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Source code changes of the file "src/pulsecore/meson.build" between
pulseaudio-14.0.tar.xz and pulseaudio-14.2.tar.xz

About: PulseAudio is a networked sound server (for POSIX OSes), a proxy for your sound applications.

meson.build  (pulseaudio-14.0.tar.xz):meson.build  (pulseaudio-14.2.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 17 skipping to change at line 17
'cli-text.c', 'cli-text.c',
'client.c', 'client.c',
'core-scache.c', 'core-scache.c',
'core-subscribe.c', 'core-subscribe.c',
'core.c', 'core.c',
'cpu.c', 'cpu.c',
'cpu-arm.c', 'cpu-arm.c',
'cpu-orc.c', 'cpu-orc.c',
'cpu-x86.c', 'cpu-x86.c',
'device-port.c', 'device-port.c',
'ffmpeg/resample2.c', 'ffmpeg/resample2.c',
'filter/biquad.c', 'filter/biquad.c',
'filter/crossover.c', 'filter/crossover.c',
'filter/lfe-filter.c', 'filter/lfe-filter.c',
'hook-list.c', 'hook-list.c',
'ltdl-helper.c', 'ltdl-helper.c',
'message-handler.c', 'message-handler.c',
'mix.c', 'mix.c',
'modargs.c', 'modargs.c',
'modinfo.c', 'modinfo.c',
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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