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Source code changes of the file "src/reducer.h" between
ragel- and ragel-

About: Ragel compiles executable finite state machines from regular languages (C, C++, Obj-C, C#, D, Java, Go and Ruby). Development version.

reducer.h  (ragel-  (ragel-
skipping to change at line 54 skipping to change at line 54
#ifndef _REDUCER_H #ifndef _REDUCER_H
#define _REDUCER_H #define _REDUCER_H
char *unescape( const char *s, int slen ); char *unescape( const char *s, int slen );
char *unescape( const char *s ); char *unescape( const char *s );
struct SectionPass; struct SectionPass;
struct TopLevel struct TopLevel
{ {
TopLevel( InputData *id, const HostLang *hostLang, TopLevel( struct colm_sections *frontendSections, InputData *id, const Ho stLang *hostLang,
MinimizeLevel minimizeLevel, MinimizeOpt minimizeOpt ) MinimizeLevel minimizeLevel, MinimizeOpt minimizeOpt )
: :
id(id), id(id),
section(0), section(0),
pd(0), pd(0),
machineSpec(0), machineSpec(0),
machineName(0), machineName(0),
includeDepth(0), includeDepth(0),
hostLang(hostLang), hostLang(hostLang),
minimizeLevel(minimizeLevel), minimizeLevel(minimizeLevel),
minimizeOpt(minimizeOpt), minimizeOpt(minimizeOpt),
/* Should be passed into the load, somehow. */ /* Should be passed into the load, somehow. */
targetMachine(0), targetMachine(0),
searchMachine(0), searchMachine(0),
paramList(0), paramList(0),
success(true), success(true),
isImport(false) isImport(false)
{ {
exportContext.append( false ); exportContext.append( false );
} }
struct colm_sections *frontendSections;
InputData *id; InputData *id;
Section *section; Section *section;
SectionPass *sectionPass; SectionPass *sectionPass;
ParseData *pd; ParseData *pd;
char *machineSpec; char *machineSpec;
char *machineName; char *machineName;
int includeDepth; int includeDepth;
const HostLang *hostLang; const HostLang *hostLang;
MinimizeLevel minimizeLevel; MinimizeLevel minimizeLevel;
MinimizeOpt minimizeOpt; MinimizeOpt minimizeOpt;
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1 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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