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Source code changes of the file "libs/sqwebmail/sqwebmail.c" between
sqwebmail-6.0.1.tar.bz2 and sqwebmail-6.0.2.tar.bz2

About: SqWebMail is a CGI Webmail client for Maildir mailboxes (module of the Courier mail server).

sqwebmail.c  (sqwebmail-6.0.1.tar.bz2):sqwebmail.c  (sqwebmail-6.0.2.tar.bz2)
skipping to change at line 2054 skipping to change at line 2054
#endif /* USE_LIBCHARSET */ #endif /* USE_LIBCHARSET */
setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "C"); setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "C");
setlang(); setlang();
#endif #endif
#endif #endif
} }
void rename_sent_folder(int really) void rename_sent_folder(int really)
{ {
char buf[128]; char buf[128];
char buf2[256];
char yyyymm[128]; char yyyymm[128];
const char *yyyymmp; const char *yyyymmp;
time_t t; time_t t;
struct tm *tm; struct tm *tm;
char *pp; char *pp;
if (really) if (really)
(void)maildir_create(INBOX "." SENT); /* No matter what */ (void)maildir_create(INBOX "." SENT); /* No matter what */
skipping to change at line 2084 skipping to change at line 2085
else else
--tm->tm_mon; --tm->tm_mon;
if (strftime (yyyymm, sizeof(yyyymm), "%Y%m", tm) == 0) if (strftime (yyyymm, sizeof(yyyymm), "%Y%m", tm) == 0)
return; return;
if ((yyyymmp=read_sqconfig(".", SENTSTAMP, NULL)) != NULL && if ((yyyymmp=read_sqconfig(".", SENTSTAMP, NULL)) != NULL &&
strcmp(yyyymm, yyyymmp) == 0) strcmp(yyyymm, yyyymmp) == 0)
return; return;
if (strftime (buf, sizeof(buf), "." SENT ".%Y.%m-%b", tm) == 0) if (strftime (buf, sizeof(buf), "%m-%b", tm) == 0)
return; return;
pp=folder_toutf8(buf); pp=folder_toutf8(buf);
if (really) if (strftime (buf2, sizeof(buf), "." SENT ".%Y.", tm) == 0)
rename("." SENT, pp); return;
strcat(buf2, pp);
free(pp); free(pp);
if (really)
rename("." SENT, buf2);
if (really) if (really)
(void)maildir_create(INBOX "." SENT); (void)maildir_create(INBOX "." SENT);
write_sqconfig(".", SENTSTAMP, yyyymm); write_sqconfig(".", SENTSTAMP, yyyymm);
} }
static int valid_redirect(); static int valid_redirect();
static void redirect(const char *url) static void redirect(const char *url)
{ {
 End of changes. 4 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 10 lines changed or added

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