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Source code changes of the file "Makefile.am" between
sqwebmail-5.9.3.tar.bz2 and sqwebmail-6.0.0.tar.bz2

About: SqWebMail is a CGI Webmail client for Maildir mailboxes (module of the Courier mail server).

Makefile.am  (sqwebmail-5.9.3.tar.bz2):Makefile.am  (sqwebmail-6.0.0.tar.bz2)
# #
# Copyright 1998 - 2009 Double Precision, Inc. See COPYING for # Copyright 1998 - 2018 Double Precision, Inc. See COPYING for
# distribution information. # distribution information.
# make distcheck fix # make distcheck fix
DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS=--enable-cgibindir=$$dc_install_base/cgi-bin --enable- imagedir=$$dc_install_base/images DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS=--enable-cgibindir=$$dc_install_base/cgi-bin --enable- imagedir=$$dc_install_base/images
HTML2TXT=links -dump -no-numbering --no-references HTML2TXT=links -dump -no-numbering --no-references
SUBDIRS=libs/numlib libs/gdbmobj libs/bdbobj libs/md5 libs/sha1 \ SUBDIRS=libs/numlib libs/gdbmobj libs/bdbobj libs/md5 libs/sha1 \
libs/random128 libs/libhmac libs/rfc822 libs/rfc2045 \ libs/random128 libs/libhmac libs/rfc822 libs/rfc2045 \
libs/liblock libs/maildir libs/soxwrap libs/cgi \ libs/liblock libs/maildir libs/soxwrap libs/cgi \
skipping to change at line 149 skipping to change at line 150
rpm-build: rpm-build:
$(MAKE) bump.rpm.release $(MAKE) bump.rpm.release
$(MAKE) dist $(MAKE) dist
rm -rf rpm/BUILD/* rm -rf rpm/BUILD/*
rm -f rpm/RPMS/*/* rm -f rpm/RPMS/*/*
rm -f rpm/SOURCES/* rm -f rpm/SOURCES/*
rm -f rpm/SPECS/* rm -f rpm/SPECS/*
rm -f rpm/SRPMS/* rm -f rpm/SRPMS/*
rpmbuild -ta --clean \ rpmbuild -ta --clean \
--define 'notice_option --with-notice=unicode' \
--define "_topdir `pwd`/rpm" \ --define "_topdir `pwd`/rpm" \
--define '_rpmdir %{_topdir}/RPMS' \ --define '_rpmdir %{_topdir}/RPMS' \
--define '_srcrpmdir %{_topdir}/SRPMS' \ --define '_srcrpmdir %{_topdir}/SRPMS' \
--define '_sourcedir %{_topdir}/SOURCES' \ --define '_sourcedir %{_topdir}/SOURCES' \
--define '_specdir %{_topdir}/SPECS' \ --define '_specdir %{_topdir}/SPECS' \
--define '_builddir %{_topdir}/BUILD' \ --define '_builddir %{_topdir}/BUILD' \
--define '_build_name_fmt %%{ARCH}/%%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{RELEAS E}.%%{ARCH}.rpm' \ --define '_build_name_fmt %%{ARCH}/%%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{RELEAS E}.%%{ARCH}.rpm' \
--define '_tmppath %{_var}/tmp' \ --define '_tmppath %{_var}/tmp' \
--define '__spec_prep_pre %{___build_pre}' \ --define '__spec_prep_pre %{___build_pre}' \
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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