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Source code changes of the file "psmake/rmlinks" between
schily-2021-08-14.tar.bz2 and schily-2021-09-18.tar.bz2

About: Schily Tools are a collection of programs like cdrecord, cdda2wav, mkisofs, star and much more. In memoriam of the author Jörg Schilling, who passed away in October 2021.

rmlinks  (schily-2021-08-14.tar.bz2):rmlinks  (schily-2021-09-18.tar.bz2)
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
# @(#)rmlinks 1.32 20/02/26 Copyright 1999-2019 J. Schilling # @(#)rmlinks 1.33 21/08/20 Copyright 1999-2019 J. Schilling
rm -f archconf.c rm -f archconf.c
rm -f job.c rm -f job.c
rm -f job.h rm -f job.h
rm -f make.c rm -f make.c
rm -f make.h rm -f make.h
rm -f memory.c rm -f memory.c
rm -f parse.c rm -f parse.c
rm -f readfile.c rm -f readfile.c
rm -f rules.c rm -f rules.c
skipping to change at line 32 skipping to change at line 32
rm -f include/schily/err_char.h rm -f include/schily/err_char.h
rm -f include/schily/err_type.h rm -f include/schily/err_type.h
rm -f include/schily/fcntl.h rm -f include/schily/fcntl.h
rm -f include/schily/getargs.h rm -f include/schily/getargs.h
rm -f include/schily/getcwd.h rm -f include/schily/getcwd.h
rm -f include/schily/hostname.h rm -f include/schily/hostname.h
rm -f include/schily/inttypes.h rm -f include/schily/inttypes.h
rm -f include/schily/io.h rm -f include/schily/io.h
rm -f include/schily/libport.h rm -f include/schily/libport.h
rm -f include/schily/limits.h rm -f include/schily/limits.h
rm -f include/schily/locale.h
rm -f include/schily/nlsdefs.h
rm -f include/schily/maxpath.h rm -f include/schily/maxpath.h
rm -f include/schily/mconfig.h rm -f include/schily/mconfig.h
rm -f include/schily/netdb.h rm -f include/schily/netdb.h
rm -f include/schily/xconfig.h rm -f include/schily/xconfig.h
rm -f include/schily/xmconfig.h rm -f include/schily/xmconfig.h
rm -f include/schily/prototyp.h rm -f include/schily/prototyp.h
rm -f include/schily/sigblk.h rm -f include/schily/sigblk.h
rm -f include/schily/signal.h rm -f include/schily/signal.h
rm -f include/schily/standard.h rm -f include/schily/standard.h
rm -f include/schily/stat.h rm -f include/schily/stat.h
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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