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Source code changes of the file "bench.scm" between
scm-5f2.zip and scm-5f3.zip

About: SCM is a Scheme Language Interpreter.

bench.scm  (scm-5f2):bench.scm  (scm-5f3)
skipping to change at line 27 skipping to change at line 27
;;; Author: Aubrey Jaffer. ;;; Author: Aubrey Jaffer.
(require 'transcript) (require 'transcript)
(require-if 'inexact 'root) (require-if 'inexact 'root)
(require-if 'inexact 'printf) (require-if 'inexact 'printf)
(require 'random) (require 'random)
(require 'array) (require 'array)
;;(load (in-vicinity (implementation-vicinity) "prng-v.scm")) ;;(load (in-vicinity (implementation-vicinity) "prng-v.scm"))
(load (in-vicinity (implementation-vicinity) "pi.scm")) (load (in-vicinity (program-vicinity) "pi.scm"))
(define isqrt (define isqrt
(cond ((provided? 'inexact) sqrt) (cond ((provided? 'inexact) sqrt)
(else (require 'root) integer-sqrt))) (else (require 'root) integer-sqrt)))
(define i/ (define i/
(cond ((provided? 'inexact) /) (cond ((provided? 'inexact) /)
(else quotient))) (else quotient)))
(define around (define around
(cond ((provided? 'inexact) (cond ((provided? 'inexact)
(let () (let ()
(require 'printf) (require 'printf)
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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