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Source code changes of the file "ragel/redfsm.cpp" between
ragel-6.9.tar.gz and ragel-6.10.tar.gz

About: Ragel compiles executable finite state machines from regular languages (C, C++, Obj-C, C#, D, Java, Go and Ruby).

redfsm.cpp  (ragel-6.9):redfsm.cpp  (ragel-6.10)
skipping to change at line 59 skipping to change at line 59
firstFinState(0), firstFinState(0),
numFinStates(0), numFinStates(0),
bAnyToStateActions(false), bAnyToStateActions(false),
bAnyFromStateActions(false), bAnyFromStateActions(false),
bAnyRegActions(false), bAnyRegActions(false),
bAnyEofActions(false), bAnyEofActions(false),
bAnyEofTrans(false), bAnyEofTrans(false),
bAnyActionGotos(false), bAnyActionGotos(false),
bAnyActionCalls(false), bAnyActionCalls(false),
bAnyActionRets(false), bAnyActionRets(false),
bAnyRegActionRets(false), bAnyRegActionRets(false),
bAnyRegActionByValControl(false), bAnyRegActionByValControl(false),
bAnyRegNextStmt(false), bAnyRegNextStmt(false),
bAnyRegCurStateRef(false), bAnyRegCurStateRef(false),
bAnyRegBreak(false), bAnyRegBreak(false),
bAnyConditions(false) bAnyConditions(false)
{ {
} }
/* Does the machine have any actions. */ /* Does the machine have any actions. */
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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