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Source code changes of the file "salt/states/docker_container.py" between
salt-2019.2.0.tar.gz and salt-2019.2.1.tar.gz

About: SaltStack is a systems management software for data center automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning, configuration management and more. Community version.

docker_container.py  (salt-2019.2.0):docker_container.py  (salt-2019.2.1)
skipping to change at line 1686 skipping to change at line 1686
ret['comment'] = 'The \'image\' argument is required' ret['comment'] = 'The \'image\' argument is required'
return ret return ret
elif not isinstance(image, six.string_types): elif not isinstance(image, six.string_types):
image = six.text_type(image) image = six.text_type(image)
try: try:
# Since we're rewriting the "networks" value below, save the original # Since we're rewriting the "networks" value below, save the original
# value here. # value here.
configured_networks = networks configured_networks = networks
networks = _parse_networks(networks) networks = _parse_networks(networks)
if networks:
kwargs['networks'] = networks
image_id = _resolve_image(ret, image, client_timeout) image_id = _resolve_image(ret, image, client_timeout)
except CommandExecutionError as exc: except CommandExecutionError as exc:
ret['result'] = False ret['result'] = False
if exc.info is not None: if exc.info is not None:
return _format_comments(ret, exc.info) return _format_comments(ret, exc.info)
else: else:
ret['comment'] = exc.__str__() ret['comment'] = exc.__str__()
return ret return ret
comments = [] comments = []
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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