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Source code changes of the file "src/widgets/lumamixtransition.h" between
shotcut-22.10.22.tar.gz and shotcut-22.11.25.tar.gz

About: Shotcut is a cross-platform (Qt) advanced video editor.

lumamixtransition.h  (shotcut-22.10.22):lumamixtransition.h  (shotcut-22.11.25)
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void on_previewCheckBox_clicked(bool checked); void on_previewCheckBox_clicked(bool checked);
void on_favoriteButton_clicked(); void on_favoriteButton_clicked();
private: private:
Ui::LumaMixTransition *ui; Ui::LumaMixTransition *ui;
Mlt::Producer m_producer; Mlt::Producer m_producer;
int m_maxStockIndex; int m_maxStockIndex;
ProducerPreviewWidget *m_preview; ProducerPreviewWidget *m_preview;
Mlt::Producer m_previewProducer;
Mlt::Transition *getTransition(const QString &name); Mlt::Transition *getTransition(const QString &name);
void updateCustomLumaLabel(Mlt::Transition &transition); void updateCustomLumaLabel(Mlt::Transition &transition);
}; };
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