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Source code changes of the file "source3/librpc/idl/libnet_join.idl" between
samba-4.12.3.tar.gz and samba-4.12.5.tar.gz

About: Samba is the standard Windows interoperability suite of programs for Linux and Unix providing secure, stable and fast file and print services for all clients using the SMB/CIFS protocol. 4.12 series.

libnet_join.idl  (samba-4.12.3):libnet_join.idl  (samba-4.12.5)
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[in] string admin_account, [in] string admin_account,
[in] string admin_domain, [in] string admin_domain,
[in,noprint] string admin_password, [in,noprint] string admin_password,
[in] string machine_password, [in] string machine_password,
[in] wkssvc_joinflags join_flags, [in] wkssvc_joinflags join_flags,
[in] string os_version, [in] string os_version,
[in] string os_name, [in] string os_name,
[in] string os_servicepack, [in] string os_servicepack,
[in] boolean8 create_upn, [in] boolean8 create_upn,
[in] string upn, [in] string upn,
[in] string dnshostname,
[in] boolean8 modify_config, [in] boolean8 modify_config,
[in,unique] ads_struct *ads, [in,unique] ads_struct *ads,
[in] boolean8 debug, [in] boolean8 debug,
[in] boolean8 use_kerberos, [in] boolean8 use_kerberos,
[in] netr_SchannelType secure_channel_type, [in] netr_SchannelType secure_channel_type,
[in,noprint] messaging_context *msg_ctx, [in,noprint] messaging_context *msg_ctx,
[in] uint32 desired_encryption_types, [in] uint32 desired_encryption_types,
[out] string account_name, [out] string account_name,
[out] string netbios_domain_name, [out] string netbios_domain_name,
[out] string dns_domain_name, [out] string dns_domain_name,
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