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Source code changes of the file "stubs/third_party_taint/filesystem_sinks.pysa" between
pyre-check-0.0.54.tar.gz and pyre-check-0.0.55.tar.gz

About: Pyre is a performant type checker for Python (ships with Pysa, a security focused static analysis tool).

filesystem_sinks.pysa  (pyre-check-0.0.54):filesystem_sinks.pysa  (pyre-check-0.0.55)
def PIL.Image.open(fp: TaintSink[FileSystem], mode): ... def PIL.Image.open(fp: TaintSink[FileSystem_ReadWrite], mode): ...
def PIL.Image.Image.save(self, fp: TaintSink[FileSystem], format, **params): ... def PIL.Image.Image.save(self, fp: TaintSink[FileSystem_ReadWrite], format, **pa
rams): ...
def markdown.core.markdownFromFile(**kwargs: TaintSink[FileSystem]): ... def markdown.core.markdownFromFile(**kwargs: TaintSink[FileSystem_ReadWrite]): .
def markdown.core.Markdown.convertFile(self, input: TaintSink[FileSystem]=..., o ..
utput: TaintSink[FileSystem]=..., encoding=...): ... def markdown.core.Markdown.convertFile(self, input: TaintSink[FileSystem_Other]=
..., output: TaintSink[FileSystem_Other]=..., encoding=...): ...
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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