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Source code changes of the file "snapcraft/cli/_errors.py" between
snapcraft-3.9.4.tar.gz and snapcraft-3.9.5.tar.gz

About: Snapcraft is a build and packaging tool that makes it easy to incorporate components from different sources and build technologies or solutions.

_errors.py  (snapcraft-3.9.4):_errors.py  (snapcraft-3.9.5)
skipping to change at line 90 skipping to change at line 90
return distutils.util.strtobool(os.getenv("SNAPCRAFT_HAS_TTY", "n")) == 1 return distutils.util.strtobool(os.getenv("SNAPCRAFT_HAS_TTY", "n")) == 1
return sys.stdout.isatty() return sys.stdout.isatty()
def _is_reportable_error(exc_info) -> bool: def _is_reportable_error(exc_info) -> bool:
# SnapcraftException has explicit `repotable` attribute. # SnapcraftException has explicit `repotable` attribute.
if isinstance(exc_info[1], errors.SnapcraftException): if isinstance(exc_info[1], errors.SnapcraftException):
return exc_info[1].get_reportable() return exc_info[1].get_reportable()
# Report non-snapcraft errors. # Report non-snapcraft errors.
if not issubclass(exc_info[0], errors.SnapcraftError): if not issubclass(exc_info[0], errors.SnapcraftError) and not isinstance(
exc_info[1], KeyboardInterrupt
return True return True
# Report SnapcraftReportableError errors. # Report SnapcraftReportableError errors.
if issubclass(exc_info[0], errors.SnapcraftReportableError): if issubclass(exc_info[0], errors.SnapcraftReportableError):
return True return True
return False return False
def _is_printable_traceback(exc_info, debug) -> bool: def _is_printable_traceback(exc_info, debug) -> bool:
# Always print with debug. # Always print with debug.
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1 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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