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Source code changes of the file "spring-context-indexer/src/main/java/org/springframework/context/index/processor/CandidateComponentsIndexer.java" between
spring-framework-5.3.7.tar.gz and spring-framework-5.3.8.tar.gz

About: Spring Framework is an application framework for the Java platform and .NET Framework. Community edition.

CandidateComponentsIndexer.java  (spring-framework-5.3.7):CandidateComponentsIndexer.java  (spring-framework-5.3.8)
skipping to change at line 39 skipping to change at line 39
import javax.annotation.processing.RoundEnvironment; import javax.annotation.processing.RoundEnvironment;
import javax.lang.model.SourceVersion; import javax.lang.model.SourceVersion;
import javax.lang.model.element.AnnotationMirror; import javax.lang.model.element.AnnotationMirror;
import javax.lang.model.element.Element; import javax.lang.model.element.Element;
import javax.lang.model.element.ElementKind; import javax.lang.model.element.ElementKind;
import javax.lang.model.element.ExecutableElement; import javax.lang.model.element.ExecutableElement;
import javax.lang.model.element.Modifier; import javax.lang.model.element.Modifier;
import javax.lang.model.element.TypeElement; import javax.lang.model.element.TypeElement;
/** /**
* Annotation {@link Processor} that writes {@link CandidateComponentsMetadata} * Annotation {@link Processor} that writes a {@link CandidateComponentsMetadata }
* file for spring components. * file for spring components.
* *
* @author Stephane Nicoll * @author Stephane Nicoll
* @author Juergen Hoeller * @author Juergen Hoeller
* @since 5.0 * @since 5.0
*/ */
public class CandidateComponentsIndexer implements Processor { public class CandidateComponentsIndexer implements Processor {
private MetadataStore metadataStore; private MetadataStore metadataStore;
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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