer to decode ctx. [mathewmarcus]
- Fix decoding and printing of DiffieHellman Client params.
- Add l option for SSLKEYLOGFILE. [mathewmarcus]
- Merge pull request #17 from mathewmarcus/fix_extension_bug. [Alexandre
correctly handle case where server hello does not request extension s…
- Improve syntax. [mathewmarcus]
- Correctly handle case where server hello does not request extension
specified by client. [mathewmarcus]
- Merge pull request #16 from mathewmarcus/tls_extensions. [Alexandre
Tls extensions
- Code cleanup. [mathewmarcus]
- Added support for SNI. [mathewmarcus]
- Added support for encrypt-then-mac. [mathewmarcus]
- Finished support for extended master secret. [mathewmarcus]
- Calculate session hash. [mathewmarcus]
- Added struct to store extensions. [mathewmarcus]
- Added struct to store extensions. [mathewmarcus]
- Revert "moved struct ssl_decoder_ definition into header file because
we need it in ssl.enums.c" [Mathew Marcus]
This reverts commit 193c6001086920c0623593aba373f948aa275f8d.
- Moved struct ssl_decoder_ definition into header file because we need
it in ssl.enums.c. [mathewmarcus]
- Added handler for extended master secret extension. [mathewmarcus]
- Rename functions. [mathewmarcus]
- Record handshake messages for session hash. [Mathew Marcus]
- Include extensions in output. [mathewmarcus]
- Merge pull request #15 from Whissi/update-ciphers. [Alexandre
Update ciphers
- Adjust cipher suite formation. [Thomas Deutschmann]
- Add TLS 1.3 cipher suites. [Thomas Deutschmann]
- Add fallback signaling cipher suite. [Thomas Deutschmann]
- Add CHACHA20_POLY1305 cipher suite. [Thomas Deutschmann]
- Merge pull request #14 from davidkretch/fix-typo. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fix a typo in the man page
- Fix a typo in the man page. [David Kretch]
Delete the extra "to" in "To decrypt traffic to to host" under the examples se
- Merge pull request #13 from alperakcan/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
fix ssl record queue data read
- - fix mis calculation of read_left if queue already has some data,
which might not be bigger than ssl_header_size - update q->ptr only if
q->data is changed. [Alper Akcan]
- Merge pull request #1 from adulau/master. [Alper Akcan]
Merge pull request #12 from alperakcan/master
- Merge pull request #12 from alperakcan/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fix packet length calculation if IP length is 0, due to TSO
- Fix packet length calculation if IP length is 0, due to TSO. [Alper
- Typo fixed. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Explanation added in a new README. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Merge pull request #9 from PequalsNP-team/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
updated configure for new libpcap location on most linux distro
- Updated configure for new libpcap location on most linux distro.
- Merge pull request #7 from knowtoto/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fix a null pointer dereference bug
- Fix a null pointer dereference bug of tls12_prf be caused by invalid
extern declaration for digests variable. [hyunkyu.oh]
- Merge pull request #5 from wllm-rbnt/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
More code cleaning
- Include string.h (remove warnings about memcpy) [William Robinet]
- Fix order of arguments in calls to calloc. [William Robinet]
- "Each invocation of va_start() must be matched by a corresponding
invocation of va_end()" [William Robinet]
- Remove dead code. [William Robinet]
- Do not use uninitialized variable. [William Robinet]
- Make valgrind/memcheck happy. [William Robinet]
- Add missing comma (introduced by
2d067c26503ace1466d132e7efd9f0ff7885295a) [William Robinet]
- Merge pull request #4 from wllm-rbnt/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fix cleanup loop
- Avoid auto-vivisection during connection clean-up ... [William
- Fix inactive connection removal. [William Robinet]
- Merge pull request #3 from wllm-rbnt/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
[bugfix] Initialize initial reference timeval
- Initialize initial reference timeval Avoids wrong cleaning of first
connection(s) [William Robinet]
- Merge pull request #2 from wllm-rbnt/master. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fixes for 2 memory leaks and in flight structure cleaning
- Fix memory leak if SSL session id is not present. [William Robinet]
- In flight connection pool cleaning. [William Robinet]
- Fix memory leak at connection closing. [William Robinet]
- Merge pull request #1 from wllm-rbnt/csloop. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
Fix for infinite loop in Ciphers Suite decoding
- Fix for infinite loop in Ciphers Suite decoding. [William Robinet]
- Dtable bug fixed: list overrun (from NetBSD tree) [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Memory leak per TLS session removed. Call cleanup after each
finalization. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Free also the packet structure. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Snaplen increased to the default jumbo frame size. [Alexandre
If the snaplen is lower than the total frame length announced,
ssldump won't be able to reassemble the payload. "Length mismatch"
error. Tested on Ethernet uplinks supporting jumbo frame.
- Continue even if no IP address is assigned on the interface.
[Alexandre Dulaunoy]
ssldump in a production environment can be used on a capture
interface where no IP addresses are assigned. Print a warning instead
of exiting.
- Modern config.guess/sub from Ubuntu ssldump package. [Alexandre
- Ssldump-0.9-ciphersuites.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Ssldump-0.9-ssl-enums.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Ssldump-0.9-tlsv12.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Ssldump-0.9-pcap-vlan.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Ssldump-0.9-link_layer.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Ssldump-0.9-table-stops.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Sldump-0.9-cvs-20060619.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Sldump-0.9-aes.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Sldump-0.9-libpcap.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Ssldump-0.9-openssl.patch. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
- Ssldump_0.9b3.orig.tar.gz Import. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
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