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Source code changes of the file "tool/m4/ruby_decl_attribute.m4" between
ruby-2.7.3.tar.gz and ruby-2.7.4.tar.gz

About: Ruby is an interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to process text files and to do system management tasks (as in Perl). Stable release of 2.7 series.

ruby_decl_attribute.m4  (ruby-2.7.3):ruby_decl_attribute.m4  (ruby-2.7.4)
skipping to change at line 24 skipping to change at line 24
m4_ifval([$4], [rbcv_cond=["$4"]; test "$rbcv_cond" || unset rbcv_cond]) m4_ifval([$4], [rbcv_cond=["$4"]; test "$rbcv_cond" || unset rbcv_cond])
AC_CACHE_CHECK(for m4_ifval([$2],[m4_bpatsubst([$2], [(.*)], [])],[$1]) [$5] att ribute, rbcv, dnl AC_CACHE_CHECK(for m4_ifval([$2],[m4_bpatsubst([$2], [(.*)], [])],[$1]) [$5] att ribute, rbcv, dnl
[rbcv=x [rbcv=x
for mac in \ for mac in \
"__attribute__ ((attrib_code)) x" \ "__attribute__ ((attrib_code)) x" \
"x __attribute__ ((attrib_code))" \ "x __attribute__ ((attrib_code))" \
"__declspec(attrib_code) x" \ "__declspec(attrib_code) x" \
x; do x; do
m4_ifval([$4],mac="$mac"${rbcv_cond+" /* only if $rbcv_cond */"}) m4_ifval([$4],mac="$mac"${rbcv_cond+" /* only if $rbcv_cond */"})
m4_ifval([$4],${rbcv_cond+[@%:@if ]$rbcv_cond}) m4_ifval([$4],${rbcv_cond+[@%:@if ]$rbcv_cond})
[@%:@define ]attrib[](attrib_params)[ $mac] [@%:@define ]attrib[](attrib_params)[ $mac]
m4_ifval([$4],${rbcv_cond+[@%:@else]} m4_ifval([$4],${rbcv_cond+[@%:@else]}
${rbcv_cond+[@%:@define ]attrib[](attrib_params)[ x]} ${rbcv_cond+[@%:@define ]attrib[](attrib_params)[ x]}
${rbcv_cond+[@%:@endif]}) ${rbcv_cond+[@%:@endif]})
$6 $6
@%:@define mesg ("") @%:@define mesg ("")
@%:@define san "address" @%:@define san "address"
attrib[](attrib_params)[;], [], attrib[](attrib_params)[;]], [[]])],
[rbcv="$mac"; break]) [rbcv="$mac"; break])
done done
])]) ])])
AS_IF([test "$rbcv" != x], [ AS_IF([test "$rbcv" != x], [
RUBY_DEFINE_IF(m4_ifval([$4],[${rbcv_cond}]), attrib[](attrib_params)[], $rb cv) RUBY_DEFINE_IF(m4_ifval([$4],[${rbcv_cond}]), attrib[](attrib_params)[], $rb cv)
]) ])
m4_ifval([$4], [unset rbcv_cond]) dnl m4_ifval([$4], [unset rbcv_cond]) dnl
m4_popdef([attrib_params])dnl m4_popdef([attrib_params])dnl
m4_popdef([attrib_code])dnl m4_popdef([attrib_code])dnl
AS_VAR_POPDEF([attrib])dnl AS_VAR_POPDEF([attrib])dnl
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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