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About: Rakudo is a compiler for the Perl 6 programming language.

ChangeLog  (rakudo-2020.08.2):ChangeLog  (rakudo-2020.09)
New in 2020.09:
+ Additions:
+ Introducing the `Allomorph` class
+ Add `cmp` candidates for `Code` [4a34b266]
+ Add CAVEATS.md file [df68eb29][7e11234e][a1c7497f]
+ Build System:
+ Fix relocatable build-time NQP-home [eab3e1cb][5a40482d][077f8f97]
+ Fix `RUN_RAKUDO` to use the dummy Rakudo home [a56ce834]
+ Make `Perl6::SysConfig` depend on NQPs `HLL::SysConfig` [64eb6fcb]
+ Changes:
+ Method names that differ only in capitalization are now suggested
when the method is not found
+ Make `IO::Notification::Change` a value type [17f352f5][ad927871]
+ Deprecations:
+ The `parse-names` subroutine is now explicitly deprecated in 6.d
to be be removed in 6.e, use `uniparse` subroutine instead [eef7383e]
+ Fixes:
+ Give a hint about missing provides in a META6.json when module
is not found in CURFS [b2d625b9]
+ Make `Blob.gist` work for all sizes of `Blob` [f98861ad]
+ Prevent parser bug for multiple `[` in reduce metaop [86bac5ad]
+ Make JVM honor `PERL6_HOME` env variable [038fbc44][c9901246]
+ The `set`/`unset` methods on `SetHash` and the `add`/`remove` methods
on `BagHash` give proper error message when called on a type object [b0b44
+ Fix behavior of `Supply.head($n)` [46a72998]
+ Improve wording on `X::MultipleTypeSmiley` error [a9371749]
+ Fix long standing race condition in precompilation causing
spurious test failures [3780c1d4]
+ Fix `--rakudo-home` Configure.pl parameter
+ Internal:
+ Start to use `nqp::execname` on the JVM backend [3ba803d2]
+ Test the install instead of the build runners [f2bf446c]
+ Add missing files to the `make clean` target for the JVM backend [58e729f6
+ Tweak release-related scripts [d6e27314][ccb41617][a0c12cdd]
+ Remove use of deprecated `undefine` [e59262f6]
+ Efficiency:
+ Allow for more paralellism when precompiling modules, making
parallel compilation faster [961a6535][86425339][0500ed3a]
+ Streamline `X::Multi::Ambiguous` listing [999680e6][b8121cec]
New in 2020.08.2: New in 2020.08.2:
+ Fixes: + Fixes:
+ Fix output of `--show-config` option [1a1fe7fb][f00c4198] + Fix output of `--show-config` option [1a1fe7fb][f00c4198]
New in 2020.08.1: New in 2020.08.1:
+ Changes: + Changes:
+ Fix compiler version [1336e5f3] + Fix compiler version [1336e5f3]
+ Method `invoke` of `WalkList` returns a lazy `Seq` instance now [fe40ee1e] + Method `invoke` of `WalkList` returns a lazy `Seq` instance now [fe40ee1e]
+ Internal: + Internal:
+ `Seq` class now has its own proto for `new` method [a19996db] + `Seq` class now has its own proto for `new` method [a19996db]
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