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Source code changes of the file "scite/win32/SciTEWin.cxx" between
scite442.tgz and scite443.tgz

About: SciTE is a SCIntilla based Text Editor. Scintilla itself is a source code editing component supporting syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips (source code; Linux binary is named "gscite").

SciTEWin.cxx  (scite442.tgz):SciTEWin.cxx  (scite443.tgz)
skipping to change at line 2353 skipping to change at line 2353
#ifndef NO_LUA #ifndef NO_LUA
multiExtender.RegisterExtension(LuaExtension::Instance()); multiExtender.RegisterExtension(LuaExtension::Instance());
#endif #endif
#ifndef NO_FILER #ifndef NO_FILER
multiExtender.RegisterExtension(DirectorExtension::Instance()); multiExtender.RegisterExtension(DirectorExtension::Instance());
#endif #endif
#endif #endif
SciTEWin::Register(hInstance); SciTEWin::Register(hInstance);
Scintilla_LinkLexers(); Scintilla_LinkLexers();
Scintilla_RegisterClasses(hInstance); Scintilla_RegisterClasses(hInstance);
LexillaSetDefault([](const char *name) { LexillaSetDefault([](const char *name) {
return CreateLexer(name); return CreateLexer(name);
}); });
#else #else
HMODULE hmod = ::LoadLibrary(scintillaName); HMODULE hmod = ::LoadLibrary(scintillaName);
if (!hmod) { if (!hmod) {
GUI::gui_string explanation = scintillaName; GUI::gui_string explanation = scintillaName;
explanation += TEXT(" could not be loaded. SciTE will now close" ); explanation += TEXT(" could not be loaded. SciTE will now close" );
::MessageBox(NULL, explanation.c_str(), ::MessageBox(NULL, explanation.c_str(),
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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