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Source code changes of the file "ssh.c" between
putty-0.75.tar.gz and putty-0.76.tar.gz

About: PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.

ssh.c  (putty-0.75):ssh.c  (putty-0.76)
skipping to change at line 256 skipping to change at line 256
if (conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_ssh_no_userauth)) { if (conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_ssh_no_userauth)) {
userauth_layer = NULL; userauth_layer = NULL;
transport_child_layer = connection_layer; transport_child_layer = connection_layer;
} else { } else {
char *username = get_remote_username(ssh->conf); char *username = get_remote_username(ssh->conf);
userauth_layer = ssh2_userauth_new( userauth_layer = ssh2_userauth_new(
connection_layer, ssh->savedhost, ssh->fullhostname, connection_layer, ssh->savedhost, ssh->fullhostname,
conf_get_filename(ssh->conf, CONF_keyfile), conf_get_filename(ssh->conf, CONF_keyfile),
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_ssh_show_banner), conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_ssh_show_banner),
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_tryagent), username, conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_tryagent),
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_ssh_no_trivial_userauth),
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_change_username), conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_change_username),
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_try_ki_auth), conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_try_ki_auth),
#ifndef NO_GSSAPI #ifndef NO_GSSAPI
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_try_gssapi_auth), conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_try_gssapi_auth),
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_try_gssapi_kex), conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_try_gssapi_kex),
conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_gssapifwd), conf_get_bool(ssh->conf, CONF_gssapifwd),
&ssh->gss_state &ssh->gss_state
#else #else
false, false,
false, false,
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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