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Source code changes of the file "scheme48.init" between
slib-3b5.tar.gz and slib-3b6.tar.gz

About: SLIB is a portable "scheme" (algorithmic language) library meant to provide compatibiliy and utility functions for all standard "scheme" implementations.

scheme48.init  (slib-3b5):scheme48.init  (slib-3b6)
skipping to change at line 552 skipping to change at line 552
(define-structure slib-string-port slib-string-port-interface (define-structure slib-string-port slib-string-port-interface
(open scheme extended-ports) (open scheme extended-ports)
(files ((=scheme48 slib) strport))) (files ((=scheme48 slib) strport)))
,pop ,pop
;;; Write slib.image ;;; Write slib.image
(require #f) (require #f)
,collect ,collect
,batch off ,batch off
,dump slib.image "(slib 3b5)" ,dump slib.image "(slib 3b6)"
;;; Put Scheme48-specific code into catalog ;;; Put Scheme48-specific code into catalog
(call-with-output-file (in-vicinity (implementation-vicinity) "implcat") (call-with-output-file (in-vicinity (implementation-vicinity) "implcat")
(lambda (op) (lambda (op)
(define (display* . args) (define (display* . args)
(for-each (lambda (arg) (display arg op)) args) (for-each (lambda (arg) (display arg op)) args)
(newline op)) (newline op))
(display* "(") (display* "(")
(for-each (for-each
(lambda (idx) (lambda (idx)
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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