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About: Scribus is a Linux desktop publishing program. Unstable version.

AUTHORS  (scribus-1.5.6.tar.xz):AUTHORS  (scribus-
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Paul Smedley paul@smedley.info Paul Smedley paul@smedley.info
Petr Vaněk petr@yarpen.cz Petr Vaněk petr@yarpen.cz
Riku Leino riku@scribus.info Riku Leino riku@scribus.info
Pierre Marchand pierre@scribus.info Pierre Marchand pierre@scribus.info
Jain Basil Aliyas jainbasil@gmail.com Jain Basil Aliyas jainbasil@gmail.com
Hermann Kraus herm@scribus.info Hermann Kraus herm@scribus.info
Craig Ringer craig@postnewspapers.com.au Craig Ringer craig@postnewspapers.com.au
Contributions from: Contributions from:
Gord Caswell ve4jhj+scribus@gmail.com
David Tardon dtardon@redhat.com David Tardon dtardon@redhat.com
Niyam Bhushan Niyam Bhushan
Martin Costabel Martin Costabel
Steve Callcott stotte@firstwish.co.uk Steve Callcott stotte@firstwish.co.uk
Frank Everdij f.everdij@citg.tudelft.nl Frank Everdij f.everdij@citg.tudelft.nl
S. Hakim Hamdani hakimoto@eroteme.org S. Hakim Hamdani hakimoto@eroteme.org
Maciej Hański m.hanski@gmx.at Maciej Hański m.hanski@gmx.at
Paul F. Johnson paul@all-the-johnsons.co.uk Paul F. Johnson paul@all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Marti Maria Marti Maria
Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine@gmail.com Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine@gmail.com
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