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Source code changes of the file "config/libsip_build.sce" between
sip-0.5.6.tar.gz and sip-0.12.1.tar.gz

About: SIP (Scilab Image Processing) toolbox to do imaging tasks such as filtering, blurring, edge detection, thresholding, histogram manipulation, segmentation, mathematical morphology, color image processing, etc.

libsip_build.sce  (sip-0.5.6):libsip_build.sce  (sip-0.12.1)
skipping to change at line 13 skipping to change at line 13
// the "bootstrap" script. It is NOT ran by configure. // the "bootstrap" script. It is NOT ran by configure.
// //
mode(-1); mode(-1);
chdir(get_absolute_file_path('libsip_build.sce') + '/../'); chdir(get_absolute_file_path('libsip_build.sce') + '/../');
getd 'config'; getd 'config';
chdir 'src'; chdir 'src';
ilib_name = 'libsip' // interface library name ilib_name = 'libsip' // interface library name
sources = 'imread.c imwrite.c imfinfo.c mogrify_int.c img_int.c ... //sources = 'imwrite.c ...
analysis_int.c morphology_int.c hello_int.c segment_int.c ... // canny_int.c deskew_int.c dewarp_int.c';
sip_common.c misc_int.c imvariance_int.c unwrapp_int.c ...
unwrapl_int.c'; sources = 'hello_int.c sip_common.c misc_int.c imvariance_int.c ...
segment_int.c img_int.c analysis_int.c morphology_int.c ...
unwrapp_int.c unwrapl_int.c ...
imfinfo.c imread.c imwrite.c mogrify_int.c ...
canny_int.c deskew_int.c dewarp_int.c';
// table of (scilab_name, interface-name) // table of (scilab_name, interface-name)
table = [ 'imread', 'int_imread'; table = [ ...
'imwrite', 'int_imwrite'; 'imread', 'int_imread';
'imwrite', 'int_imwrite';
'imfinfo', 'int_imfinfo'; 'imfinfo', 'int_imfinfo';
'deskew', 'int_deskew';
'dewarp', 'int_dewarp';
'imvariance', 'imvariance_int'; 'imvariance', 'imvariance_int';
'sip_unwrapl_c', 'unwrapl_c_int'; 'sip_unwrapl_c', 'unwrapl_c_int';
'sip_unwrapp_c', 'unwrapp_c_int'; 'sip_unwrapp_c', 'unwrapp_c_int';
'mogrify', 'mogrify_int'; 'mogrify', 'mogrify_int';
'edilate', 'edilate_int'; 'edilate', 'edilate_int';
'percol', 'percol_int'; 'percol', 'percol_int';
'canny_c', 'canny_int';
'drawline', 'drawline_int'; 'drawline', 'drawline_int';
'skel', 'skel_int'; 'skel', 'skel_int';
'thin', 'thin_int'; 'thin', 'thin_int';
'bwdist', 'bwdist_int'; 'bwdist', 'bwdist_int';
'watershed', 'watershed_int'; 'watershed', 'watershed_int';
'bwlabel', 'bwlabel_int'; 'bwlabel', 'bwlabel_int';
'rgb2hsv', 'rgb2hsv_int'; 'rgb2hsv', 'rgb2hsv_int';
'hsv2rgb', 'hsv2rgb_int'; 'hsv2rgb', 'hsv2rgb_int';
'sip_setenv', 'sip_setenv_int'; 'sip_setenv', 'sip_setenv_int';
'sip_set_verbose', 'sip_set_verbose_int'; 'sip_set_verbose', 'sip_set_verbose_int';
 End of changes. 4 change blocks. 
6 lines changed or deleted 14 lines changed or added

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