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Source code changes of the file "src/ci/scripts/install-msys2.sh" between
rustc-1.45.0-src.tar.xz and rustc-1.45.2-src.tar.xz

About: Rust is a systems programming language that runs "blazingly fast, prevents nearly all segfaults, and guarantees thread safety" (developed by Mozilla).

install-msys2.sh  (rustc-1.45.0-src.tar.xz):install-msys2.sh  (rustc-1.45.2-src.tar.xz)
#!/bin/bash #!/bin/bash
# Download and install MSYS2, needed primarily for the test suite (run-make) but # Download and install MSYS2, needed primarily for the test suite (run-make) but
# also used by the MinGW toolchain for assembling things. # also used by the MinGW toolchain for assembling things.
# FIXME: we should probe the default azure image and see if we can use the MSYS2
# toolchain there. (if there's even one there). For now though this gets the job
# done.
set -euo pipefail set -euo pipefail
IFS=$'\n\t' IFS=$'\n\t'
source "$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && pwd)/../shared.sh" source "$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && pwd)/../shared.sh"
if isWindows; then if isWindows; then
# Pre-followed the api/v2 URL to the CDN since the API can be a bit flakey msys2Path="c:/msys64"
curl -sSL https://packages.chocolatey.org/msys2.20190524.0.0.20191030.nupkg mkdir -p "${msys2Path}/home/${USERNAME}"
> \ ciCommandAddPath "${msys2Path}/usr/bin"
curl -sSL https://packages.chocolatey.org/chocolatey-core.extension.
nupkg > \
choco install -s . msys2 \
--params="/InstallDir:$(ciCheckoutPath)/msys2 /NoPath" -y --no-progress
rm msys2.nupkg chocolatey-core.extension.nupkg
mkdir -p "$(ciCheckoutPath)/msys2/home/${USERNAME}"
ciCommandAddPath "$(ciCheckoutPath)/msys2/usr/bin"
echo "switching shell to use our own bash" # Detect the native Python version installed on the agent. On GitHub
ciCommandSetEnv CI_OVERRIDE_SHELL "$(ciCheckoutPath)/msys2/usr/bin/bash.exe" # Actions, the C:\hostedtoolcache\windows\Python directory contains a
# subdirectory for each installed Python version.
# The -V flag of the sort command sorts the input by version number.
native_python_version="$(ls /c/hostedtoolcache/windows/Python | sort -Vr | h
ead -n 1)"
# Make sure we use the native python interpreter instead of some msys equiva
# one way or another. The msys interpreters seem to have weird path conversi
# baked in which break LLVM's build system one way or another, so let's use
# native version which keeps everything as native as possible.
cp "${python_home}/python.exe" "${python_home}/python3.exe"
ciCommandAddPath "C:\\hostedtoolcache\\windows\\Python\\${native_python_vers
ciCommandAddPath "C:\\hostedtoolcache\\windows\\Python\\${native_python_vers
fi fi
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18 lines changed or deleted 24 lines changed or added

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