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Source code changes report for "ragel" between the packages
ragel- and ragel-7.0.1.tar.gz

About: Ragel compiles executable finite state machines from regular languages (C, C++, Obj-C, C#, D, Java, Go and Ruby). Development version.


The "ragel" source code changed by about 73.9% and now consists of 328 regular files (+67) and 19 directories (+4).

Related Informations:

See src/ChangeLog (ragel 7.0.1).

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 78 6 64 5
C program 106 92 0 11
C++ program 57 0 38 12
Assembler program 5 5 0 0
Shell program 11 4 0 4
Ruby program 32 6 12 14
Automake file 39 6 2 31
Lex program 3 3 0 0
M4 macro file 6 5 0 1
Makefile 1 1 0 0
SGML document 1 1 0 0
Configure script 1 0 0 1
Vim Settings file 1 0 0 0
Vector Image file 74 37 37 0
Directory 20 5 1 0
Change log 2 1 1 0
Information file 3 0 3 0
License 2 0 1 0
Readme file 3 1 1 1
Text file 65 61 3 1
Total Files51023416381

Header Files (75 of 78):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aapl/avlbasic.h removed
aapl/avlcommon.h removed
aapl/avlibasic.h removed
aapl/avlikeyless.h removed
aapl/avlimap.h removed
aapl/avlimel.h removed
aapl/avlimelkey.h removed
aapl/avliset.h removed
aapl/avlitree.h removed
aapl/avlkeyless.h removed
aapl/avlmap.h removed
aapl/avlmel.h removed
aapl/avlmelkey.h removed
aapl/avlset.h removed
aapl/avltree.h removed
aapl/bstcommon.h removed
aapl/bstmap.h removed
aapl/bstset.h removed
aapl/bsttable.h removed
aapl/bubblesort.h removed
aapl/compare.h removed
aapl/dlcommon.h removed
aapl/dlist.h removed
aapl/dlistmel.h removed
aapl/dlistval.h removed
aapl/insertsort.h removed
aapl/mergesort.h removed
aapl/quicksort.h removed
aapl/resize.h removed
aapl/sbstmap.h removed
aapl/sbstset.h removed
aapl/sbsttable.h removed
aapl/svector.h removed
aapl/table.h removed
aapl/vector.h removed
src/actexp.h removed
src/action.h removed
src/actloop.h removed
src/asm.h removed
src/binary.h removed
src/binbreak.h removed
src/bingoto.h removed
src/binvar.h removed
src/buffer.h moved 67.2% diff
src/codegen.h removed
src/common.h removed
src/config.h.in changed 29.4% diff
src/dot.h removed
src/flat.h removed
src/flatbreak.h removed
src/flatgoto.h removed
src/flatvar.h removed
src/fsmgraph.h removed
src/gendata.h removed
src/goto.h removed
src/gotoexp.h removed
src/gotoloop.h removed
src/inputdata.h changed 5.8% diff
src/ipgoto.h removed
src/load.h changed 1.9% diff
src/parsedata.h changed 12.4% diff
src/parsetree.h changed 2.6% diff
src/ragel.h removed
src/redfsm.h removed
src/switch.h removed
src/switchbreak.h removed
src/switchgoto.h removed
src/switchvar.h removed
src/tables.h removed
test/ragel.d/cppscan1.h added
test/ragel.d/eofact.h added
test/ragel.d/import2.h added
test/ragel.d/mailbox1.h added
test/ragel.d/strings2.h added

C Programs (103 of 106):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/host-c/rlhc.c changed 77.0% diff
src/host-crack/rlhc.c changed 77.2% diff
src/host-csharp/rlhc.c changed 73.9% diff
src/host-d/rlhc.c changed 73.1% diff
src/host-go/rlhc.c changed 75.5% diff
src/host-java/rlhc.c changed 75.2% diff
src/host-js/rlhc.c changed 73.7% diff
src/host-julia/rlhc.c changed 72.1% diff
src/host-ocaml/rlhc.c changed 73.9% diff
src/host-ruby/rlhc.c changed 73.5% diff
src/host-rust/rlhc.c changed 77.6% diff
test/ragel.d/args1.rl added
test/ragel.d/args2.rl added
test/ragel.d/awkemu.rl added
test/ragel.d/builtin.rl added
test/ragel.d/call1.rl added
test/ragel.d/call2.rl added
test/ragel.d/clang1.rl added
test/ragel.d/clang2.rl added
test/ragel.d/clang3.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond10.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond2.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond3.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond4.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond5.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond6.rl added
test/ragel.d/conderr1.rl added
test/ragel.d/conderr2.rl added
test/ragel.d/condrep1.rl added
test/ragel.d/condrep2.rl added
test/ragel.d/condrep3.rl added
test/ragel.d/condrep4.rl added
test/ragel.d/cppscan1.rl added
test/ragel.d/cppscan2.rl added
test/ragel.d/cppscan3.rl added
test/ragel.d/cppscan4.rl added
test/ragel.d/cppscan5.rl added
test/ragel.d/crack1.rl added
test/ragel.d/element1.rl added
test/ragel.d/element2.rl added
test/ragel.d/element3.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract1.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract3.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract4.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract5.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract6.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract7.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract8.rl added
test/ragel.d/export1.rl added
test/ragel.d/export2.rl added
test/ragel.d/export4.rl added
test/ragel.d/fnext1.rl added
test/ragel.d/fnext2.rl added
test/ragel.d/fnext3.rl added
test/ragel.d/forder1.rl added
test/ragel.d/forder2.rl added
test/ragel.d/forder3.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep1.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep2.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep4.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep5.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep6.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep7.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep8.rl added
test/ragel.d/high1.rl added
test/ragel.d/high2.rl added
test/ragel.d/high3.rl added
test/ragel.d/import1.rl added
test/ragel.d/import2.rl added
test/ragel.d/include2.rl added
test/ragel.d/include3/smtp_addr_parser.rl added
test/ragel.d/java1.rl added
test/ragel.d/java2.rl added
test/ragel.d/keller1.rl added
test/ragel.d/lmgoto.rl added
test/ragel.d/mailbox1.rl added
test/ragel.d/mailbox2.rl added
test/ragel.d/mailbox3.rl added
test/ragel.d/main.c added
test/ragel.d/minimize1.rl added
test/ragel.d/nfa1.rl added
test/ragel.d/nfa3.rl added
test/ragel.d/noignore.rl added
test/ragel.d/range.rl added
test/ragel.d/recdescent1.rl added
test/ragel.d/recdescent2.rl added
test/ragel.d/recdescent4.rl added
test/ragel.d/recdescent5.rl added
test/ragel.d/repetition.rl added
test/ragel.d/rlscan.rl added
test/ragel.d/rust1.rl added
test/ragel.d/scan7.rl added
test/ragel.d/statechart1.rl added
test/ragel.d/strings1.rl added
test/ragel.d/strings2.rl added
test/ragel.d/tofrom2.rl added
test/ragel.d/tokstart1.rl added
test/ragel.d/trans-c.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-d.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-go.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans.c added
test/ragel.d/union.rl added
test/ragel.d/xml.rl added

C++ Programs (50 of 57):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/actexp.cc removed
src/actloop.cc removed
src/allocgen.cc removed
src/asm.cc removed
src/binary.cc removed
src/binbreak.cc removed
src/bingoto.cc removed
src/binvar.cc removed
src/codegen.cc removed
src/common.cc removed
src/dot.cc removed
src/flat.cc removed
src/flatbreak.cc removed
src/flatgoto.cc removed
src/flatvar.cc removed
src/fsmap.cc removed
src/fsmattach.cc removed
src/fsmbase.cc removed
src/fsmcond.cc removed
src/fsmgraph.cc removed
src/fsmmin.cc removed
src/fsmnfa.cc removed
src/fsmstate.cc removed
src/gendata.cc removed
src/goto.cc removed
src/gotoexp.cc removed
src/gotoloop.cc removed
src/host-asm/main.cc changed 1.9% diff
src/host-csharp/main.cc changed 3.6% diff
src/host-d/main.cc changed 3.6% diff
src/host-java/main.cc changed 4.6% diff
src/host-js/main.cc changed 4.0% diff
src/host-ruby/main.cc changed 4.5% diff
src/host-rust/main.cc changed 6.1% diff
src/idbase.cc removed
src/inputdata.cc changed 16.1% diff
src/ipgoto.cc removed
src/load.cc changed 1.2% diff
src/longest.cc changed 0.1% diff
src/parsedata.cc changed 0.1% diff
src/parsetree.cc changed 0.2% diff
src/redfsm.cc removed
src/switch.cc removed
src/switchbreak.cc removed
src/switchgoto.cc removed
src/switchvar.cc removed
src/tabbreak.cc removed
src/tabgoto.cc removed
src/tables.cc removed
src/tabvar.cc removed

Assembler Programs (all 5):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
test/ragel.d/atoi5.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond9.rl added
test/ragel.d/genrep3.rl added
test/ragel.d/nfa2.rl added
test/ragel.d/tofrom1.rl added

Shell Programs (8 of 11):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
config.guess changed 35.6% diff
config.sub changed 15.7% diff
depcomp changed 0.5% diff
ltmain.sh changed 0.03% diff
test-driver added
test/ragel.d/gentests.sh added
test/runtests.sh added
test/subject.sh.in added

Ruby Programs (all 32):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/host-asm/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-c/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-c/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-crack/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-crack/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-csharp/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-csharp/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-d/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-d/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-go/out-go.lm added
src/host-go/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-go/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-java/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-java/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-js/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-js/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-julia/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-julia/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-ocaml/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-ocaml/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-ruby/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-ruby/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/host-rust/rlhc.lm removed
src/host-rust/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
src/ragel.lm changed 0.5% diff
src/ril.lm removed
src/rlparse.lm changed 0.6% diff
test/ragel.d/atoi3.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract9.rl added
test/ragel.d/export3.rl added
test/ragel.d/ruby1.rl added
test/ragel.d/trans.lm added

Automake Files (all 39):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aapl/Makefile.am removed
aapl/Makefile.in removed
configure.ac changed 100.0% diff
doc/Makefile.am changed 100.0% diff
doc/Makefile.in changed 48.8% diff
doc/ragel/Makefile.am added
doc/ragel/Makefile.in added
Makefile.am changed 100.0% diff
Makefile.in changed 10.7% diff
src/host-asm/Makefile.am changed 76.7% diff
src/host-asm/Makefile.in changed 6.2% diff
src/host-c/Makefile.am changed 92.2% diff
src/host-c/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-crack/Makefile.am changed 91.8% diff
src/host-crack/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-csharp/Makefile.am changed 92.6% diff
src/host-csharp/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-d/Makefile.am changed 93.9% diff
src/host-d/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-go/Makefile.am changed 99.5% diff
src/host-go/Makefile.in changed 15.7% diff
src/host-java/Makefile.am changed 92.9% diff
src/host-java/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-js/Makefile.am changed 93.5% diff
src/host-js/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-julia/Makefile.am changed 92.7% diff
src/host-julia/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-ocaml/Makefile.am changed 85.4% diff
src/host-ocaml/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-ruby/Makefile.am changed 92.9% diff
src/host-ruby/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/host-rust/Makefile.am changed 92.9% diff
src/host-rust/Makefile.in changed 6.3% diff
src/Makefile.am changed 56.6% diff
src/Makefile.in changed 51.8% diff
test/Makefile.am added
test/Makefile.in added
test/ragel.d/Makefile.am added
test/ragel.d/Makefile.in added

Lex Programs (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
test/ragel.d/include3/smtp_address.rl added
test/ragel.d/include3/smtp_ip.rl added
test/ragel.d/include3/smtp_whitespace.rl added

M4 Macro Files (all 6):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aclocal.m4 changed 91.4% diff
m4/libtool.m4 added
m4/ltoptions.m4 added
m4/ltsugar.m4 added
m4/ltversion.m4 added
m4/lt~obsolete.m4 added

Makefiles (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
test/subject.mk.in added

SGML Documents (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
test/ragel.d/xmlcommon.rl added

Configure Scripts (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure changed 13.5% diff

Vector Image Files (all 74):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/bmconcat.fig moved 0.0%
doc/bmnull.fig moved 0.0%
doc/bmnum.fig moved 0.0%
doc/bmor.fig moved 0.0%
doc/bmrange.fig moved 0.0%
doc/bmregex.fig moved 0.0%
doc/comments1.fig moved 0.0%
doc/comments2.fig moved 0.0%
doc/conds1.fig moved 0.0%
doc/conds2.fig moved 0.0%
doc/dropdown.fig moved 0.0%
doc/entryguard.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exaction.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exallact.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exconcat.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exdoneact.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exinter.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exnegate.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exoption.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exor.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exoutact1.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exoutact2.fig moved 0.0%
doc/explus.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exstact.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exstar.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exstrongsubtr.fig moved 0.0%
doc/exsubtr.fig moved 0.0%
doc/finguard.fig moved 0.0%
doc/leftguard.fig moved 0.0%
doc/lines1.fig moved 0.0%
doc/lines2.fig moved 0.0%
doc/lmkleene.fig moved 0.0%
doc/opconcat.fig moved 0.0%
doc/opor.fig moved 0.0%
doc/opstar.fig moved 0.0%
doc/smallscanner.fig moved 0.0%
doc/stembed.fig moved 0.0%

Directories (6 of 20):

aapl removed
doc/ragel added
m4 added
test added
test/ragel.d added
test/ragel.d/include3 added

Change Logs (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
ChangeLog moved 0.5% diff

Information Files (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
AUTHORS removed
CREDITS removed
TODO removed

Licenses (1 of 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aapl/COPYING removed

Readme Files (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aapl/README removed
README changed 100.0% diff
test/ragel.d/README added

Text Files (all 65):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/ragel-guide.txt moved 0.2% diff
doc/ragel.1.in moved 0.4% diff
sedsubst added
src/rlhc-main.lm removed
src/rlreduce.lm changed 0.3% diff
test/ragel.d/any1.rl added
test/ragel.d/argsinc.rl added
test/ragel.d/atoi1.rl added
test/ragel.d/atoi2.rl added
test/ragel.d/atoi4.rl added
test/ragel.d/call3.rl added
test/ragel.d/call4.rl added
test/ragel.d/caseindep.rl added
test/ragel.d/clang4.rl added
test/ragel.d/clang5.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond1.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond11.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond7.rl added
test/ragel.d/cond8.rl added
test/ragel.d/condrep5.rl added
test/ragel.d/cppscan6.rl added
test/ragel.d/curs1.rl added
test/ragel.d/empty1.rl added
test/ragel.d/eofact.rl added
test/ragel.d/eofcall1.rl added
test/ragel.d/eofcall2.rl added
test/ragel.d/eofgoto1.rl added
test/ragel.d/eofgoto2.rl added
test/ragel.d/eofret1.rl added
test/ragel.d/erract2.rl added
test/ragel.d/goto1.rl added
test/ragel.d/gotocallret1.rl added
test/ragel.d/gotocallret2.rl added
test/ragel.d/gotocallret3.rl added
test/ragel.d/include1.rl added
test/ragel.d/include3.rl added
test/ragel.d/julia1.rl added
test/ragel.d/lmnfa1.rl added
test/ragel.d/ncall1.rl added
test/ragel.d/next1.rl added
test/ragel.d/next2.rl added
test/ragel.d/patact.rl added
test/ragel.d/rangei.rl added
test/ragel.d/rpn1.rl added
test/ragel.d/scan1.rl added
test/ragel.d/scan2.rl added
test/ragel.d/scan3.rl added
test/ragel.d/scan4.rl added
test/ragel.d/scan5.rl added
test/ragel.d/scan6.rl added
test/ragel.d/stateact1.rl added
test/ragel.d/strings3.rl added
test/ragel.d/targs1.rl added
test/ragel.d/trans-asm.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-crack.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-csharp.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-java.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-julia.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-ocaml.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-ruby.lm added
test/ragel.d/trans-rust.lm added
test/ragel.d/url1.rl added
test/ragel.d/zlen1.rl added

Packages Compared:


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