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Source code changes of the file "config.c" between
putty-0.75.tar.gz and putty-0.76.tar.gz

About: PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.

config.c  (putty-0.75):config.c  (putty-0.76)
skipping to change at line 2775 skipping to change at line 2775
s = ctrl_getset(b, "Connection/SSH/Auth", "main", NULL); s = ctrl_getset(b, "Connection/SSH/Auth", "main", NULL);
ctrl_checkbox(s, "Display pre-authentication banner (SSH-2 only)", ctrl_checkbox(s, "Display pre-authentication banner (SSH-2 only)",
'd', HELPCTX(ssh_auth_banner), 'd', HELPCTX(ssh_auth_banner),
conf_checkbox_handler, conf_checkbox_handler,
I(CONF_ssh_show_banner)); I(CONF_ssh_show_banner));
ctrl_checkbox(s, "Bypass authentication entirely (SSH-2 only)", 'b', ctrl_checkbox(s, "Bypass authentication entirely (SSH-2 only)", 'b',
HELPCTX(ssh_auth_bypass), HELPCTX(ssh_auth_bypass),
conf_checkbox_handler, conf_checkbox_handler,
I(CONF_ssh_no_userauth)); I(CONF_ssh_no_userauth));
ctrl_checkbox(s, "Disconnect if authentication succeeds trivially",
'n', HELPCTX(ssh_no_trivial_userauth),
s = ctrl_getset(b, "Connection/SSH/Auth", "methods", s = ctrl_getset(b, "Connection/SSH/Auth", "methods",
"Authentication methods"); "Authentication methods");
ctrl_checkbox(s, "Attempt authentication using Pageant", 'p', ctrl_checkbox(s, "Attempt authentication using Pageant", 'p',
HELPCTX(ssh_auth_pageant), HELPCTX(ssh_auth_pageant),
conf_checkbox_handler, conf_checkbox_handler,
I(CONF_tryagent)); I(CONF_tryagent));
ctrl_checkbox(s, "Attempt TIS or CryptoCard auth (SSH-1)", 'm', ctrl_checkbox(s, "Attempt TIS or CryptoCard auth (SSH-1)", 'm',
HELPCTX(ssh_auth_tis), HELPCTX(ssh_auth_tis),
conf_checkbox_handler, conf_checkbox_handler,
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 4 lines changed or added

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