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Source code changes of the file "tests/integration/states/test_x509.py" between
salt-3002.1.tar.gz and salt-3002.2.tar.gz

About: SaltStack is a systems management software for data center automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning, configuration management and more. Community version.

test_x509.py  (salt-3002.1):test_x509.py  (salt-3002.2)
skipping to change at line 168 skipping to change at line 168
) )
key = "x509_|-test_crt_|-{}/pki/test.crt_|-certificate_managed".format( key = "x509_|-test_crt_|-{}/pki/test.crt_|-certificate_managed".format(
) )
assert key in ret assert key in ret
assert "changes" in ret[key] assert "changes" in ret[key]
assert "Certificate" in ret[key]["changes"] assert "Certificate" in ret[key]["changes"]
assert "New" in ret[key]["changes"]["Certificate"] assert "New" in ret[key]["changes"]["Certificate"]
@slowTest @slowTest
def test_proper_cert_comparison(self):
# In this SLS we define two certs which have identical content.
# The first one is expected to be created.
# The second one is expected to be recognized as already present.
ret = self.run_function(
pillar={"tmp_dir": RUNTIME_VARS.TMP},
# check the first generated cert
first_key = "x509_|-test_crt_|-{}/pki/test.crt_|-certificate_managed".fo
assert first_key in ret
assert "changes" in ret[first_key]
assert "Certificate" in ret[first_key]["changes"]
assert "New" in ret[first_key]["changes"]["Certificate"]
# check whether the second defined cert is considered to match the first
second_key = "x509_|-second_test_crt_|-{}/pki/test.crt_|-certificate_man
assert second_key in ret
assert "changes" in ret[second_key]
assert ret[second_key]["changes"] == {}
def test_crl_managed(self): def test_crl_managed(self):
ret = self.run_function( ret = self.run_function(
"state.apply", ["x509.crl_managed"], pillar={"tmp_dir": RUNTIME_VARS .TMP} "state.apply", ["x509.crl_managed"], pillar={"tmp_dir": RUNTIME_VARS .TMP}
) )
key = "x509_|-{}/pki/ca.crl_|-{}/pki/ca.crl_|-crl_managed".format( key = "x509_|-{}/pki/ca.crl_|-{}/pki/ca.crl_|-crl_managed".format(
) )
# hints for easier debugging # hints for easier debugging
# import json # import json
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