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Source code changes of the file "pyproject.toml" between
scikit-image-0.18.1.tar.gz and scikit-image-0.18.3.tar.gz

About: scikit-image is a collection of algorithms for image processing in Python.

pyproject.toml  (scikit-image-0.18.1):pyproject.toml  (scikit-image-0.18.3)
[build-system] [build-system]
requires = [ requires = [
"wheel", "wheel",
"setuptools<=51.0.0", "setuptools<=51.0.0",
"Cython>=0.29.18", "Cython>=0.29.18",
# We follow scipy for much of these pinnings # We follow scipy for much of these pinnings
# https://github.com/scipy/scipy/blob/master/pyproject.toml # https://github.com/scipy/scipy/blob/master/pyproject.toml
"numpy==1.16.5; python_version=='3.7'", # numpy 1.19 was the first minor release to provide aarch64 wheels, but
"numpy==1.17.3; python_version=='3.8'", # wheels require fixes contained in numpy 1.19.2
"numpy==1.19.3; python_version=='3.9'", "numpy==1.19.2; python_version=='3.6' and platform_machine=='aarch64'",
# do not pin numpy on future versions of python to avoid incompatible numpy "numpy==1.19.2; python_version=='3.7' and platform_machine=='aarch64'",
and python versions "numpy==1.19.2; python_version=='3.8' and platform_machine=='aarch64'",
# default numpy requirements
"numpy==1.16.5; python_version=='3.6' and platform_machine!='aarch64' and pl
atform_python_implementation != 'PyPy'",
"numpy==1.16.5; python_version=='3.7' and platform_machine!='aarch64' and pl
atform_python_implementation != 'PyPy'",
"numpy==1.17.3; python_version=='3.8' and platform_machine!='aarch64' and pl
atform_python_implementation != 'PyPy'",
"numpy==1.19.3; python_version=='3.9' and platform_python_implementation !=
# First PyPy versions for which there are numpy wheels
"numpy==1.19.0; python_version=='3.6' and platform_python_implementation=='P
"numpy==1.20.0; python_version=='3.7' and platform_python_implementation=='P
# For Python versions which aren't yet officially supported,
# we specify an unpinned NumPy which allows source distributions
# to be used and allows wheels to be used as soon as they
# become available.
"numpy; python_version>='3.10'", "numpy; python_version>='3.10'",
"numpy; python_version>='3.8' and platform_python_implementation=='PyPy'",
] ]
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
5 lines changed or deleted 28 lines changed or added

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