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rose- and rose-

About: ROSE is a compiler infrastructure to build source-to-source program transformation and analysis tools for large-scale C, C++, UPC, Fortran, OpenMP, Java, Python and PHP applications.

ConstantConditionAnalysis.h  (rose-  (rose-
//#include "ReadWriteListener.h" //#include "ReadWriteListener.h"
#include "EStateTransferFunctions.h" #include "EStateTransferFunctions.h"
#include <map> #include <map>
#include "BoolLattice.h" #include "BoolLattice.h"
class ConstantConditionAnalysis : public ReadWriteListener { class ConstantConditionAnalysis : public ReadWriteListener {
public: public:
virtual void trueFalseEdgeEvaluation(Edge edge, SingleEvalResult evalResult , const EState* estate); void trueFalseEdgeEvaluation(Edge edge, SingleEvalResult& evalResult , const E State* estate) override;
typedef std::map <Label,BoolLattice> ConstConditionsMap; typedef std::map <Label,BoolLattice> ConstConditionsMap;
ConstConditionsMap* getResultMapPtr(); ConstConditionsMap* getResultMapPtr();
private: private:
ConstConditionsMap constConditions; ConstConditionsMap constConditions;
}; };
#endif #endif
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