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Source code changes report for "Simple Scan" between the packages
simple-scan-3.24.0.tar.xz and simple-scan-3.25.1.tar.xz

About: Simple Scan is a simple GNOME scanning application, using the SANE scanning libraries, that outputs the image/document in a range of image formats or PDF.


The "Simple Scan" source code changed by about 65.7% and now consists of 728 files.

Related Informations:

See NEWS (simple-scan 3.25.1).

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
C program 9 0 9 0
Python program 1 1 0 0
Sed program 2 0 2 0
Shell program 8 0 8 0
Automake file 12 0 12 0
M4 macro file 14 0 14 0
Man page 1 0 0 0
XML document 355 1 351 1
Configure script 1 0 1 0
Desktop file 1 0 0 0
Gettext file 192 26 70 71
HTML page 16 3 0 0
Qt UI file 2 1 1 0
Image file 13 5 5 0
Vector Image file 2 1 1 0
Directory 39 6 1 0
Change log 1 0 0 1
Information file 2 0 1 0
License 1 0 0 0
Readme file 1 0 0 1
Text file 30 7 12 7
Other 25 0 25 0
Total Files7285151381

C Programs (all 9):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/autosave-manager.c removed
src/book-view.c removed
src/book.c removed
src/page-view.c removed
src/page.c removed
src/resources.c removed
src/scanner.c removed
src/simple-scan.c removed
src/ui.c removed

Python Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
data/meson_compile_gschema.py added

Sed Programs (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
po/boldquot.sed removed
po/quot.sed removed

Shell Programs (all 8):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
autogen.sh removed
compile removed
config.guess removed
config.rpath removed
config.sub removed
depcomp removed
install-sh removed
missing removed

Automake Files (all 12):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure.ac removed
data/icons/Makefile.am removed
data/icons/Makefile.in removed
data/Makefile.am removed
data/Makefile.in removed
help/Makefile.am removed
help/Makefile.in removed
Makefile.am removed
Makefile.in removed
po/Makefile.in.in removed
src/Makefile.am removed
src/Makefile.in removed

M4 Macro Files (all 14):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aclocal.m4 removed
m4/appstream-xml.m4 removed
m4/gettext.m4 removed
m4/gsettings.m4 removed
m4/iconv.m4 removed
m4/intlmacosx.m4 removed
m4/lib-ld.m4 removed
m4/lib-link.m4 removed
m4/lib-prefix.m4 removed
m4/nls.m4 removed
m4/pkg.m4 removed
m4/po.m4 removed
m4/progtest.m4 removed
m4/yelp.m4 removed

XML Documents (353 of 355):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
data/org.gnome.SimpleScan.gschema.xml changed 8.3% diff
data/simple-scan.gresource.xml moved 0.0%
help/ar/adf.page removed
help/ar/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/ar/crop.page removed
help/ar/dpi.page removed
help/ar/email.page removed
help/ar/index.page removed
help/ar/legal.xml removed
help/ar/print.page removed
help/ar/quality.page removed
help/ar/reorder.page removed
help/ar/rotate.page removed
help/ar/save.page removed
help/ar/scanner.page removed
help/ar/scanning.page removed
help/bg/adf.page removed
help/bg/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/bg/crop.page removed
help/bg/dpi.page removed
help/bg/email.page removed
help/bg/index.page removed
help/bg/legal.xml removed
help/bg/print.page removed
help/bg/quality.page removed
help/bg/reorder.page removed
help/bg/rotate.page removed
help/bg/save.page removed
help/bg/scanner.page removed
help/bg/scanning.page removed
help/cs/adf.page removed
help/cs/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/cs/crop.page removed
help/cs/dpi.page removed
help/cs/email.page removed
help/cs/index.page removed
help/cs/legal.xml removed
help/cs/print.page removed
help/cs/quality.page removed
help/cs/reorder.page removed
help/cs/rotate.page removed
help/cs/save.page removed
help/cs/scanner.page removed
help/cs/scanning.page removed
help/de/adf.page removed
help/de/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/de/crop.page removed
help/de/dpi.page removed
help/de/email.page removed
help/de/index.page removed
help/de/legal.xml removed
help/de/print.page removed
help/de/quality.page removed
help/de/reorder.page removed
help/de/rotate.page removed
help/de/save.page removed
help/de/scanner.page removed
help/de/scanning.page removed
help/en_GB/adf.page removed
help/en_GB/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/en_GB/crop.page removed
help/en_GB/dpi.page removed
help/en_GB/email.page removed
help/en_GB/index.page removed
help/en_GB/legal.xml removed
help/en_GB/print.page removed
help/en_GB/quality.page removed
help/en_GB/reorder.page removed
help/en_GB/rotate.page removed
help/en_GB/save.page removed
help/en_GB/scanner.page removed
help/en_GB/scanning.page removed
help/es/adf.page removed
help/es/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/es/crop.page removed
help/es/dpi.page removed
help/es/email.page removed
help/es/index.page removed
help/es/legal.xml removed
help/es/print.page removed
help/es/quality.page removed
help/es/reorder.page removed
help/es/rotate.page removed
help/es/save.page removed
help/es/scanner.page removed
help/es/scanning.page removed
help/eu/adf.page removed
help/eu/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/eu/crop.page removed
help/eu/dpi.page removed
help/eu/email.page removed
help/eu/index.page removed
help/eu/legal.xml removed
help/eu/print.page removed
help/eu/quality.page removed
help/eu/reorder.page removed
help/eu/rotate.page removed
help/eu/save.page removed
help/eu/scanner.page removed
help/eu/scanning.page removed
help/fi/adf.page removed
help/fi/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/fi/crop.page removed
help/fi/dpi.page removed
help/fi/email.page removed
help/fi/index.page removed
help/fi/legal.xml removed
help/fi/print.page removed
help/fi/quality.page removed
help/fi/reorder.page removed
help/fi/rotate.page removed
help/fi/save.page removed
help/fi/scanner.page removed
help/fi/scanning.page removed
help/fr/adf.page removed
help/fr/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/fr/crop.page removed
help/fr/dpi.page removed
help/fr/email.page removed
help/fr/index.page removed
help/fr/legal.xml removed
help/fr/print.page removed
help/fr/quality.page removed
help/fr/reorder.page removed
help/fr/rotate.page removed
help/fr/save.page removed
help/fr/scanner.page removed
help/fr/scanning.page removed
help/hr/adf.page removed
help/hr/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/hr/crop.page removed
help/hr/dpi.page removed
help/hr/email.page removed
help/hr/index.page removed
help/hr/legal.xml removed
help/hr/print.page removed
help/hr/quality.page removed
help/hr/reorder.page removed
help/hr/rotate.page removed
help/hr/save.page removed
help/hr/scanner.page removed
help/hr/scanning.page removed
help/hu/adf.page removed
help/hu/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/hu/crop.page removed
help/hu/dpi.page removed
help/hu/email.page removed
help/hu/index.page removed
help/hu/legal.xml removed
help/hu/print.page removed
help/hu/quality.page removed
help/hu/reorder.page removed
help/hu/rotate.page removed
help/hu/save.page removed
help/hu/scanner.page removed
help/hu/scanning.page removed
help/ia/adf.page removed
help/ia/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/ia/crop.page removed
help/ia/dpi.page removed
help/ia/email.page removed
help/ia/index.page removed
help/ia/legal.xml removed
help/ia/print.page removed
help/ia/quality.page removed
help/ia/reorder.page removed
help/ia/rotate.page removed
help/ia/save.page removed
help/ia/scanner.page removed
help/ia/scanning.page removed
help/it/adf.page removed
help/it/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/it/crop.page removed
help/it/dpi.page removed
help/it/email.page removed
help/it/index.page removed
help/it/legal.xml removed
help/it/print.page removed
help/it/quality.page removed
help/it/reorder.page removed
help/it/rotate.page removed
help/it/save.page removed
help/it/scanner.page removed
help/it/scanning.page removed
help/ja/adf.page removed
help/ja/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/ja/crop.page removed
help/ja/dpi.page removed
help/ja/email.page removed
help/ja/index.page removed
help/ja/legal.xml removed
help/ja/print.page removed
help/ja/quality.page removed
help/ja/reorder.page removed
help/ja/rotate.page removed
help/ja/save.page removed
help/ja/scanner.page removed
help/ja/scanning.page removed
help/ku/adf.page removed
help/ku/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/ku/crop.page removed
help/ku/dpi.page removed
help/ku/email.page removed
help/ku/index.page removed
help/ku/legal.xml removed
help/ku/print.page removed
help/ku/quality.page removed
help/ku/reorder.page removed
help/ku/rotate.page removed
help/ku/save.page removed
help/ku/scanner.page removed
help/ku/scanning.page removed
help/nb/adf.page removed
help/nb/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/nb/crop.page removed
help/nb/dpi.page removed
help/nb/email.page removed
help/nb/index.page removed
help/nb/legal.xml removed
help/nb/print.page removed
help/nb/quality.page removed
help/nb/reorder.page removed
help/nb/rotate.page removed
help/nb/save.page removed
help/nb/scanner.page removed
help/nb/scanning.page removed
help/nl/adf.page removed
help/nl/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/nl/crop.page removed
help/nl/dpi.page removed
help/nl/email.page removed
help/nl/index.page removed
help/nl/legal.xml removed
help/nl/print.page removed
help/nl/quality.page removed
help/nl/reorder.page removed
help/nl/rotate.page removed
help/nl/save.page removed
help/nl/scanner.page removed
help/nl/scanning.page removed
help/pl/adf.page removed
help/pl/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/pl/crop.page removed
help/pl/dpi.page removed
help/pl/email.page removed
help/pl/index.page removed
help/pl/legal.xml removed
help/pl/print.page removed
help/pl/quality.page removed
help/pl/reorder.page removed
help/pl/rotate.page removed
help/pl/save.page removed
help/pl/scanner.page removed
help/pl/scanning.page removed
help/pt_BR/adf.page removed
help/pt_BR/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/pt_BR/crop.page removed
help/pt_BR/dpi.page removed
help/pt_BR/email.page removed
help/pt_BR/index.page removed
help/pt_BR/legal.xml removed
help/pt_BR/print.page removed
help/pt_BR/quality.page removed
help/pt_BR/reorder.page removed
help/pt_BR/rotate.page removed
help/pt_BR/save.page removed
help/pt_BR/scanner.page removed
help/pt_BR/scanning.page removed
help/ru/adf.page removed
help/ru/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/ru/crop.page removed
help/ru/dpi.page removed
help/ru/email.page removed
help/ru/index.page removed
help/ru/legal.xml removed
help/ru/print.page removed
help/ru/quality.page removed
help/ru/reorder.page removed
help/ru/rotate.page removed
help/ru/save.page removed
help/ru/scanner.page removed
help/ru/scanning.page removed
help/sk/adf.page removed
help/sk/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/sk/crop.page removed
help/sk/dpi.page removed
help/sk/email.page removed
help/sk/index.page removed
help/sk/legal.xml removed
help/sk/print.page removed
help/sk/quality.page removed
help/sk/reorder.page removed
help/sk/rotate.page removed
help/sk/save.page removed
help/sk/scanner.page removed
help/sk/scanning.page removed
help/sl/adf.page removed
help/sl/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/sl/crop.page removed
help/sl/dpi.page removed
help/sl/email.page removed
help/sl/index.page removed
help/sl/legal.xml removed
help/sl/print.page removed
help/sl/quality.page removed
help/sl/reorder.page removed
help/sl/rotate.page removed
help/sl/save.page removed
help/sl/scanner.page removed
help/sl/scanning.page removed
help/sr/adf.page removed
help/sr/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/sr/crop.page removed
help/sr/dpi.page removed
help/sr/email.page removed
help/sr/index.page removed
help/sr/legal.xml removed
help/sr/print.page removed
help/sr/quality.page removed
help/sr/reorder.page removed
help/sr/rotate.page removed
help/sr/save.page removed
help/sr/scanner.page removed
help/sr/scanning.page removed
help/uk/adf.page removed
help/uk/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/uk/crop.page removed
help/uk/dpi.page removed
help/uk/email.page removed
help/uk/index.page removed
help/uk/legal.xml removed
help/uk/print.page removed
help/uk/quality.page removed
help/uk/reorder.page removed
help/uk/rotate.page removed
help/uk/save.page removed
help/uk/scanner.page removed
help/uk/scanning.page removed
help/zh_TW/adf.page removed
help/zh_TW/brightness-contrast.page removed
help/zh_TW/crop.page removed
help/zh_TW/dpi.page removed
help/zh_TW/email.page removed
help/zh_TW/index.page removed
help/zh_TW/legal.xml removed
help/zh_TW/print.page removed
help/zh_TW/quality.page removed
help/zh_TW/reorder.page removed
help/zh_TW/rotate.page removed
help/zh_TW/save.page removed
help/zh_TW/scanner.page removed
help/zh_TW/scanning.page removed

Configure Scripts (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure removed

Gettext Files (167 of 192):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
help/ar.po added
help/bg.po added
help/cs.po added
help/de.po added
help/en_GB.po added
help/es.po added
help/eu.po added
help/fi.po added
help/fr.po added
help/hr.po added
help/hu.po added
help/ia.po added
help/it.po added
help/ja.po added
help/ku.po added
help/nb.po added
help/nl.po added
help/pl.po added
help/pt_BR.po added
help/ru.po added
help/simple-scan.pot added
help/sk.po added
help/sl.po added
help/sr.po added
help/uk.po added
help/zh_TW.po added
po/af.gmo removed
po/af.po changed 0.005%
po/am.gmo removed
po/am.po changed 13.3%
po/ar.gmo removed
po/ar.po changed 0.4%
po/ast.gmo removed
po/ast.po changed 4.1%
po/az.gmo removed
po/az.po changed 0.01%
po/bg.gmo removed
po/bg.po changed 0.003%
po/bo.gmo removed
po/bo.po changed 0.003%
po/ca.gmo removed
po/ca.po changed 0.003%
po/ca@valencia.gmo removed
po/ca@valencia.po changed 0.004%
po/ce.gmo removed
po/ce.po changed 0.01%
po/cs.gmo removed
po/cs.po changed 0.003%
po/da.gmo removed
po/da.po changed 0.004%
po/de.gmo removed
po/de.po changed 0.003%
po/el.gmo removed
po/el.po changed 0.03%
po/en_GB.gmo removed
po/en_GB.po changed 0.004%
po/eo.gmo removed
po/eo.po changed 0.004%
po/es.gmo removed
po/es.po changed 0.003%
po/et.gmo removed
po/et.po changed 0.004%
po/eu.gmo removed
po/eu.po changed 0.003%
po/fi.gmo removed
po/fi.po changed 0.004%
po/fr.gmo removed
po/fr.po changed 0.003%
po/fr_CA.gmo removed
po/fr_CA.po changed 0.004%
po/gd.gmo removed
po/gd.po changed 0.004%
po/gl.gmo removed
po/gl.po changed 0.003%
po/he.gmo removed
po/he.po changed 0.003%
po/hr.gmo removed
po/hr.po changed 0.004%
po/hu.gmo removed
po/hu.po changed 0.003%
po/hy.gmo removed
po/hy.po changed 0.01%
po/id.gmo removed
po/id.po changed 0.3%
po/it.gmo removed
po/it.po changed 0.003%
po/ja.gmo removed
po/ja.po changed 0.004%
po/kk.gmo removed
po/kk.po changed 0.01%
po/km.gmo removed
po/km.po changed 0.003%
po/ko.gmo removed
po/ko.po changed 0.004%
po/ku.gmo removed
po/ku.po changed 0.01%
po/ky.gmo removed
po/ky.po changed 1.0%
po/lt.gmo removed
po/lt.po changed 0.004%
po/lv.gmo removed
po/lv.po changed 0.004%
po/mhr.gmo removed
po/mhr.po changed 0.01%
po/ms.gmo removed
po/ms.po changed 0.004%
po/my.gmo removed
po/my.po changed 0.004%
po/nb.gmo removed
po/nb.po changed 0.004%
po/nl.gmo removed
po/nl.po changed 0.003%
po/oc.gmo removed
po/oc.po changed 0.4%
po/pa.gmo removed
po/pa.po changed 0.004%
po/pl.gmo removed
po/pl.po changed 0.003%
po/pt.gmo removed
po/pt.po changed 0.003%
po/pt_BR.gmo removed
po/pt_BR.po changed 0.003%
po/ro.gmo removed
po/ro.po changed 0.004%
po/ru.gmo removed
po/ru.po changed 0.003%
po/sd.gmo removed
po/sd.po changed 0.01%
po/se.gmo removed
po/se.po changed 0.01%
po/shn.gmo removed
po/shn.po changed 0.01%
po/simple-scan.pot changed 30.4%
po/sk.gmo removed
po/sk.po changed 0.003%
po/sl.gmo removed
po/sl.po changed 0.003%
po/sq.gmo removed
po/sq.po changed 2.7%
po/sr.gmo removed
po/sr.po changed 0.003%
po/sv.gmo removed
po/sv.po changed 0.003%
po/ta.gmo removed
po/ta.po changed 0.01%
po/te.gmo removed
po/te.po changed 0.003%
po/th.gmo removed
po/th.po changed 8.3%
po/tr.gmo removed
po/tr.po changed 0.003%
po/ug.gmo removed
po/ug.po changed 0.003%
po/uk.gmo removed
po/uk.po changed 0.003%
po/ur.gmo removed
po/ur.po changed 0.01%
po/uz.gmo removed
po/uz.po changed 0.01%
po/vi.gmo removed
po/vi.po changed 4.2%
po/zh_CN.gmo removed
po/zh_CN.po changed 0.004%
po/zh_HK.gmo removed
po/zh_HK.po changed 0.004%
po/zh_TW.gmo removed
po/zh_TW.po changed 0.004%

HTML Pages (3 of 16):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
help/C/delete.page added
help/C/external.page added
help/C/shortcuts.page added

Qt UI Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
data/simple-scan.ui moved 5.1% diff

Image Files (10 of 13):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
data/icons/16x16/object-crop.png added
data/icons/22x22/object-crop.png added
data/icons/24x24/object-crop.png added
data/icons/32x32/object-crop.png added
data/icons/48x48/object-crop.png added
data/icons/hicolor_actions_16x16_object-crop.png removed
data/icons/hicolor_actions_22x22_object-crop.png removed
data/icons/hicolor_actions_24x24_object-crop.png removed
data/icons/hicolor_actions_32x32_object-crop.png removed
data/icons/hicolor_actions_48x48_object-crop.png removed

Vector Image Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
data/icons/hicolor_actions_scalable_object-crop.svg removed
data/icons/scalable/object-crop.svg added

Directories (7 of 39):

data/icons/16x16 added
data/icons/22x22 added
data/icons/24x24 added
data/icons/32x32 added
data/icons/48x48 added
data/icons/scalable added
m4 removed

Change Logs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
NEWS changed 1.8% diff

Information Files (1 of 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
ABOUT-NLS removed

Readme Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
README.md changed 30.5% diff

Text Files (26 of 30):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
data/meson.build added
help/meson.build added
meson.build added
po/en@boldquot.header removed
po/en@quot.header removed
po/insert-header.sin removed
po/Makevars removed
po/meson.build added
po/POTFILES.in changed 7.4% diff
po/POTFILES.skip added
po/remove-potcdate.sin removed
po/Rules-quot removed
po/stamp-po removed
src/book-view.vala changed 8.8% diff
src/book.vala changed 7.3% diff
src/colord.vapi removed
src/fixes.vapi removed
src/meson.build added
src/packagekit-glib2.vapi removed
src/page.vala changed 2.0% diff
src/sane.vapi renamed 0.0%
src/scanner.vala changed 1.3% diff
src/simple-scan.vala changed 1.2% diff
src/simple_scan_vala.stamp removed
src/ui.vala changed 7.2% diff

Other Files (all 25):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
help/ar/ar.stamp removed
help/bg/bg.stamp removed
help/cs/cs.stamp removed
help/de/de.stamp removed
help/en_GB/en_GB.stamp removed
help/es/es.stamp removed
help/eu/eu.stamp removed
help/fi/fi.stamp removed
help/fr/fr.stamp removed
help/hr/hr.stamp removed
help/hu/hu.stamp removed
help/ia/ia.stamp removed
help/it/it.stamp removed
help/ja/ja.stamp removed
help/ku/ku.stamp removed
help/nb/nb.stamp removed
help/nl/nl.stamp removed
help/pl/pl.stamp removed
help/pt_BR/pt_BR.stamp removed
help/ru/ru.stamp removed
help/sk/sk.stamp removed
help/sl/sl.stamp removed
help/sr/sr.stamp removed
help/uk/uk.stamp removed
help/zh_TW/zh_TW.stamp removed

Packages Compared:


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