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Source code changes of the file "share/roundup/templates/devel/detectors/patches.py" between
roundup-1.6.1.tar.gz and roundup-2.0.0.tar.gz

About: Roundup is an highly customisable issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces (written in Python).

patches.py  (roundup-1.6.1):patches.py  (roundup-2.0.0)
skipping to change at line 38 skipping to change at line 38
break break
if newpatch: if newpatch:
# Add the patch keyword if its not already there # Add the patch keyword if its not already there
patchid = db.keyword.lookup("patch") patchid = db.keyword.lookup("patch")
oldkeywords = [] oldkeywords = []
if nodeid: if nodeid:
oldkeywords = db.bug.get(nodeid, 'keywords') oldkeywords = db.bug.get(nodeid, 'keywords')
if patchid in oldkeywords: if patchid in oldkeywords:
# This is already marked as a patch # This is already marked as a patch
return return
if not newvalues.has_key('keywords'): if 'keywords' not in newvalues:
newvalues['keywords'] = oldkeywords newvalues['keywords'] = oldkeywords
newvalues['keywords'].append(patchid) newvalues['keywords'].append(patchid)
def init(db): pass def init(db): pass
# db.file.audit('create', patches_text_plain) # db.file.audit('create', patches_text_plain)
# db.bug.audit('create', patches_keyword) # db.bug.audit('create', patches_keyword)
# db.bug.audit('set', patches_keyword) # db.bug.audit('set', patches_keyword)
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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