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Source code changes of the file "src/service_inspectors/dce_rpc/dce_smb2_session.cc" between
snort3- and snort3-

About: Snort 3 is a network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS) combining the benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection.

dce_smb2_session.cc  (snort3-  (snort3-
skipping to change at line 162 skipping to change at line 162
return tree; return tree;
} }
void Dce2Smb2SessionTracker::clean_file_context_from_flow(uint64_t file_id, uint 64_t void Dce2Smb2SessionTracker::clean_file_context_from_flow(uint64_t file_id, uint 64_t
file_name_hash) file_name_hash)
{ {
set_do_not_delete(true); set_do_not_delete(true);
attached_flows_mutex.lock(); attached_flows_mutex.lock();
for (auto it_flow : attached_flows) for (auto it_flow : attached_flows)
{ {
if (get_file_context_cleaned())
snort::FileFlows* file_flows = snort::FileFlows::get_file_flows( snort::FileFlows* file_flows = snort::FileFlows::get_file_flows(
it_flow.second->get_tcp_flow(), false); it_flow.second->get_tcp_flow(), false);
if (file_flows) if (file_flows)
file_flows->remove_processed_file_context(file_name_hash, file_id); file_flows->remove_processed_file_context(file_name_hash, file_id);
} }
attached_flows_mutex.unlock(); attached_flows_mutex.unlock();
set_do_not_delete(false); set_do_not_delete(false);
} }
void Dce2Smb2SessionTracker::increase_size(const size_t size) void Dce2Smb2SessionTracker::increase_size(const size_t size)
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0 lines changed or deleted 6 lines changed or added

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