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Source code changes of the file "scribus/text/scworditerator.h" between
scribus-1.5.6.tar.xz and scribus-

About: Scribus is a Linux desktop publishing program. Unstable version.

scworditerator.h  (scribus-1.5.6.tar.xz):scworditerator.h  (scribus-
skipping to change at line 19 skipping to change at line 19
#include <QString> #include <QString>
#include <unicode/uversion.h> #include <unicode/uversion.h>
#include "scribusapi.h" #include "scribusapi.h"
#include "storytext.h" #include "storytext.h"
class BreakIterator; class BreakIterator;
class UnicodeString;
class SCRIBUS_API ScWordIterator class SCRIBUS_API ScWordIterator
{ {
public: public:
ScWordIterator(StoryText& story); ScWordIterator(StoryText& story);
~ScWordIterator(); ~ScWordIterator();
int firstWord(); int firstWord();
int nextWord(int pos); int nextWord(int pos);
int prevWord(int pos); int prevWord(int pos);
int endOfWord(int pos); int endOfWord(int pos);
QString word(int pos); QString word(int pos);
private: private:
icu::UnicodeString* m_unicodeString { nullptr };
icu::BreakIterator* m_wordIterator { nullptr }; icu::BreakIterator* m_wordIterator { nullptr };
StoryText& m_story; StoryText& m_story;
icu::BreakIterator* getWordIterator(); icu::BreakIterator* getWordIterator();
}; };
#endif #endif
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0 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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