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Source code changes of the file "requirements/static/ci/py3.5/freebsd.txt" between
salt-3002.1.tar.gz and salt-3002.2.tar.gz

About: SaltStack is a systems management software for data center automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning, configuration management and more. Community version.

freebsd.txt  (salt-3002.1):freebsd.txt  (salt-3002.2)
skipping to change at line 30 skipping to change at line 30
cachetools==3.1.0 # via google-auth cachetools==3.1.0 # via google-auth
certifi==2020.6.20 certifi==2020.6.20
certvalidator==0.11.1 # via vcert certvalidator==0.11.1 # via vcert
cffi==1.14.3 cffi==1.14.3
chardet==3.0.4 chardet==3.0.4
cheetah3==3.1.0 cheetah3==3.1.0
cheroot==6.5.4 cheroot==6.5.4
cherrypy==17.3.0 cherrypy==17.3.0
contextlib2==0.5.5 contextlib2==0.5.5
croniter==0.3.29 croniter==0.3.29
cryptography==3.1.1 cryptography==3.2
distlib==0.3.0 # via virtualenv distlib==0.3.0 # via virtualenv
distro==1.5.0 distro==1.5.0
dnspython==1.16.0 dnspython==1.16.0
docker-pycreds==0.4.0 # via docker docker-pycreds==0.4.0 # via docker
docker==3.7.2 docker==3.7.2
docutils==0.15.2 # via botocore docutils==0.15.2 # via botocore
ecdsa==0.13.3 # via python-jose ecdsa==0.13.3 # via python-jose
filelock==3.0.12 # via virtualenv filelock==3.0.12 # via virtualenv
future==0.17.1 # via python-jose, textfsm future==0.17.1 # via python-jose, textfsm
genshi==0.7.3 genshi==0.7.3
skipping to change at line 105 skipping to change at line 105
pytest-salt==2020.1.27 pytest-salt==2020.1.27
pytest-tempdir==2019.10.12 pytest-tempdir==2019.10.12
pytest==6.1.1 pytest==6.1.1
python-dateutil==2.8.1 python-dateutil==2.8.1
python-etcd==0.4.5 python-etcd==0.4.5
python-gnupg==0.4.4 python-gnupg==0.4.4
python-jose==2.0.2 # via moto python-jose==2.0.2 # via moto
pytz==2020.1 pytz==2020.1
pyvmomi== pyvmomi==
pyyaml==5.3.1 pyyaml==5.3.1
pyzmq==18.0.1 pyzmq==18.0.1 ; python_version < "3.9"
requests==2.21.0 requests==2.21.0
responses==0.10.6 # via moto responses==0.10.6 # via moto
rfc3987==1.3.8 rfc3987==1.3.8
rsa==4.0 # via google-auth rsa==4.0 # via google-auth
s3transfer==0.3.3 # via boto3 s3transfer==0.3.3 # via boto3
scp==0.13.2 # via junos-eznc scp==0.13.2 # via junos-eznc
setproctitle==1.1.10 setproctitle==1.1.10
setuptools-scm==3.2.0 setuptools-scm==3.2.0
six==1.15.0 six==1.15.0
smmap2==2.0.5 # via gitdb2 smmap2==2.0.5 # via gitdb2
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