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Source code changes of the file "solr/solr-ref-guide/build.xml" between
solr-8.4.0-src.tgz and solr-8.4.1-src.tgz

About: Solr is the search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, caching, replication, and a web admin interface.

build.xml  (solr-8.4.0-src.tgz):build.xml  (solr-8.4.1-src.tgz)
skipping to change at line 237 skipping to change at line 237
<attribute key="solr-javadocs" value="@{solr-javadocs}" /> <attribute key="solr-javadocs" value="@{solr-javadocs}" />
<attribute key="lucene-javadocs" value="@{lucene-javadocs}" /> <attribute key="lucene-javadocs" value="@{lucene-javadocs}" />
<attribute key="build-date" value="${DSTAMP}" /> <attribute key="build-date" value="${DSTAMP}" />
<attribute key="build-year" value="${current.year}" /> <attribute key="build-year" value="${current.year}" />
<attribute key="ivy-commons-codec-version" value="${ivyversions./commons -codec/commons-codec}" /> <attribute key="ivy-commons-codec-version" value="${ivyversions./commons -codec/commons-codec}" />
<attribute key="ivy-dropwizard-version" value="${ivyversions.io.dropwiza rd.metrics.version}" /> <attribute key="ivy-dropwizard-version" value="${ivyversions.io.dropwiza rd.metrics.version}" />
<attribute key="ivy-log4j-version" value="${ivyversions.org.log4j.major. version}" /> <attribute key="ivy-log4j-version" value="${ivyversions.org.log4j.major. version}" />
<attribute key="ivy-opennlp-version" value="${ivyversions./org.apache.op ennlp/opennlp-tools}" /> <attribute key="ivy-opennlp-version" value="${ivyversions./org.apache.op ennlp/opennlp-tools}" />
<attribute key="ivy-tika-version" value="${ivyversions.org.apache.tika.v ersion}" /> <attribute key="ivy-tika-version" value="${ivyversions.org.apache.tika.v ersion}" />
<attribute key="ivy-velocity-tools-version" value="${ivyversions.org.apa che.velocity.tools.version}" /> <attribute key="ivy-velocity-tools-version" value="${ivyversions.org.apa che.velocity.tools.version}" />
<attribute key="ivy-zookeeper-version" value="${ivyversions./org.apache. zookeeper/zookeeper}" /> <attribute key="ivy-zookeeper-version" value="${ivyversions.org.apache.z ookeeper.version}" />
</asciidoctor:convert> </asciidoctor:convert>
</sequential> </sequential>
</macrodef> </macrodef>
<!-- ======= HTML Site Build ======= <!-- ======= HTML Site Build =======
Builds site with Jekyll. Builds site with Jekyll.
This (for now) assumes that Jekyll (http://jekyllrb.com) is installed loc ally. --> This (for now) assumes that Jekyll (http://jekyllrb.com) is installed loc ally. -->
<target name="build-site" <target name="build-site"
depends="-build-site" depends="-build-site"
description="Builds an HTML Site w/Jekyll and verifies the anchors+lin ks are valid" > description="Builds an HTML Site w/Jekyll and verifies the anchors+lin ks are valid" >
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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