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Source code changes of the file "src/network_inspectors/binder/binding.h" between
snort3- and snort3-

About: Snort 3 is a network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS) combining the benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection.

binding.h  (snort3-  (snort3-
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PortBitSet src_ports; PortBitSet src_ports;
PortBitSet dst_ports; PortBitSet dst_ports;
std::unordered_set<int32_t> src_intfs; std::unordered_set<int32_t> src_intfs;
std::unordered_set<int32_t> dst_intfs; std::unordered_set<int32_t> dst_intfs;
std::unordered_set<int16_t> src_groups; std::unordered_set<int16_t> src_groups;
std::unordered_set<int16_t> dst_groups; std::unordered_set<int16_t> dst_groups;
std::unordered_set<uint16_t> addr_spaces; std::unordered_set<uint32_t> addr_spaces;
std::unordered_set<uint32_t> tenants; std::unordered_set<uint32_t> tenants;
enum Criteria enum Criteria
{ {
BWC_IPS_ID = 0x0001, BWC_IPS_ID = 0x0001,
BWC_PROTO = 0x0002, BWC_PROTO = 0x0002,
BWC_SVC = 0x0004, BWC_SVC = 0x0004,
BWC_NETS = 0x0008, BWC_NETS = 0x0008,
BWC_SPLIT_NETS = 0x0010, BWC_SPLIT_NETS = 0x0010,
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