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Source code changes of the file "shellinabox/session.h" between
shellinabox-2.19.tar.gz and shellinabox-2.20.tar.gz

About: shellinabox implements a web server that can export arbitrary command line tools to a web based terminal emulator. This emulator is accessible to any JavaScript and CSS enabled web browser. Fork of the no longer maintained original version on https://shellinabox.com/ respectively https://code.google.com/archive/p/shellinabox/.

session.h  (shellinabox-2.19):session.h  (shellinabox-2.20)
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#define AJAX_TIMEOUT 45 #define AJAX_TIMEOUT 45
struct Session { struct Session {
const char *sessionKey; const char *sessionKey;
Server *server; Server *server;
ServerConnection *connection; ServerConnection *connection;
const char *peerName; const char *peerName;
HttpConnection *http; HttpConnection *http;
int done; int done;
int pty; int pty;
int ptyFirstRead;
int width; int width;
int height; int height;
char *buffered; char *buffered;
int useLogin;
int len; int len;
pid_t pid; pid_t pid;
int cleanup; int cleanup;
}; };
void addToGraveyard(struct Session *session); void addToGraveyard(struct Session *session);
void checkGraveyard(void); void checkGraveyard(void);
void initSession(struct Session *session, const char *sessionKey, void initSession(struct Session *session, const char *sessionKey,
Server *server, const char *peerName); Server *server, const char *peerName);
struct Session *newSession(const char *sessionKey, Server *server, struct Session *newSession(const char *sessionKey, Server *server,
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