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About: Rakudo is a compiler for the Raku Pogramming Language (formerly known as Perl 6).

ChangeLog  (rakudo-2020.09):ChangeLog  (rakudo-2020.10)
New in 2020.10:
+ Additions:
+ Implement `MAIN` parameter bundling via the `%*SUB-MAIN-OPTS<bundling>`
option [75f92d2b][04164a0f]
+ Generate a `rakuw.exe` executable on Windows which will not spawn
a console window (in contrast to the `raku.exe` executable) [0ea6902d][708
+ Add 𝐑𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐝𝐨™ and 𝐑𝐚𝐤𝐮™ welcome message [80a4ada6][4e9178f8][bae905ef]
+ Changes:
+ Add a new implementation for multi-level Hash slicing,
not backward-compatible with `6.c` version and to be enabled since `6.e`
+ `False.truncate` returns `False` instead of 0 now [7192a99e]
+ Make "is rw" on parameters of MAIN worry [d0854ffc]
+ Change `IterationBuffer.raku` output.
Note that IterationBuffer.raku is a debugging tool: it does
*not* roundtrip, nor is it the intent that it ever will. [33bb6504]
+ Efficiency:
+ Adapt to simplified `nqp::isprime_I` [80bf1db1]
+ Make `%a{a;b}` about 30% faster [a5774094]
+ Further simplify `%h{a;b;c}` candidate [e435a087]
+ Make `Hash.DELETE-KEY` on a non-existing key 40% faster
+ Make making a `Uni` between 1.5x and 22x as fast [2999be32]
+ Make `.grep/.first` on native arrays about 3.5x as fast
+ Make `.unique/.repeated/.squish` on native arrays faster [c37ffe71]
+ Fixes:
+ Fix stub packages in multi part declarations only knowing
part of their name [51db5341]
+ Build System: Add a check to prevent building a Rakudo with a
stale NQP version [4dbdcb8d][d8db03b5]
+ Make BUILD(ALL)PLAN output a bit clearer [a26beb66]
+ Make `$*USER` and `$*GROUP` return correct values on some non-English
locales [6a89d716]
+ Fix possible race in multi-threaded precompilation [12946210]
+ Produce a better error message for `my &MAIN = { }` [e0e24a8d]
+ Fix issue with Z / X used with set operators [338c7439]
+ Produce a better error message for incorrect code `infix:(&)` [4af961ed]
+ Fix NativeCall/C++ to allow double instantiation [ecaf334c][f3ffb702]
+ An attempt to copy a directory to a file does not remove the file
anymore [41a76cad]
+ Fix a problem with multi submethods been treated as method [7cfca098]
+ Internal:
+ More fixes to the binary release scripts [bd029ae4][99acfa9c]
+ Move `Int` candidates from Numeric.pm6 to Int.pm6 [bf799bae]
+ Add `.gitattributes` file and specify file extensions [42e0434d]
New in 2020.09: New in 2020.09:
+ Additions: + Additions:
+ Introducing the `Allomorph` class + Introducing the `Allomorph` class
[716cacdc][4872c3f0][39bc2bdf][1b16da19][3cd51ae4] [716cacdc][4872c3f0][39bc2bdf][1b16da19][3cd51ae4]
+ Add `cmp` candidates for `Code` [4a34b266] + Add `cmp` candidates for `Code` [4a34b266]
+ Add CAVEATS.md file [df68eb29][7e11234e][a1c7497f] + Add CAVEATS.md file [df68eb29][7e11234e][a1c7497f]
+ Build System: + Build System:
+ Fix relocatable build-time NQP-home [eab3e1cb][5a40482d][077f8f97] + Fix relocatable build-time NQP-home [eab3e1cb][5a40482d][077f8f97]
+ Fix `RUN_RAKUDO` to use the dummy Rakudo home [a56ce834] + Fix `RUN_RAKUDO` to use the dummy Rakudo home [a56ce834]
+ Make `Perl6::SysConfig` depend on NQPs `HLL::SysConfig` [64eb6fcb] + Make `Perl6::SysConfig` depend on NQPs `HLL::SysConfig` [64eb6fcb]
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