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Source code changes of the file "tools/build/binary-release/build-linux.sh" between
rakudo-2020.09.tar.gz and rakudo-2020.10.tar.gz

About: Rakudo is a compiler for the Raku Pogramming Language (formerly known as Perl 6).

build-linux.sh  (rakudo-2020.09):build-linux.sh  (rakudo-2020.10)
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echo "========= Configuring Rakudo (includes building MoarVM and NQP)" echo "========= Configuring Rakudo (includes building MoarVM and NQP)"
perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --gen-nqp --backends=moar --moar-option='--toolchai n=gnu' --relocatable perl Configure.pl --gen-moar --gen-nqp --backends=moar --moar-option='--toolchai n=gnu' --relocatable
echo "========= Building Rakudo" echo "========= Building Rakudo"
make make
echo "========= Installing Rakudo" echo "========= Installing Rakudo"
make install make install
echo "========= Testing Rakudo" echo "========= Testing Rakudo"
rm -r t/spec
prove -e install/bin/raku -vlr t prove -e install/bin/raku -vlr t
echo "========= Cloning Zef" echo "========= Cloning Zef"
git clone https://github.com/ugexe/zef.git git clone https://github.com/ugexe/zef.git
echo "========= Installing Zef" echo "========= Installing Zef"
pushd zef pushd zef
../install/bin/raku -I. bin/zef install . ../install/bin/raku -I. bin/zef install .
popd popd
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