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About: Redmine is a flexible project management and bug-tracking web application (using the Ruby on Rails framework). It supports also project wikis and forums, documents management, and multiple version control systems.

CHANGELOG  (redmine-4.1.0):CHANGELOG  (redmine-4.1.1)
== Redmine changelog == Redmine changelog
Redmine - project management software Redmine - project management software
Copyright (C) 2006-2019 Jean-Philippe Lang Copyright (C) 2006-2019 Jean-Philippe Lang
http://www.redmine.org/ http://www.redmine.org/
== 2020-04-06 v4.1.1
=== [Accounts / authentication]
* Defect #32793: Email address with Punycode top-level domain is not accepted
=== [Administration]
* Defect #33176: Sort order icon is missing in users index
* Feature #32945: Show module names in bold in permission report
=== [Attachments]
* Defect #32656: Drag and drop objects from Outlook to Redmine deletes the objec
* Defect #32785: X-Sendfile header field is not set if rack 2.1.0 is installed
=== [Custom fields]
* Defect #33085: Unable to update the values of a custom field for enumerations
when multiple values option is enabled
* Defect #33183: Unable to edit user or group that has custom fields with text f
ormatting enabled
=== [Database]
* Defect #30285: Microsoft SQL server support is broken
=== [Gantt]
* Defect #19248: End markers in gantt PDF are misaligned
* Defect #23645: Gantt bars for single-day tasks may be rendered wrongly in PDF
* Defect #32812: Clicking on a parent object in gantt wrongly collapses objects
at the same level
* Defect #33082: Links in the last column in gantt are unclickable
=== [Gems support]
* Defect #32839: Redmine 4.1 installation fails due to an attempt to install spr
ockets 4.0.0 if bundler prior to 1.15.2 is used on Ruby prior to 2.5
=== [Importers]
* Defect #33027: Fix missing closing div in _time_entries_fields_mapping.html.er
=== [Issues]
* Defect #32737: Duplicate sort keys for issue query cause SQL error with SQL Se
* Defect #33169: Issues CSV export does not include custom fields with "Full wid
th layout" enabled
=== [Issues list]
* Defect #33110: Sort does not work with group by datetime columns
* Defect #33163: Parent task subject column should be in the same style as Subje
ct column
=== [Issues workflow]
* Defect #33059: "Role" dropdown in Workflow page is unexpectedly expanded when
selecting "all"
=== [PDF export]
* Defect #32477: Right-aligned TOC tag is displayed in exported PDF if the text
formatting setting is Markdown
* Defect #32832: FrozenError when exporting content to PDF in some languages
* Defect #32858: Exporting issue as PDF fails when the issue has private journal
* Defect #32859: Issue list: long text custom field missing in PDF export
* Defect #33103: Export to PDF fails when subject of parent task is included in
issue list
=== [Projects]
* Defect #32769: Unable to sort projects table by custom field
* Defect #32891: Bookmark link on project page should not use full path with hos
* Defect #32896: Totals not working in projects list view
* Defect #33083: Projects filter "Subproject of" does not work when the given va
lue is "My projects" or "My bookmarks"
=== [REST API]
* Defect #33113: Default version and assignee are not exposed via projects API
=== [Rails support]
* Patch #33196: Update Rails to
=== [Ruby support]
* Patch #32788: Specify supported Ruby version in Gemfile and doc/INSTALL
=== [SCM]
* Defect #32449: Diff view for .js files in repositories is broken
=== [Security]
* Defect #32850: XSS vulnerability due to missing back_url validation
* Defect #32934: XSS vulnerabilities in textile inline links
* Defect #33075: Time entries csv export should check issue visibility
=== [Text formatting]
* Defect #32754: Fix missing arrow icon of collapse macro
* Defect #32765: ##123 syntax for linking to issues: Title cannot be distinguish
ed from following text
* Defect #32971: New line between list items break a list
=== [Time tracking]
* Defect #32768: Internal Error when issue text custom field is shown in Spent t
ime query results
* Defect #32774: Creating time tracking entry for other user through rest API fa
ils with 403
* Defect #32959: Fix selected user on log time edit page when user has permissio
ns to log time for another user
* Defect #32973: Editing a time entry for a locked user changes the user to the
current user
* Defect #33052: Missing subject and tracker name in CSV export of time entries
* Feature #3800: Editing time entries should show the person involved
=== [Translations]
* Patch #32659: Russian translation update for 4.1-stable
* Patch #32746: Italian translation update for 4.1-stable
* Patch #32917: Bulgarian translation
* Patch #32928: Czech translation for 4.1-stable
* Patch #32995: Russian translation update for 4.1-stable
* Patch #33070: Simplified Chinese translation update for 4.1-stable
* Patch #33122: German translation update for 4.1-stable
* Patch #33219: Persian translation update for 4.1-stable
=== [UI]
* Defect #32772: Tabs are displayed on two lines when the total width of the tab
s is greater than 2000px
* Defect #32829: HTML entity is used in CSS string
* Defect #32838: Typo in application.css: s/paddin-bottom/padding-bottom/
* Defect #32981: Unable to distinguish disabled input fields
* Patch #32991: Make group names bold on tracker summary view
* Patch #33068: Update copyright year in the footer to 2020
=== [UI - Responsive]
* Defect #32889: Responsive layout for issue tree and issue relation on issue pa
ge is broken
* Feature #33156: Allow zooming on mobile devices
== 2019-12-20 v4.1.0 == 2019-12-20 v4.1.0
=== [Accounts / authentication] === [Accounts / authentication]
* Feature #4221: Force passwords to contain specified character classes * Feature #4221: Force passwords to contain specified character classes
* Feature #9112: Libravatar and Gravatar-compatible servers support * Feature #9112: Libravatar and Gravatar-compatible servers support
* Feature #26127: Display user logins on profiles * Feature #26127: Display user logins on profiles
=== [Administration] === [Administration]
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