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Source code changes of the file "macros/follow.sci" between
sip-0.5.6.tar.gz and sip-0.12.1.tar.gz

About: SIP (Scilab Image Processing) toolbox to do imaging tasks such as filtering, blurring, edge detection, thresholding, histogram manipulation, segmentation, mathematical morphology, color image processing, etc.

follow.sci  (sip-0.5.6):follow.sci  (sip-0.12.1)
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a=n-(r*int(n/r)); .. a=n-(r*int(n/r)); ..
row= r*(a==0)+ a*(a>0); ') row= r*(a==0)+ a*(a>0); ')
// Assume 0 outside image // Assume 0 outside image
[r,c]=size(Im); [r,c]=size(Im);
aux=zeros(r+2,c+2); aux=zeros(r+2,c+2);
aux(2:r+1,2:c+1)=Im; aux(2:r+1,2:c+1)=Im;
Im = aux; Im = aux;
clear aux clear aux
i=1; i=1;
while( Im(i)<>1) while Im(i)<>1
i=i+1; i=i+1;
end; if i > r*c
error('Image has no 1-pixels. Perhaps you need to round it or use im2bw.');
prv=i-1; prv=i-1;
[i,j]=index2(i,r+2); [i,j]=index2(i,r+2);
t=0; t=0;
neighbours = zeros(path) neighbours = zeros(path)
neighbours(:,1)=path(:,1)+i; neighbours(:,2)=path(:,2)+j; neighbours(:,1)=path(:,1)+i; neighbours(:,2)=path(:,2)+j;
finished=%F; finished=%F;
while ( ~finished ) while ( ~finished )
t=t+1; t=t+1;
x(t)=j-2; y(t)=r-i+1; x(t)=j-2; y(t)=r-i+1;
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