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Source code changes of the file "interprocedural_analyses/taint/test/integration/via_value_of.py" between
pyre-check-0.0.54.tar.gz and pyre-check-0.0.55.tar.gz

About: Pyre is a performant type checker for Python (ships with Pysa, a security focused static analysis tool).

via_value_of.py  (pyre-check-0.0.54):via_value_of.py  (pyre-check-0.0.55)
skipping to change at line 63 skipping to change at line 63
return __test_source() return __test_source()
def test_attach_to_source(): def test_attach_to_source():
return attach_to_source("attached to source") return attach_to_source("attached to source")
def attach_to_sink(parameter, feature): def attach_to_sink(parameter, feature):
__test_sink(parameter) __test_sink(parameter)
def test_attach_to_sink(parameter): def test_attach_to_sink(parameter):
attach_to_sink(parameter, "attached to sink") attach_to_sink(parameter, "attached to sink")
def return_including_name(parameter):
return 0
def test_return_including_name():
return return_including_name("parameter_value")
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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